Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Belated Blogging Anniversary To ME

Whoops! I missed my one year mark! 01-18-07.
So to celebrate, I'm linking my first post ever back up here:
Titled, Realtor Beige.

Instead of gifts and cards, would you please read my first post ever?

Welcome To Crustybeef~
365+days ago I was in a really empty place inside.
AND I was still able to get pregnant.
Not anymore.


Brad said...

There's alway got to be a little dirt in life - I think it keeps us sane and healthy. Happy Anniversary !


You are absolutely right, Brad!
When my boys get fingerprints on our bright big windows, I leave them for as long as I can because I enjoy seeing their tiny prints reflect against the lite outside..
plus it helps the birds not crash into the windows!
:)you and my dear friend Soul are both being deeply thought of today..

Kelly Jene said...

Loved your first blog. Truly you since the beginning. Many hugs and happy anniversaries to you!


Kelly: You are so sweet! Thank you very much! And what you said on the last post with your comments;;without a doubt someday we will be chatting it up! Doing our dance!!

Martha said...

I'm learning the value of dark carpet--or better yet, hard surface flooring--every single day with my two-year-old...

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Crusty, my dear blogging friend -congratulations on all your endeavors and best wishes. Your spirit shines through everything you do so I have no doubt they will all be successful. I only hope to have as many faithful readers as you do in one year. Love ya, Diane

Mary said...

A little dirt helps love grow. Enjoyed reading your first post. Your blog has been a winner from the start. Congrats on your first blogging year AND your first book.

simonsays said...

You made me smile, thank you for that - happy anniversary!

Cheryl said...

The first stain is the hardest. Then it becomes part of your landscape. And brings back memories.

Happy 1st anniversary. One day I'll go back and see when I first found you. It was friends from the start.

Gypsy said...

Happy Anniversary Crusty!! I think mine must be coming up soon but I started blogging elsewhere before Gypsy. I hope you will still be posting for a very long time to come.


Martha: Yes, for certain, light covered carpeting is a no-no unless the image of stains doesn't affect you. :)

Diane: Thank you!! And as I have been taught, it's quality, not quantity, right? Your words are enriching everytime I visit. I'm actually passing on your book to my mom, who will just love it!

Mary: You know the theme for one year anniversary is, right? PAPER! how suiting! Thank you for your sweet salutations!! and the nana nook! :)

Simon: HAHA! I recall the day that this happened-ths spilled plants, and I did actually make him sit in the wet dirt...dreadful, aren't I?

Cheryl: You know what, I'm going to have to go back and see when we first crossed pathes! I would guess through dear Andrew, or Corky..actually I think I found Corky through you and found you through Andrew. :) You've always been such a good friend, thank you!

gypsy: Happy EARLY anniversary to you!!! It's interesting to me to look back at even the "tones' of our past written words to see the development of the now...


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you and am so proud of you and the amazing work that you have done. Me and the boys love you so very much.

Foster Communications said...

Your first post, like your latest, was beautifully written. Crazy how quick a year goes by then we look back and realize how different it all is. My blogoversary (?) on Blogger was January 15. It's crazy how important blog buddies are, what a wonderful vent/release blogging can be. I suppose it's a bit like letting strangers read your diary.

austere said...

Did you see my comment/s, crusty?
Top o'the line day to you!

SOUL: said...

well happy first year---
it wouldn't be the same without you--

thanks btw-- for you thoughts and words thru soulland this past week



Foster: It is very hard to believe that it was one year. Happy Belated ANniversary to you too!

bdd: ANf

Austie: I LOVED the comments you left on my posts that I had written last year, thank you very much!...

Soul: {{{{{{HUGGGGS!}}}}}}}yes, please pass the coffee!


Kelly Jene said...

Hope you're having a great day!

bonnie said...

Wow, a whole year. I commend you. I enjoyed your first post. My toes were loving that carpet. I like digging my toes into soft cool dirt just as well. It all feels good in its own way. Gotta laugh that you can't get pregnant any more. That could mean a lot of things. Menopause (in my case), hysterectomy, tubes tied.....did I miss anything? You are a very fun and creative writer. Love reading you.
xoxo, Bon

Palm Springs Savant said...

Woo Hooo! Congrats on it!