Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pictures and 7 New Things About Me

Hi all, this meme was sent from AbbaGIRL to me back over Christmas time, I'm finally getting it up here and posted. By the way, if you don't want to find hair in your food check out the place that she urges you to not eat at because of the hair factor. EWwwwww!!

Enjoy 7 new things about me~~
It's called Seven Things About Me. Let's see... I need to post the rules.

The "rules" for this meme are:
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3) Share 7 facts about yourself.
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Seven Things About Me

1. I wish I could walk into a dance studio and float along the room like I used to. I long to return to those days of toe shoes and jazz hands, but I also fear to try it out again as I know things of agility and flexibility are not the same like they used to be.

2. I don't crave cigarettes anymore, when I see someone smoking I don't get those "oh, wait for me, I'll go have one with you." But I am still afraid of falling off the wagon.

3. I love going on eBay and searching for the toys from my past. When I find them (ie: The barbie Ice Cream shoppe) I can stare at the pictures and it actually brings me to that spot in my childhood, and I can envision the very smells of the items, and where I loved playing with them-The Fisher Price 1976 Register is a good one too!)

4. I would like to adopt a girl someday..But a girl older than an infant, maybe someone age 4, but I fear it disrupting what I've already been blessed with, and what about all the change for this child I want to help and give her a loving family. My top choice location for adoption? Russia

5. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life that would be a tough thing to pick out, numero uno is corn, but the kind we delve into at a pumpkin patch farm up in Barrington, IL. Pulled right out of their skinnies from the corn field behind the farm, roasted with black ashes floating up above you in the sky, pulled out hot, and dipped in this large vat of delicious melted dripping salty butter...That and Lobster but lobster that is soaked in the cup of the garlic butter too....maybe my love is with butter, eh?

6. When I am having a bad day with my boys, I begin this fantasy dream in my head-my fantasy on the BMD's(BAD MOOD DAYS) is this: Me on a plane going somewhere alone, without anyone else, arriving in Costa Rica, taken first by a small plane, and then a little boat to a hidden spot that is situated in a town known for not having electricity. I'd bring a bathing suit, a few books, my notebook, and a pen, a camera, and two outfits. I'd zip through the lush tropical gardens on the running wire, I'd dive off the cliffs into the waterfalls, I'd feed the little monkeys that walk up to you, and run from the crocs or alligators..I've seen pictures of this location, and long to go... **Pics above are from this dream destination of mine, compliments of my family that just returned from there**

7. When I am on the computer I have this uncanny knack to be able to tune out everything else around me, so until my Costa Rica visit, this is my version of a vacation, my outlet. Bigdogg can never understand how I'm able to not be affected by the whines around me, as I sit and type away, my fingers are my destination.


  • I am changing my hair color again, at the end of February you'll see me with blond highlights, I am a stylist's dream guest!

  • I love managing our finances because of the working system I implemented.

  • I love rearranging, because I love looking at things with different perspectives and not keeping everything the same.

  • I want to take the boys skiing in Colorado with Bigdogg, but they're too young. We'd be outnumbered, and we don't believe in bringing along "help" to stick our kids off in a room while we enjoy yourselves. It seems selfish to us. Our children will only be young once.We're very hands on parents as you can tell.

  • I long to see my extended family members at peace with one another, and I doubt it will ever be. The silly hurts and nonacceptance of difference has gone on too long, but with my siblings and I, and our generation cousins, we will change that with the silly drama's ending.

  • I want to be a foster parent, but not for the money, but because I have this insane ache to help people.

  • Even though I am not always good at telling people no, I truly have improved on that, and the funny part is, when I do stick up for me, people aren't used to it, and they tell me I'm overreacting. I guess I need to improve on how I communicate my standing up for too. Life, ever improving our own self. Learning from those that mean a great deal to us when they don't even realize that they're teaching.

  • I am getting closer to my dream of 08, and that is to finish the story that I have secretly been writing-a children's story, and I don't want the fame, more the accomplishment of seeing it in print, on sale at a Borders, or on Amazon.com.

  • I want to open up a child friendly -sectional seating- family healthy restaurant. Each table has their own area, with a form of plexi-glass viewing, so parents can take their children out, not spend money on crap food because face it, most kid friendly places are filled with grease. The healthy places, the places that are a good place to eat are not suitable for children, and if you do bring them, you get the frowning looks from other patrons. I place where health and family dining is the number one importance, a child friendly organic section, and for those children with certain food allergies. At each spot, where the family sit to dine, the children will dine next to them, on kid friendly tables and fun colored veggie or fruit designed chairs. It's okay for the children to get up from their restaurant table, as each booth is private, although while you can see every patron, the noise level is down due to the plexi-type two way viewing dividers. Plus each child will have little things in their dining nooks, to appease them with. Such as books, puzzles, creative wall feelie things. Parents can enjoy a great meal, in a nice place, but not worry about "how they're kids will be" because of the niceness of the place. Nothing Chucky Cheese about this place! A educational, healthy, clean, kid friendly place that doesn't kill the parents stimulation level with the intensity of those crazy video games. Each table will have an in wall jute box of sorts, only the selections of music are Mozart(for example), classical, opera, smooth jazz- relaxing kid friendly music. Each area will have an option that when their children are done eating, in walks a story teller to sit with your children to read them fun stories while you finish your meal, or perhaps work a puzzle...a push of the button, and never a problem. A place that isn't too frenetic that caters to the old generation and new.

Those are the things that are about me, things that I think about, things that I dream...

To be continued...

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Hi, have you met me? My name is Elizabeth.......

I won't be tagging or requesting you to do it, please feel free if you want to.


Katie said...

I knew those pics were from Costa Rica! Jon and went there before we were married and we have almost the exact same pictures. That is what I miss most about having kids...TRAVELING! It is such a beautiful place...and not too expensive (or far away). I think we only went for 4 or 5 days. You could probably do it over the summer if you could find someone to take your boys. It's only like 5 hours away.

Anonymous said...

cool pics.. never been but i would love to go down there one day... and cool meme... adoption? from Russia? you should check out Run Har Run's blog on my list...she adopted her little girl from Russia... !

SOUL: said...

i wanna go there toooooooooo geesh
i love that kinda place too. i was born for that ya know. i lived on a tropical island once-- well twice-- but the last time was for a full year-- and it was absolutely amazing.... the best time of my entire life. i know people say that a lot.. but it really was. it was a year i would choose to relive over and over again.. if i could.

anyhow-- neat little meme.. lots i didnt know. you have some good ideas..and good luck with the book.



Kate: I wonder if you guys went to the same spot as my cousins and her two sissies and parents went to? I should forward you her pics..

BMD 2day..grrrrrrrr... :) I put in the resume for the medical position lets chat offline..via phone 2morrow, okay? I'm off to the sauntering Franks office for a rootcanal appt. :(

jyankee: Hiya CoffeebeaniemommieOOO, I will definitely check out her blog, thank you for the warming tip! My parents former neighbors adopted three children from Russia, and like anything, the process is long, but they have been blessed, after the first few years of adjusting..They've adapted quite well!!

GlowWormSoul!!: Wanna go with me? I'm sure in Costa Rica it isn't a smoke free state-hahah! I could handle it if you were smoking...I'd just sip my coffee...
Going to dentist (did you see my comment to Kate?-have you seen yours lately? hubba hubba.)


Kelly Jene said...

Love the pictures. I don't know if I want to go there. I'm more of a European getaway girl myself.

I loved reading more about you. I would buy any book you wrote in an instant and I would travel to any restaurant you designed. What a fantastic idea!

We have a lot in common as I too want to adopt a little girl, be a foster mom, close my mind to all else when blogging.

Great post! I'll do it too, if you don't mind!

Brad said...

My Unsolicited Two Cents:

1. Friend, flex/walk/yoga - you could get yourself back to dancing prime in no time, I'm sure.

2.Still smoking here, best that we live in different states.

3.Partner and I still play with Legos on occasion - So there !

4. If you have it your heart to adopt, do it. The rest of your team will adjust and they're hearts will grow from the experience. Think of the connection they'll still have after we're all gone.

5. Good bread and cheese here, but that's just me. Oh yeah, wine.

6. Retreat is a hard wired response in humans. Thank God I'm human, because I love to retreat.

7.The ability to be focused is a sign of intelligence.

And one last 'Yenta-ism' from Uncle Brad. When dealing with close ones who don't know how to handle new found assertiveness (this has worked for me) lower you voice about a half level in volume. Think out what you want to say and stick to your 'script' even if interrupted, stay on course. And ask for acknowledgement of what you just said.

-Boy, I sound like a pushy SOB.

Foster Communications said...

I do that on the computer too...totally fade the rest of the world out. Sometimes I go to worryfreevacations.com and 'book' vacations, right down to the part where I'd enter CC info. When I'm stressed at work it's the best escape. There, now you know my dirty little secret. :)

austere said...

:)I mentally go to Istanbul, though a trip down a few stations to Chor Bazaar should be interesting as well.

I think the Russian child will be very happy with you, and it would be great for the boys as well.

Yes, sudden assertiveness puts off most , but Brad had a few good ideas.

The book and restaurant, this year, for sure. Something in my bones tells me so.

SOUL: said...

how's the teefers crustee?
bet you'll be tossin T3'3 in your morning coffee today?

happy humpday

ps.. yes i saw your comment-- did you see mine-- i get to see my hottie dentist soon too :)) well the kid does--- but i will drive her , so it makes it worth the ride :))

Anonymous said...

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Kelly J: You and I are more alike than you realize-the top destination for moi?-Greece and Italy, and of course Australia!!! :) Please do the meme, it's free of charge, and I can't wait to see your answers!

that was worth a helluva lot more than 2cents...I think your suggestions are fantabulous-as far as the assertiveness, when displaying it over in email, should I lower my fonts? :) tickles!! I can be around smokers, so I could handle you-as long as you let me drink out of your starbucks cups we'd be cool!! :)helpful, you're not that pushy type..Uncle Brad is what I'm going to call you is that alright? Lego's rock, unless you step on them, and then they hurt like a well, OWIE~

FosterC: HAHAH, funny, I JUST Did that the other day, my husband happened to glance over at the computer and of course since I'd tuned it all out, he exclaims, Why are you looking at cruises for Alaska this spring??? Because I want to! It's soothing....so funny that you do that too-I thought I was the only one. I wonder how many others do that.

austie: my austie, ;), my own published book I hope willl soon be complete the child version,...but until then, I'll settle for a shortstory publication tee-hee!! i still can't believe it..will be mentioning that soon..didn't want to seem attention seeking.. :)
how are you? I'd go with you to Istanbul and Constantinople 2

SouliGlowworm: How'd you survive this morning? I laughed the cotton out of my mouth last night and almost sent you a text msg while in the chair when sauntering frank said something about how he's a down to earth dentist, with a bit of good lookings on the side..following with, there aren't that many of us with good looks that sit in these chairs..I wanted to say, well, Soul's dentist is hot and so is my sisters..so there!
My tooth? I didn't need a rootie, but had the process done for the post core and build up for the crown...it hurt like hell. Had to use some electrode something to burn off my gum tissue..they gave me a motrin. I came home and took a tylenol pm...ate a bowl of healthy turkey chili while in bed, and then fell asleep. :) NICE eh? Classy broad, eating Chili in bed! It was a nice treat!


simonsays said...

I liked learning all of this about you. And i loved the photos, too. Yes, you are right, someday, way too soon, your kiddos will be all grown up, and then you can do all that you want and dream. In the meantime, you are having the time of your life!


Brad said...

Of course you can call me Uncle Brad - It would be an honor.

abbagirl74 said...

You are so cute! I love the label. Thanks!


Jaime: I don't want them to grow up too fast..I tell them every morning with a smile, "STOP Growing.." they always look back at me, smile and respond with "but I havta!" I'll be curious to read about if grandchildren grow up faster than children!! :) heehee..

Brad: WHAT UP Uncle Brad!!

Abbagirl: hahahah!! I don't think I've had that problem ever, course now that I SAY It, that means the next time I'm actually OUT in a restaurant, I'll find multiple hairs!! But than again, in order to find hairs in food, you actually have to go OUT to eat..right? I LOVED this meme, thank you again!!


bonnie said...

I just love your dreams. Costa Rica? take me with you, please, please. The pictures are phenomenal. Many many Americans retire there. I'd just like a 10 day vacation there. Okay, two weeks. Have a good one. Bon


Bonnie: Hi there creative one!!
You're welcome to come with us! The peace of it all..5days I'll settle for! Thanks for stopping by, I've "heard" alot about you from our friend Cheryl!! :)

SOUL: said...

yessss.. i do want to go with you----

and chili in bed would certainly wake me at 2 am.. ILL. ugh just the thought makes me ill.. how did you fare?

happy thursday....

get somethin new up heah...
man we have some good coffee-- come ovah!

Tink said...

Those pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Maybe if Hoop and I hit the jackpot we can honeymoon there. *Sigh* Oh a girl can dream.

Congrats on the not smoking thing too. I am SO proud of you! It's been tough, but I hear it's worth it. It's worth it right?! LOL.

Kelly Jene said...

Hey Crusty! How are ya? Where are ya? :)

The Real Mother Hen said...

Wow the pictures are so green, so unlike... here, now, grey sky puking snow! Argh!

You want to adopt a girl? Hhmm, what about ME? :)

No need to spend diaper and milk money, and I can cook for you :)


SouliGlowWorm: SLURP!! I love chili..but I made it healthy for my good eating habits..I used turkey grounded, and fat free crap, but had a bit of a dollop of sour cream mixed in with the low %'d shredded would I call this cheese? and mounds of onions! All went well until Bigdogg fluffed up the sheets, and BAMO..I had a tablespoon of chili on my bedtime shirt.>DAMN IT!! Didn't hurt my belly, I love spice!! :) coffee even at this time, I'm up for too!
how are you doing, Lovie? btw, NEW POST UP!!

Tink: I guess it depends on the deals too, but there are good times to go for cost effectiveness...depends on budget..just think if you don't get to an island on your honeymoon, you will on your 10th wedding anniversary!! It's been marvelous not smoking...as long as I stay off of it, I feel just fine..I've come too far..but for me, having kids have really helped..there's no way I'd have been able to quit before kids back in my pre husband days..no way..nothing to keep me "busy with."

Kelly Jene: I'm getting ready to get really really cold..this weekend, temps in -20s! with the windchill..owie! I'll be staying inside for sure!!

Mother Hen: Where are the papers, I'll adopt you! You can be my fun voice when people piss me off, since you have the best sayings (Besides Soul of course) and are very very witty (like Soul!!) but you aren't allowed to do housework..that's my fun. :)