Monday, December 03, 2007

Squishy, Curious But Not Noggy

Err, squishy?
I'd rather be crusty!

You Are a Trifle

No doubt, you have many intricate layers. But deep down, you're a little squishy.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
But the trifle does look delicious, doesn't it? I wanted to be EggNog! :)

Now I fit the profile of the EggNog, perhaps I should retake the test?!
Nawww, I've always enjoyed eating trifle! With meat, too!


Kelly Jene said...

Hey, I'm a Trifle too!! I'm a little squishy, but only cuz I need to diet!

That video was too funny. Oh Lordie, that would be sooooo embarrassing!!

Andrew said...

I always thought of you as a down to earth meat and potatoes kind of gal. I am afraid to take the test fearing something negative will result.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Great quote by C.S. Lewis. I got to visit Oxford England once and all I could think of was him walking the paths there - pondering life and faith.
Question - how did you get music on your blog? I went out and bought Sia - love her! I'm going to link your blog on mine. Diane

Portia said...

I think they were right about you being multi layered:) I'm a gingerbread house.
That was a cute clip, it got a laugh out of both my husband and me:)

Cheryl said...

I love those tests. I spent a bunch of time at that site yesterday. I loved seeing your pictures in your last post. You have a beautiful smile. There's nothing like looking back at pictures. They capture what was. I think I need a hard drive just for pictures.

Hope you're weather is OK where you're out. Not warm and sunny like in your pics, huh?


Kelly Jene: HA! but we're sweet too! Squishy but sweet!!!! :) Hope those boys aren't keeping you too busy!! :) but good busy!

Andrew: EXACTLY!! I love meat with horseradish and A1 and lots of butter and salt on my potatoes...yum! A TRIFLE? But I do have a sweet tooth..I definitely do!

Diane Ferri: I'm honored, thank you very much for linking me! I enjoy lurking over on your world...very touching to me!!
are you looking to get the playlist set up? or just how do I find the music I place here?
click on create a playlist to create your can add all these songs to your own..I'd be happy to send you the steps..need anything more, email me anytime!! I love music..I can close my eyes and picture a story by the words of the movements-being a former ballet stirs my peace..:)

Portia: HAAH!! I was waiting to hear a comment about the video...I was thinking it'd go two far you're the one way..where I'd be... :) cute..and well, typical of children, right? :)

Cheryl: Thank you, that was very nice!! It's funny, we are our worst critic and I was always teased for my smile and mouth as a young girl...horrible..amazing how cruel girls can be.. HA!
and no, the weather is cold and ben is sick-sigh...-more snow coming but that's okay..the boys are upset that the snow went away so quickly-that's why we're give them the graces of 4seasons so that they can pick their favorite and take themselves on their own journey. :)


Anonymous said...

me was a trifle too!


than we must be both like onions..lotsalayers SHREK 1,2,3!! HAHAHA...

Anonymous said...

I'm a Yule Log. Put it on my blog with a nod to you aswe ll. :>