Thursday, January 10, 2008

Picture Story Books


Peaceful and lit waiting for the eve of the Christmas that will begin in just 24 hours from the time the bright flashing bulbs engulfed the village from up above....

The dew Drops remain a constant glitter as the Christmas Magic begins to slowly take place. Now 24 hours until Christmas Eve....

I spy the white chocolate Covered Pretzels harvested by the Farmer as his daughter walks their pup near the home of the globe eagerly waiting for the special magic that only Christmas time brings...

The love birds gaze into each others eyes, no need for mistletoe, just silence as they communicate by the passion seen from Gods gift of sight...

Twinkling lights from the stores that remain open are not on their minds, now on the eve before Christmas eve, diversity doesn't matter to them, only their love matters. Nothing else but love matters to them, and they're able to forget about all the material possessions this world tries to ingest upon them, as they both pucker up equally, balanced as always, their relationship founded and navigated on their magic, and they prepared to lean in for that passionate kiss.

The bright lights from above them shine down, and remind them that they are connected within this magical universe, that they were led to one another by powers stronger then the constant flashing of bulbs thatseem to keep flashing and flickering above their quiet gazebo...

The walk towards spirituality this wise couple you can see, hands clasped and anxious to feel the magic from within the chapel. They have on their special Holiday wear, ready to begin their own traditions him and her. From the gospel and truth that they will soon be hearing, the ringing of the bells being played up in the front of the church from the handbell choir, the organ is tuning and they are anxious to be seated in their normal spot at their favorite spot within the church, like habit, they sit in their pew, waiting to hear what their Pastor will share with them, the meaning of Christmas, and they anticipate their own growing faith, adding more within their Soul each and every day.
The conversations between a young girl and her grandpa, the "old salt" he calls himself, and she shakes her head 'no,' looking up towards him with her innocent youthful spirit, her earnest eyes filled with so many questions, but not tonight, for instead of seeking all the answers from her wise Grandpa, instead of taking the love he gives to her unconditionally, she gives to him instead.
She gingerly turns her head, and looking up to him with her big blue eyes, she expresses, "no, you're my grandpa, and here, on this night, it is my turn to give, and I would like you to have my share of these chestnuts. "
She lifts the heavy torn bag of chestnuts excited to share a special moment with her "old salt.."

The one with the answers and wonderful stories gazes down at his special grandchild, and with a salute and a nod of his head, he adjusts the pipe in his mouth and exclaims, "I would be delighted and honored to have your share, if you'll allow me to share my share that was yours with you and the hungry critters behind you.."

The children enjoying the snowfall, climbing up their nature blessed hill, gleefully prepare to zoom down towards their little town that rests quietly below. The little blond haired girl worries, as she sees someone being a bit too reckless for their own good, and yelling out over the thrills of the other ones, she screams, "WATCH OUT FOR THE COBBLESTONE ROAD BELOW!!"

The athletic and daring little skier not hearing the cries from the girl up on their nature made hill, glides softly down her ski slope, daring the sky as well as her ski's to carry her straight onto the cobblestone road. Not worrying about falls, or scrapes, she knows that she'll get right back up. She won't let a little pavement stand in her way as she grasps her world by her ski poles and challenges nature to challenge her more, growing in spirit, she fearlessly enjoys the magical rush towards their little resting town below..

3 Birds fly to reach a quenching quiet spot. Sharing water ,no matter that they sing different tunes, or that they show different colors, they reach this quiet spot together. They gather in unison and drink from the same, each fortunate for a sip and a spot to rest their wings for the night, as they plan to glide up towards the dew drop tree and sing their eve songs for the magic that waits this special quiet little town...

Those tiny 3 look off at the lights, knowing that behind those brick walls, all is good, and they may be given one more night to carry on with their special song...

The reminder of what Christmas is all about, seen etched into the world of their tiny little village.
This is the End of this story here.
(remember my Christmas Villages, well, I finally got around to posting pictures of them that I had taken a day before Christmas eve!!)

Storybook 2:

My eyes are so excited for tomorrow morning, I will rise early to see what Santa has brought me, but not before I test Santa's good or bad list one last time on Christmas eve, by climbing on my Mommy's footrest instead of doing what she asks. But mommy doesn't mind, she captures my youth and my mischievous eyes, as she bends the rules because after all, it IS Christmas Eve. Soon I will be tucked in my bed, tossing and turning, not able to sleep, so my mommy that silly girl, allows me to get my energy out, even though I know I shouldn't be standing on her furniture...

The day is finally here, and I look around for any extra reminders that Santa may have left behind besides his very messy white size double my daddy's feet white shoe prints left from the fireplace up to the Christmas Tree. I take a moment and slow my 3 year old body down, and peacefully as Christmas Day starts to unfold after the presents are opened, I enjoy a quiet moment to myself, to gaze out at this mystical world that holds many unopened gifts for me that I don't even know yet exist....

That is the two page story of Sullivan.

SPATULA MEETS 18months of 13hour Energy...

"Hmmm, I've never had this before, I think I will see how well it tastes. Mommy says its the spatula from her sugar Christmas cookies that she makes with her yummy orange juice frosting, but this is just the batter and it's my first time, so I need to take things slow..."

"HEY, how'd that get there? I could get used to this taste!!..."

"I see, if I use my fingers and swipe that cream colored smooth edge, I can get even more for my palate."

"You know what? I'll do it the right way, old school, forget my fingers, I shall just lick lick lick it away...mmmmmmmmm, I want more, MORE, MORE!!!...

"EH? NO!!!!!! Mommy says it's time to take away that smooth colored wonder, why? I just got started? Please more?...." "Mommy shook her head no, she's taking it away...."

"Oh I AM Sooooo mad! Look at the side of my face near my temple, When I am practicing for the terrible twos my temple crunches up because I am ready to let the floodgates open!! Life isn't fair!!"

"Oh my, I'm crushed, I want that sweetness, and she wiped it away with that wet square she uses after I always fill my belly..Please, just one more taste, I am your baby, it's Christmas, won't you please bend the rules!!"

"SHE BENT THE RULES! I think I still have some tears near my eyes..ahhhhhhh, the taste of victory..I know she won't let me get away with my toddler tantrums but she bent the rules this one time!!"

"I am never letting go of this Spatula, it is me, and I am it, We are home and my tongue has witnessed wonderland to the taste of my mommy's delicious baking!! I could get use to this!!"

"Okay, it's been two days since that Spatula day, and I am feeling much better, a bit of a Cookie batter Hangover that lingered until Christmas day, but here it is the day after Christmas, My Saba and Safta surprised us and flew in, and my general 13 hour busy work day with my peaceful disposition is back. I've tucked away my terrible two's until a later date, after all, I'm 18+ months, shy of 2 until July 17Th, I'll wait to play those toddler cards, until a later date..."
The END...
Story 4:

The Anticipation and Departure of the Beloved Sea Monkeys:

"Hi, I am the JACK ATTACK, and I am doing my Sea Monkey dance, for you because I was given Sea Monkey's from Santa and I can't wait to watch them hatch and grow. It's quite a process and my mom was the first one to exclaim that when she read their 19page owners manual. You see, you have to clean out and sterilize the container, and then after bringing the bottled or tap water to a certain heated degree, you are to put the water into the container, making sure the container or tank sits for at least 24 hours. But that's not before you add the purifier to the water and stir it slowly for at least 30seconds. Mommy and I will follow those directions that were provided with the package and box to the tee. We plan on starting this process the week the day that I return to school, in the morning. So I have to wait almost two weeks, but that's alright, because I'm Ninja JACK!"

"Guess what, it's Monday the day that I return to school. Mommy thought it would be interesting to take a picture of it and when I asked her why, she told me because she never knew that growing or hatching sea monkeys were such a process. There's even a website to visit: I can purchase diamond rocks to help them make their children and I can buy them special treats and my mom said I'll be able to use my commission that I am going to start earning for doing 100% of selected jobs. I'll have a biweekly performance review to see how I'm doing, and based on the jobs that I completed, and how well, and often, I will receive my commission. Mommy and Daddy may even include a bonus based on my review. I can't wait to start the monkeys..The water is about ready to be filled and all I have to do is wait until tuesday to watch these special brine fish grow. They'll hatch out of their powdered packet, and will be the size of the period at the end of this sentence..."

"It's Tuesday, I've added packet number 2 and it was really hard to see the eggs hatching, but I did see little specks float up to the surface of the container that will now be their home. Mom said the directions state that they, my pet Sea Monkeys need to be placed in a window that faces either North or South, but my bedroom windows faces west, so mom said we'll find a heat lamp that the directions suggested work well. I don't have to feed them until two days from now, and tomorrow, wednesday, I will get to give them their' irrigation shower' by blowing bubbles into their water home by the special blue bulb that came with my kit. Mom laughed real hard when she pulled out the blue bulb, I don't know why though..."
"It's now wednesday evening and I sat there and watched Mom blow the bubbles into the tank, I was nervous that I would hurt my Sea Monkey babies as they are oh so tiny, so I asked mommy to please do the irrigation blowing because the directions say that it helps them grow twice their size super duper fast, and it also says to do it carefully, so mommy is going to do it for me..."

Unfortunately the Sea Monkeys were met by the grasp of the 13hour worker. A babe compared to his two older brothers, but big enough to be able to stretch his hand up on the table and reach for items that if grasped would break the heart of a 6 year old boy. SPLASH! Down on the kitchen floor splays the water with the Sea Monkey babies not long after they were given their "growth serum of bubblations." Sobs and heart break from dear Jackson, exclaiming, "are the babies dead? Are they dead? Mommy, look, can you pick them up? Now their gone! Ben ruined my sea monkey's home. He grabbed the container and spilled it all over the floor of the kitchen."

His sobs shuddered against his body as his tears rolled down off his face onto the nook of his mommy's embrace. His heart so big, so sensitive, he feels so much that this little mishap affected him so. Promises to replace don't work well with this soul. He feels so much, and is so aware and kind, he so looked forward to this new venture, that it just crushed him. Feeble sugestions to order more packet number 2 eggs didn't help. He wanted his Sea Monkeys back, his babies that he patiently waited for are now gone.

The story ends here with warm special gifts, today is now Thursday a day after the Sea Monkeys moved to another place. As Jackson sat rocking in the very chair that I once rocked his little infant body, he leapt out of the glider and bounded over to me.
"here mommy, I have a gift for you, I know it's not your birthday until tomorrow, but look, LOOK WHAT I DID ALL BY MYSELF!!"
As you can see, he wrote that he loves me, he loves his mom, his beloved Moomey!
I can't begin to tell you how much I wanted to cry when he handed me his special gift. For those of you that are parents, I'm sure you'll understand. The gift that my son gave me just goes to show that although he may be more sensitive than others, for he is a lot like me, he also heals quickly, and is so willing to show those that he loves all his special gifts. For me to see this one day shy of 33 brought intense moving joy, another reminder about the joys that I have with my young 6 year old.
My three boys, equally are gifts and no matter what I've been given in materialistic form, nothing can replace the words written by my 6 year old that has written on his own, for no reason, his I love you's. They've given me such joy, I'm so confident to say, that without a doubt I know, going into 33 will be a wonderful year indeed.
THE beginning of 33!
A special thank you to my dear friend Diane, over at 'Co-EXIST' for sending me a wonderful enchanting gift that also made my day, today!Thank you Diane, you brought a smile to my face, your words mean a lot, you are a valuable person, an engaging writer, and I'm glad to have you as a friend!!
If you get a chance, go out and pick up her book, FLYING OVER MIDNIGHT! It is a remarkable story about a woman that evolves with the changes of life. I started the book last saturday and could NOT put it down, I closed it Saturday night, and WOW what a book!! Highly suggested! You will not be sorry!
Welcome To Crustybeef~
I'm out of stories for the night, Greys Anatomy is over and I bid you goodnight. I'll chat with you all later!!


austere said...


have a lovely lovely super duper year and yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


austere said...

Ahem. Thanks for the picture stories, though I'm sorry about the sea creatures, poor dears.

Is the little one sort of happier now?

simonsays said...

What a wonderful post Crusty!

And poor little sea monkeys---

I had those when I was little, about a hundred years ago...

Your boys are adorable. ADORABLE.

Have a good weekend.

Cheryl said...

You're the best storyteller! I loved your Christmas tales. Did you tell the story to your boys? They are going to have so many wonderful memories of the childhood you're giving them!

Cheryl said...

I hope your birthday is simply wonderful. I can't wait to hear about it. Happy Birthday to you!!!

Mary said...

I read and re-read this blog. It's absolutely wonderful. You should preserve it for your children, and I'm sure you will. Poor sea monkeys.

I visited 'Co-Exist' and love her writing. I so envy having a writer's ability to express themselves.

Kelly Jene said...

Happy Birthday to you, Crusty!! I hope and pray you are blessed beyond imagination.

I LOVED your stories and I could just smooch your adorable boys. How fun was that! Have a great day!

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Crusty, Happy birthday and thank you for the praise and advertisement for my book! No one has ever done anything like that for me before. Your kindness is appreciated. Beautiful blog today - I also was thinking you should preserve it all for your little ones. Diane

Gypsy said...

Beautiful stories and pics. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!

Golden To Silver Val said...

I just know your birthday was wonderful...and I bet you made some happy memories. Many many more to you.
Oh...sea monkeys! I remember sending away for those when I was a kid (and I was sadly disappointed because they were almost microscopic, LOL)
Have a grear weekend.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I meant GREAT weekend. arghhhh darn nails.

captain corky said...

I'm a real freak for a good Christmas village! Nice job, Crusty. ;)

Portia said...

Happy Birthday Crusty!!! I hope it was a wonderful one. This was an awesome post, I loved each story. Your boys are so precious, and Ben reminds me so much of my bear...we are getting ready for the twos too:) Really beautiful pictures and stories Crusty! I hope you are having a great weekend:)


Thank you to all for the sweet pre birthday wishes!

Austere, Cheryl, Jaime, Mary, Kelly, Diane, Gypsy,Golden Girl, Capt, and Portia you guys are awesome!

I will preserve the stories..
Jack has not mentioned the Sea Monkeys after his tears stopped rolling..
How long when you had Sea Monkeys, did they last?
My boys are adorable, thank you,but yesterday oh boy was it hecctic,..
Co-Exist is a great blog site,..she's a great writer..
You guys can smooch my little ones away anytime of the day..
Birthday warmth was received, Ladeda, you are just so thoughtful!!..
each year I try a new set up for my village...
I didn't see the rrrrrr I only read Great..shows how I overlook spelling, right?
I bet they'd play well together, Baby Bear and Benny..
Microscopic yes..smaller than the period at the end of a sentence..
good luck with the girls in Highschool...

all for one and one for all.

Always Crusty
Sincerely, Elizabeth