Thursday, October 18, 2007

Walking Yellow Phlegm

Short breathless post:
I have bronchitis with bacteria hanging around in my lungs.
Walking pneumonia otherwise known as Mycoplasma pneumoniae.

Nothing to worry about is my version of diagnosis.
Antibiotics will assist with removing the nastiness.

It's good that I've discontinued my use of Sir Nic's. Had I been puffing along with what started off as a minor virus, things could have been a bit more nasty.

But, it's not "that bad," so that's a very good thing.
Just rest and recovery and grateful that it's nothing serious.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
According to the nurse what helps best with this type of illness (in moms) is a 5week surfside hotel stay fully equipped with silence, books, and hot lemon grass tea.
Perhaps I should call my buddy for a more personal diagnosis:
Granted, he's very busy with his twins Sullivan and Darby, so I think perhaps I should seek the assistance of another rather steamy Big Mac!:

and If I can't reach him, well, I guess I'll "settle" for him:

To play fair, Here you go BIGDOGG:
or her:

*even though you have an issue with her thumbs..
Quite the little airbrushed vampire.
She is quite stunning...!
But, I think that this little lady below tops the charts.
She's quite a looker!
They would be wise to add her to the Greys cast:

Who are your top favs?
I have some more, but I"m just too restless to go searching for their pictures right now.


tex said...

Oh for the love of God!!!!!!
Prayers for a speedy recovery...
CHIII is calling.

SOUL: said...

i'm so glad you went to the doctor ! !!! man. i've had that (combination) before.. and i know it aint no fun. in fact i had strep too--- the dr told me if i did not stop smoking (for a while) he was gonna put me in the hospital.
so girl i know you feel like hell.
take care and guess you'll have to settle for dr. bigdogg for a few days... although- an hour with mc dreamy is ok tooo :))

ps.. sit upright as much as possible---- i laid on my back too much with this last bout of B- and it was hard to kick, with the pleghmy stuffs settling in my lungs...
get well


Tex: CHIII's are over due. Jack's bday is coming up soon too-you guys ready for more bouncing? Yeah, uh, we're not doing that this year...maybe bowling. :)

YIKES! I'll remember that..and you had it with Strep?
Dr. Dawg is going camping this weekend with it'll be me nursing me back to health. Lucky for me though, he's been home 2 days this week..I'm a lucky gal. :)



The comments are Soooooooo far down..don't know sorry in advance to anyone that is annoyed at the constant downward scrolling;
Good Thursday Evening!

Cheryl said...

Your music always give me a little scare because it doesn't start right away.

So you're really, really sick. Are you getting enough help? Everyone's used to you doing it all. Super Mom. I'd like McDreamy taking care of me, anyday. I'd even share him with you.

austere said...

For a while put your feet up and rest, crusty, I know that is a silly thing to say.

You take care, ok?


Cheryl: I know! IT scares me too!! :) SO did you watch the show last nite? Mcdreamy...aahhhhhh...all the male readers are growling right now. :)

Austie: Yes, I need too..funny how much you guys know me..knowing quite well that I won't be able to "put up my feet." The duties of mom is calling. I think your tea will help out! :)


Portia said...

That's it! I'm getting sick and taking your lovely nurse's advice:) JUst kidding. I hope Friday finds you feeling LOTS better!!!!! (It has been a while now:)

SOUL: said...

hey again... you can fix that gap in the page (i think) by goin to edit post... try to just adjust it...delete from the end of the post all the way down???? worth a shot eh?

anyhow.. i watched it...yippee. soulman was crushed that i didnt watch survivor with him...poor fella. but we can watch survivor on the dvr tonight.
damn we're exciting no?

feel bettah!


so, did you enjoy it by the way? Thoughts momma thoughts?

I did try fixing it and it didn't work..oh well, an older post by now. :)

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.