Monday, October 29, 2007

Was He What You Pictured?

Good Monday early morning to you fine readers!!
I trust that everyone had a safe and sound weekend?

On a side note:

Congrats to my friend (the guest speaker in that post that spoke about politics and her cousin)most recently for having a great birthday yesterday and not plunging to her death as a gift from her hubby-She jumped out of a plane yesterday!!


Many support well wishes for a cousin of mine who was rushed to the emergency room this past weekend with a ruptured appendix. It's been removed, but I remember that awful pain, and the recovery will be okay, naturally, but the pain that you experience is nasty. So, please get better soon my dear cousin! All your fine late 20 something year old girl friends are wishing you well so that you can re-plan your Halloween party!!! Maybe you could grab some scrubs from 'Come Die Here' and dress up as a surgeon?


Many many well recovery wishes to an extended family member .. After being in a medicated induced coma due to swelling on the brain and other injuries stemmed from a four wheeler accident. At only age 16, he's to be transported back to his home town in Alabama from Indiana to begin therapy for walking, talking, hand coordination, along with other things. He's able to speak broken words, some broken sentences, and lucky for him, he's a strong 16 year old boy that loves soccer, music and life, and I don't doubt he'll make a great recovery. The accident occurred a few weeks back, and as a parent I can't imagine the pain and hell, and tests of his parents own faiths that they'd have to deal with since this has happened. To have that strength to summon up to deal with seeing their son with a probe in his head to measure the swelling on his brain. To see him hooked up to a breathing machine, "sleeping," to see him brought out of the drug induced coma and not be able to communicate, to see him begin rocking to express the fact that he was in pain the only initial means of communication that he knew how to express...that tests the foundations of any persons soul. But he's now heading home now! And the good news is miraculously he does remember what happened in the accident!!

First the journey was by helicopter from an Illinois hospital to Indiana for the ICU for a few weeks, and now look, he's heading home today, to finish up that journey in a hospital near his own home with all of his loved ones. Get well my dear family member!! Which I know you will!!


Moving along, what did you think of the 2nd sucker free VLOG of Sullivan? As you know I've written in the past about how he's the type that answers with "Cause I want to, cause I have to,cause I need to..." The video I captured as of most recent,I went into it winging it and lucky for me I was able to give him a dose of his own "Whys." What I'm curious to know is how you pictured him in your head compared to what you viewed on the 2 vlogs? Like characters read in a book, how close was it?


Have I ever told you or made mention of my strange eating habits?
There is only a few that have had the marvelous appreciation to see me delve into my eating habits. Bigdogg being one of them..

This weekend I was able to eat in my strange and maybe unique way..
Let me share more,...

I love popcorn. I love buttered layered popcorn. I love licking bowls like a darned dog, and I know it's gross, and you won't see me out in public eating like that, more so well and refined, but behind closed doors, only in front of a select few will you see my annoying eating habits on occasion.

When the popcorn is gone, and only the half pop's are there, and the unopened kernels, I like to bite off the tops of the unopened Kernels after I slobber them in the remaining puddle of butter at the bottom of my blue popcorn bowl. After I nibble off the edges of the majority of the kernels, I spit them back in their vat of butter and I eat the half pops. Then I pour the unopened nibbled off kernels into my mouth to suck off the butter. Next, I spit the kernels back into their bowl. But I never let the puddle of butter go unnoticed for too long. I usually stick my index finger in the bottom of the bowl, and like a child would swipe off whip cream from their sundae, that is how I treat the leftover butter in the bottom of my bowl.

Ahhh, now that I've gotten that out I feel so much better......

I only eat like that when I'm with a few of my friends, sisters, maybe the aunt, and Bigdogg. Never will I be seen eating like that when I'm out in public.

I used to eat dried noodles of all kinds. It's true! Never out in public will you see me eating this way. Even if I'm at a movie theater I'll refrain myself from that type of habit. Trying to remember my oldest memory of my eating habit, I remember being little like maybe 3rd grade little, and I used to stand in my parents kitchen, spinning their lazy Susan in their cabinet and chewing on my mom's lasagna noodles she had sitting out on top of the counter that was above that lazy Susan. She'd go to pour in the box that she had sitting out waiting until the water was brought to a boil, and there the box would sit, open with some noodles missing out of it. Easy to find, she'd use her ears and find me crunch crunching near the top of the stairs.

It grew into a comforting habit, and then when I had a bed in a dining room in an apt I shared with my friends back in my early 20's, I would sit in bed gnawing on the lasagna noodles like the way you'd see a pup chew on her bone.

What can I say, I'm odd this way. But it's those types of creature comforts that have most likely kept me sane. I think it's okay to be odd, to have strange habits as long as they aren't hurting anyone.

Naturally my sisters, my friends and Bigdogg may disagree about how my eating noodles didn't "hurt" anyone, because it was hurting them hearing the crunch crunching of those dried ass noodles while they were trying to watch tv.

*NOTE-I no longer suck on and eat dried noodles..that's now a thing of my past.**

But I still eat popcorn the same way. I have tweaked it a bit from my former days of living. Before what I'd do after I'd finished eating the popcorn out of the microwave bag, was I'd tear off the paper of the bag where the most buttered section was, and sit there and like the kids eating lick-able wallpaper in Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, I'd sit there and lick away....

To see a picture of the lick-able wallpaper click here and scroll down on his page.

**(What the heck does a snozzberry taste like anyways?? I'd like to know)

Wierd? Oh yeah!
Strange? Of course!
Truthful? Yes!
And I like who I am, quirkiness and all.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Just a small glimpse into the crusty nature of Crustybeef~


Portia said...

"The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!" HAHAHA, a quote from TWO of my favorite movies!! This is a great post, Crusty, I loved hearing about your quirkiness:) We do all have them and I'm glad you're proud of yours! All the best to your young relative as he heals. I hope you guys have a great evening:)


HEY little P!! How are you?
I thought of you guys while browsing the pumpkins yesterday!!
I love the wonka movie...wish there was a factory that we could go to and lick off the snozzberries from the wall don't you?

The Real Mother Hen said...

ahhhhhh POPCORNS!
You just gave me an idea, if I run out of candies this Halloween, I should give away popcorns :)

Anonymous said...

oookay......well everyone has their way.. I guess! well I would probably do the same! LOL yum..something I havent had in awhile...popcorn..yes we DO have that over here.... have get me some..

Cheryl said...

I have a few weird eating habits too. I only do them in front of my daughter.

I loved Sullivan in the video. Seems like he was getting a little annoyed with all the 'why's', he knew he was getting some of his own medicine. He was just like I pictured.

Time to upload today's pictures. Later!

Mary said...

What a cutie. Who?? The baby, of course. You are so lucky to have such sweet boys.

captain corky said...

I want to watch you eat popcorn on a vlog? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee ;)


the real Mother Hen:
Fabulous IDEA!! maybe you could color them first sort of like an easter egg, only smaller :)

jyankee: Did you have popcorn last night? :)...I do have strange eating habits I guess but that does make me special=hahah...:)

Cheryl: You caught that one too? Did you catch it at the end when he resigns with the okay -it's right before the end...he asks why all the time so it was fun to twist it around. Granted I ask why quite a bit as well-so I know where he "got" it from.
Eating habits are funny..they can make us insecure if we think about it too much.

Mary: He is a cutie..he's a challenge but equally so a funny precious little guy. I am very lucky, thank you!!

capt: I'll make sure to get right on that you want that vlog before or after Tink's striptease? I will consider being that you were so kind to say the magic word first. Alyson has done a fabulous job! :)


Portia said...

hey Crusty,
i hope all is well:) yesterday was good but i am not feeling so hot today - think i will be staying home. i never answered your question! he was pretty much what i pictured, only there is only so much i could anticipate - to actually hear and see his personality shine is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I remember finding empty pasta boxes under the bed in our room. :) ahhhh the memories!

austere said...

dried noodles?!

The popcorn thing is fun. Great of you to admit it. Someday you must slurp mangoes the Indian way.

Will go see the vlog NOW.

Mary said...

Good heavens! You jumped out of a plane!! I missed that when I first read your post. Lady you are one brave gal. It gives me butterflies to even think about doing that.


Portia: FEEL BETTER!! When mommy is sick the entire family dynamics is thrown off! I can bring some tea and soup if you'd like?

Dernaanon: Hahah..I FORGOT about're right!! empty boxes of elbow macaroni!Let's pick names on sunday, okay? :) and Lets practice Christmas too!

austie: I love dried mango' would I go about eating them the Indian way? Like I do oysters?

Mary: yes I did go skydiving, but this particular time I was referring to my friend that had been a guest poster of mine a week or so ago speaking about her beliefs on politics..She was given skydiving as a birthday gift from her husband...It is quite fun I must say I only had the chance to do it once but it was amazing to feel so free.