Thursday, October 11, 2007

Spoke Over Dusk

HE: "So, did you see him at all? Or just the girls?"

HER: "No, he popped in to look around to view the damage and future game plan as far as the work goes, but he spent all of maybe 3minutes and it was strictly work chatter. Nothing personal."

HE: "So, did you remember to look at her hands?"

HER: "Yes, I did when I was checking out today, you're right, she does have man hands."

HIM: "She's having a boy, huh? That's probably a good thing considering both of their types of personalities."

HER: "ummhmm!"

HER: "It will be a precious looking baby, with her big brown doe eyes, and her dark features."

HIM: "Yea, but look at her personality, she's just a little bitch."

HER: "True, but look at his, He's not Mr. Niceguy either...That could mean a very aloof baby."

HIM: "I wonder what nationality they are.."

HER: "She's Mexican, and He's German."

HIM: "So, If I were Carlos Mencia right now, I'd have to say the baby will be a Burman."


HIM: "Where are you when I'm watching Carlos Mencia?"

HER: "What are you TALKING about?"

HIM: "Carlos Mencia, how he pokes fun at his own heritage, calls his closest friends and family, Beaners."

HER: "Sure but he's allowed to do that because he's shouldn't say that.You're not a Mexican. You're only allowed to make fun of your own "types." Because it's considered racism when you say that sort of thing. What is a Burman, anyways?" *(Sounds like brrrr-man)

HIM: "First of all, FREAK, I'm just talking with you, and I'm not calling her a beaner, I simply said if I were Carlos Mencia that's what he'd say. You know me, I'm not a racist, for gosh sakes, I'm Jewish."

HER: "Well, I still don't think it's nice to make slang about cultures, or heritage, cause then it'd be right for people to refer to me as a Shiksas, which isn't a very nice word according to your mom. It's not my fault that my parents didn't raise me jewish, they raised me from what they learned growing up."

HIM: "umm, okay."

HER: "Well? Whats a Burman?"

HIM: "considering that you totally just killed the mood here, a Burman is what their baby will be..."

HER: "What's a-"

HIM: "Chill there lady, a Burman is part Beaner-Mexican, and part German. Strictly thinking the way Carlos Mencia would."

HER: "You are terribly funny. So, that would make our kids, what?"

HIM: "jermanish."*(Sounds like Germ-in-ish.)

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Nothing beats a conversation with my Bigdogg in the evening hours as we sit outside enjoying our last smoke of the night. The kids "sleeping, it always amazes me the things we can talk about. Sometimes I think we'd make good candidates for a replacement show stemming from 'EVERYONE LOVES RAYMOND. But with a Jewish twist to it.

And Carlos Mencia?
Bigdogg watches him when he catches him on tv late nights. He's funny in a not so funny by all means please don't think the Bigdogg is a disrespectful person, actually, he's the complete opposite,but!! with a fabulous sense of humor!!


captain corky said...

My wife spends a lot of time showing me the errors in my reasoning and logic late, late at night too. ;)

SOUL: said...

ok my crustay cystah,,, wtf are you talkin about?
maybe you should switch to water about now?
i'm soo confused. :)) or would that be a little on the stoned side? (legally of course)
how are you, and what is on your agenda for today?

SOUL: said... we have a time difference? it says 7-11 on here... it's 8-11 here in tx. i thought we had the same time zone.
senile much?

austere said...

*looking at this all amazedsurprised hmmho whatis*

Ah Americans!


Should be able to laugh at yourself, yes, no?

Now the snaakes are being served in the hoole.

That's gujlish for "the snacks are being served in the hall"

gujlish is eenglesh plus gujarati.

Cheryl said...

Your 'shiksas' hyper linked to a good site. My father, an old Jew from Brooklyn, uses all those bad Yiddish slang terms. He thinks he's funny. He's not.

Portia said...

hehe...i loved this! in fact i'm losing it again cause i thought i commented hours ago. glad i checked back:) anywho my husband has a similar sense of humor...apparently it's ok for him to make fun as long as it's only to me.
have a great evening crusty!
puff, puff...

SOUL: said...

why aren't you alkin to us?
let's smoke..before pass out again.

SOUL: said...

smoke n choke?


Capt: I think we can't help's the way we're wired! :) I do wonder why we always save it for beyond the eve of dark hours. :)

Soul: Bigdogg and I had a smoke outside the other night and our conversation evolved into this chat about Sauntering Frank and his little lady.. so I figured I'd capture it here..inspired by Pickled Beef's blog and the time difference thing is off here on the comments..I'm typing this up now, friday at 702am..I bet when I post it, it'll say 8' annoying though. Yeah, I don't think there is a time difference with us.

austi: gujarati! HAHA...on a more somber note, I heard about the mosque bombing yesterday in India..hope everyone of your loved ones are safe. a cruel world we live in.

Cheryl: Yeah, I've come across some nonaccepting people regarding my faith, but I take it in stride, after all, it's not my fault I wasn't raised Jewish...but that site is a great place for info..if I get confused about something in regards to the jewish faith rather than ask a law I reference that...very useful.
So I'm guessing because mom wasn't jewish you were raised ??? :)

Portia: That's funny, Cause I've done that before..I could've sworn I left you a greeting and even could relay it in my head what I typed, but than I go back and it's not no worries..and guess what, IT'S ALREADY FRIDAY!!! NOooooooooo

SOUL And Portia:
SMoke and choke now! I wasn't around last night cause I was watching Grey's Anatomy...hubbahubba! :)


SOUL: said...

crap! i missed greys anatomy. :((
i watched survivor and seminoles.. they lost boo hoo.

i'm in yim waitin.. come have coffee, seein as you cant smoke inside..but i CAN, and AM.

come bring me my calander and i shall count the days my child :))

SOUL: said...

correct me if i'm wrong- but i think it's TWENTY SIX DAYS! or twenty five and a wake up!!! woo hoo!!!

SOUL: said...

see!? i did come over. PHEW.