Monday, January 21, 2008

Words Are Flying Over My Head

Good Monday morning to everyone first and foremost!
I've had a wonderful weekend with my 4 favorite Fella's in the world:
& Benjamin!

I've been debating over two things that I've gone back and forth over sharing with everyone, because for one, those of you that know me, know that I don't have the type of overbearing personality that seeks spotlights and stages. And two, well, right now there isn't two, except to say that I'd never want to give you the idea that I'm asking for anything.

I will tell you about the recent excitement in my life:

2 things!

1: A book being put together by someone with a wonderful vision, was asking for short story submissions. It was a chance for me to slowly begin my dreams of having things in published print. Now, do I want be the next A-LIST Author? Not really, actually, not at all. But more to give me a satisfaction of saying, "I can do this, I will do this, and someday it will happen, but I have to be patient." My goals to publish Children's books, aren't to become a famous writer, but more because I want to have the same affect on children and parents that I have experienced when I've read many wonderful stories/books to my children that have stirred my emotions as dance does. I want to pass along the passion of how intense words can actually impact you, as they've done so many times in so many wonderful stories that I have read. I want to give that back.

So, I sent in a submission to 6S with hopes of making it into their Volume 1 book. It's Six Sentences, and it asks you to try and tell a story in well, just that, Six Sentences. It speaks to you by saying, "What can you Say in 6 Sentences?" The stories have to move the publisher, and surprisingly, about a week or so ago, I received notification that my story has been accepted in his Volume one book! Yes, under my Crustybeef name, there's nothing wrong with having a pseudonym. (By now the majority of you guys already know my real name. )I was quite excited to hear the news (my dear friends that know about it have been so kind to wish me many Mazzies-Mazel Tovs!) that I will have a story published in print. My goal for my 33rd year was to publish a story..that in a way, is, meeting my goal. But I'll keep moving to one day publish my own, by myself!

2. Because of my love for books, the way I view life, the mission that Bigdogg and I carry on, or at least try to within our own family, I have recently decided to engage in supporting children's educational products: books, amazing stories, art, and wonderful items that will also help me with meeting my own personal goals of someday becoming a children's published writer. So, as you can see, if you scroll down, there are two tiny squares called Barefoot books. That is my website. That is what I'm involved in. If you'd like to look, feel free! You don't have to. But I am not kidding when I tell you that as far as books go for children, these are absolutely amazing. I've been busy working on getting my site up in the fashion that I want, and will approach this venture with as much steam as I carry within my heart and like a woman with 10cups of coffee in her, I will enjoy this new opportunity that I have found. If you'd like to order, feel free, I'm not asking you to. Although you will love the stories, and this company's mission is similar to how I look at life.

I felt funny "talking about these exciting things here," because I am me after all, and am such a silly girl, one more reason to accuse me of being a spotlight hog, but a few of my wonderful friends have been encouraging me to bring these items out to attention here, and thank you to those of you that have been pushing me to do so (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! I really appreciate the support you've shown me!! Not to mention your meaningful words of encouragement!) and with thinking about that, and who I am as a person, I figured, you know what? Anyone that can say I'm an attention seeker is someone that doesn't quite know the real me. I will give my life and time and passion to make someone feel a bit better about themselves, and if by being the way I am makes someone feel better, than I guess it's a good thing. It's my life, my feelings, my world, and if someone isn't going to support me in that, it's ashame because I am a glorious person to have in life. It's ashame because they're not looking at the positive side of it, more so seeing it from a negative side.

Sadly there are people out there that live life with jealousy. We've all had those snippets of moments. Imagine how life would be like for you if you were constantly wishing you had what others had. Imagine if you spent your life gripping and blaming everyone for ruining your life, when instead all this time could have been spent helping others, and using your own gifts, until the time on your dash has run out and you're called home. They feel owed, they feel like they're better than you are, and they won't give you even a dash of salt or encouragement, or a reminder that they care about you...sad for them because of all the love that they'd be missing out on, if only they'd given themselves more of a chance. Instead they're too consumed with the thoughts of "it should be ME, I'm smarter than that, she doesn't deserve it, I do, she's just a stupid spotlight chaser. There are many people in this world that sit there and can't find a positive thing to say to anyone. They don't even try. They slam the door on anyone that won't follow their ideal thoughts. Sad because that goes against diversity. They're just blinded by ignorance.

So, There it is!
My story was accepted in a book that will host numerous short stories that I can't wait to pick up!
And, I am selling Barefoot books, with a fire lit under me like no tomorrow.

Just a side note, I'm not saying there is anyone that is giving me a hard time, more a generalization about what I've faced through different periods in my lifetime, my dash from age to present.

Welcome To Crustybeef~

If you know me, than this is what you'd say (THANKS KELLY J. MOO! for the word!!) :
"She has a very self-effacing personality."
There's nothing wrong with being modest and silently proud. But, this IS my blog, my life, so I felt it was time to share it all with you. Just another thought about me and my dreams.
Good Warm hopefully Monday!!
It's still cold, but I have FREE COFFEE MONDAY MicD's to warm me up, how awesome is that?


tex said...

I'm with ya on the music thing, although I scream along to it, especially if it's a political song ala Megadeth, Sabbath, or Rush...(Hey, we live in a politcal world!!)
My congrats to you on the book. Very, very proud of you!!!
Sorry, I've been out of touch...will talk soon!!


Cheryl said...

Ms. Elizabeth...I'm just stopping here at your house of words to say hello friend. I need more time in the morning to spend with this post. See you then!

Mary said...

I'll spend more time with this post tomorrow. I do want to say a big CONGRATS on the publication of your work - I don't want to wait another minute to do that. I think it's the ultimate compliment to be published.

Brad said...

Wow, I think I need a shower and a nap. Is it still Monday ? ***wink***

CONGRATS ! that's wonderful news. I've not gone to check the links yet but I will.

And the part about about all the cousins ? Yeah, that made my brain hurt but I think I sorted it out. ***wink again***

Gonna publish the 6 sentence story here for us ?

Thanks again love -

abbagirl74 said...

It's scary how much you and I are alike.

BTW - You write so beautifully, so full of life. It's one of the reasons why I love coming here.

Foster Communications said...

Congratulations! What wonderful and exciting news! Writing a story in six stories sounds like a challenge indeed.

austere said...


I am so proud of you!

And ALL THE BEST with the book venture.


Cheryl said...

I'm all ready for work, so I was able to sit down and read. I wish I could congratulate you in person. I can't imagine getting the notice that your story would be published. How thrilling. Your dreams falling into place. I'll look forward to reading you one day. In book form!

I know it's snowing out your way. Brrr. Do you stay inside a lot in the winter?

Have a great Tuesday!

Kelly Jene said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy and for you and so proud of you for putting yourself out there! It is not easy, it is raw and nerve-wracking to put your work out there to be judged. And you did it! I can't wait to buy the book!

I can see us in a few years, traveling the world on our book-signing tours, we cross paths and I whisper Crusty? Is that you? You say Moohaa? And we do a dance for joy that our little tip-tapping on the keyboards has brought joy to someone in this world.

Big hugs to you sister! God bless you! (And self-effacing is a perfect word for you... never attracting attention, but due to the glow from your sweet soul, you put out a light that attracts and changes the lives of others from around the world.)


Tex: I recall your jam sessions, or rather air guitar the tune of Fleetwood Mac cause that's what Alina and H and I were listening to..which always made us laugh, seeing you jam to your music as though we were hearing our music. :)

Cheryl: Yeah, I deleted a big portion of this post...figured, screw it. :) thank you!!for the support with the site, and the letter!! You know I am very grateful!!

Mary: I'm very excited!! It is a deep disturbing piece though, I will warn, to find out when the book will come out. :)

Brad: By the time you probably finished reading that other post of mine, it was probably last summer past. I know it was a long one...thankfully it's gone. :)

abbaGirl: I have said the same about you so very very very often!! :) I bet we've met and never realized it!! :)

Foster: You should check out his site;;see my ALISTERS! It's fun!!

Austie: I owe you for this! IT's all you and your encouragement.

Cheryl: I do, and unfortunately it drives Bigdogg crazy because then the boys are "cooped up" but I always tell him, "I survived 20something winters being "stuck indoors" boredom helps the children's mind grow more creative. Plus soon enough they'll be old enough to go sledding solo, and Ben will be old enough to manage being out in the snow. Not as of late, it's been so dreadful though...I do tend to take them to those indoor playlands at Mcdonalds to let them run around, and I sit and sip away at my coffee. I guess you could say it's my version of "THE LODGE." :)

kelly: You are so enduring! Thank you for your post for the thought provoking word. I guess I can't worry if people think of me like something I'm's really not worth wasting time over, but rather to keep forging ahead!
Someday, right? Someday!

Thank you everyone!

Gypsy said...

Congratulations and well done for achieving one of your dreams. If anyone is bitter and jealous over your success they are not worth knowing anyway. Real friends are thrilled and happy for each other when something good happens. I am proud of both you and Kelly. That's fantastic news.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I just KNEW you were special. Congratulations! You write beautifully and I can't wait to read the stories. Big hugs and God Bless!