Thursday, January 17, 2008

Well Dress Me in White And Call me Princess Leia

"abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz, now I know my ABC's next time you WON'T sing with me.."

His favorite color is blue, and he tries so hard to be like his older brother.
He can be quite cranky, and has on more than one occasion sullied his clothes.
He is my precious cheeky young Chubs, my dear Sullivan. His moods change like you wouldn't believe. He's heavy on his feet, and I'm trying to teach him to take it easy on things. He grows easily frustrated, and is very strong willed. Remember he was my inspiration when he gave up his "blank" to help me get over my smoking habits.

He wakes up every morning, asking for Lucky Charms, and every morning when I show him the pantry and tell him that we don't have Lucky Charms, he'll debate it with me.
Have I mentioned that he's only 3 and one half year old?

He cries over Tom and Jerry ending on the TV, he gets mad at Benjamin for waking up and crying in the morning, and while walking down the hallway early in the morning you'll hear him (Sullivan) scream, "BENNNNNNNNNNNNN STOP CRYINGGGGGGGGG ,YOU'LL WAKE UP JACKSON IN HIS ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!"

But his eyes twinkle when you tell him fun far away stories. He's a smart little tack that recognizes letters, numbers, and can even count up to 20+. He wants to learn how to write, he told me today, so I started with the words he requested: "I LOVE MY MOMMY.." (you see? Just like his brother Jackson had written)

When he laughs, his entire body laughs, deep within his precious protruding belly, and he may like to get dirty, and cause a bit of a rift, but if he sees something that doesn't sit right with him, he'll call anyone out on it. He's not afraid to be himself. Sure there are guidelines and structures that are important things that Bigdogg and I as parents do need to teach him, but I refuse to stifle his independence.

Recently he's been into asking me what types of cars are outside. Mainly when we're on our walk back from taking Jackson to school. He knows coupes and sedans,convertibles, and trucks, and well, you're getting the point. So I'll move on with the dialogue of him and I as Ben sat in the stroller looking around as we rounded one of the blocks to return home for Nappie time:

Sullivan: "Mommy, what's the name of that white big car?"

Mommy: "That's a Toyota, Sullivan.

Sullivan: "No it's not, mommy, a toy Yoda plays with Han Solo, that's a white SUV, like the bad guys and those tan droids."

Mommy: 'not even going to push the envelope with this one,' I think to myself. So, he's into Star Wars too, just like his big brother.'

How adorable is that?
Between his rendition of the ABC song how he doesn't want to sing with you, and the toy comments, the things that come out of his mouth, oooooh, I absolutely love!!

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Stay tuned, I'll be back tomorrow, Friday for more fun filled news. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Crusty,
Hope you are doing well!
An ode to your son, how sweet!

I love the pics from the post below. And I say, in a year or two, you should look at adopting some lucky little girl. How could it be any misfortune to give a young life the opportunity to live a life filled with love and acceptance?

Take Care,

Kelly Jene said...

I just love that little boy of yours! How adorable is he. A little Mr.

He would sooo get along with my Alex. Alex knows every little detail about Star Wars. He likes to see things in life and say hey, that looks like whateveritwas from Star Wars.

Very sweet post for your little one!

See you later, Crusty one!

austere said...

Its amazing how you're able to draw out their very different personalities with words.

loved the belly laugh description.

SUV, eh? He'd call the Nano a toy car.

Cheryl said...

What a blessing your time at home is for you and your family. You make the most of every moment together and it shows.


PRoxima: Good morning, well, you're probably sleeping, but when you wake, good morning to you..I would have to say that a time frame would be more like 3years or more..not even sure how to go about doing it, however, JYankee gave me a great blogsite to go view! Do you want to come with all of us? we're meeting in Costa Rica! :)

Kelly Jene: Maybe someday they'll hang out! but keep Ben away from them, or else Sullivan will grow be the middle one..

Austie: HA, you are so right! Most likely if it was I if Nano's were around when I was little, I'd say, MOrk and Mindy?? :)

Cheryl: HIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!! You are too kind as usual, and there are days that I wish I'd be able to make the most of it, one things are causing me to climb walls only to have to climb back down to wash them! I'm sooooooo glad to see that Dad is back home for you..I hope your mom is holding up alright..and you too!!

Always a Happy Friday to you,


I'll be back later tonight! have some quality time to be spent with my ever curious boys!

ummmhello said...

Awww that's so sweet - see, and some people think kids are all work and diapers!

mosiacmind said...

I was reminded of one of my nephews when they were litte...hard to believer that time has gone and they are all men and are really good men.

Anonymous said...

he is very love sully bully.


Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Precious observations by an amazingly aware Mom - Diane

SOUL: said...

how sweet-- i have honestly forgotten what it's like to be around small children. very cute. you are lucky to have them all.
happy friday--

simonsays said...

What a wonderful post crusty...

It made me think back many years.

Thank you. :)

Foster Communications said...

You tell the story of your charming sons in such a beautiful, whimsical way. Do save these passages to share with your boys when they're grown. I do believe these words of yours, written in the spare few moments a mother has, will be among their greatest treasures.

Brad said...

Great kid story - I can almost picture him - he sounds very much like a head strong boy - He also sounds like he's going to be a head strong handful of a young man. Brace yourself!

Brad said...

P.S. - I love your taste in music

Summer said...

I loved staying home with my children, there was no better time in my life. I miss it.

Those pictures dream.

Thanks for all of your support these past few weeks. It is greatly appreciated.


umhello: I know, I loved your post by the way about seeing a polar bear out on lake Michigan..and great explaination of the wind is just dreadful today, even the snow is freezing!! :) P.S. As you and I know, they can also be just poop and diapers and don't forget whining!! :)

Diane: 20!! I can't believe it was that simple!! I loved that kind of post from you, it was great, reminded me to look forward to your 2nd book!!

mosaic:I will remember that even though it can be quite frenetic now, and when they seem like they're headed down the getting in trouble path, to just step back and relax..sip my coffee and save my freakout for later..

SoulieGlowWorm: It's saturday! HOw are you doing???? I'm thinking of you guys this weekend...I know what you're going through...the pain hurts...I know. :(

Simon: I can imagine it will be equally wonderful to review it as a grandma someday months soon!8months to go, right?

FosterC: Awwwww, I'm blushing! But I will save them all, each and everyone of them. SO when I am gone someday, someone will have stories about their past family member-great GREAT grandma and Grandpa I hope for, but I'm lucky for sure..even though days like yesterday had me wanting to pull out my hair. One day good, another day, What happened to my boys?? :)

Brad: I've got my brace out, I'll have his mouth in braces, and somehow have to try to find the even balance of keeping him safe without trying to "control" his urge to experience life on his own, without going at it alone, too soon.

Brad: Music is the's so relaxing to me..all kinds I can listen too...pretty much all kinds..Thank you!!

Summer: Think nothing of the words, I wish there was more I could do...hang in all reminds me of what my mom and aunts and uncles went through in caring for their mom that had MS..and you're pretty much the main runner here, please don't wear yourself out!! you're being thought of over here too!

A great Saturday to ALL!

abbagirl74 said...

What a doll!

SOUL: said...

hope you have a good day with the dawg pack

Palm Springs Savant said...

what a nice little 'un. I say its a tribute to YOU and your parental abilities.

SOUL: said...

just sayin hi ---

happy sunday

Anonymous said...

that was a really cute post about sullivan..and a star wars fan...

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

AWESOME! He's my kind of kid.

Cheryl said...

Are you staying warm? It's so cold here; I can't imagine what it's like for you in Chicago. Have you ever been to Palm Springs? I was there for a few days years ago, and it's unbelievable. The desert, the amazing flowers, the palms, the mountains. I'm jealous of Rick. He's warm! We're not.

captain corky said...

I'm inspired to show Max Star Wars. Is 6 months to soon? ;)