Friday, January 25, 2008


I've had the flu.
Ever have the flu?
You have, you say?
But now have you ever had the flu with children in the picture too?
Not too much fun, I say to you.

I'll be back later, a-a-A-ACHOO!

Welcome To Crustybeef~
thankfully Up-chuck isn't a part of this flu, but unfortunately his cousin, Sir RunnyBum is.
Someone pass me the baby Desitin.


austere said...

gws.and tc.

the flu strain your part of the world certainly is different.

SOUL: said...

are you sure you aren't a decendant of dr seuss?? you are pretty good at this thing!
happy friday!
i miss P teeewww.
let's go get her!!!

Mary said...

You have the flu?
I say, "Oh poo."

Pardon the pun. Hope you feel better soon.

Foster Communications said...

Sir Runny Bum huh? He's such as ass...

Martha said...

Oh no. Sick parent + sick kid = nobody happy. That's how it is at my house right now, too. Take care and feel better.

Gypsy said...

My hubby has just been visited by mr runny bum and I am waiting for the rest of us to join in the fun.

Hope you feel better soon Elizabeth. You poor thing.

Brad said...

I'm sorry that you have the flu,
My little coo-coo-ca-choo
I say Big Dog Better take care of you.


SOUL: said...

feelin any better today? hope so.
perhaps you need to get out of snow country. just kiddin. snow queen!
if you did ever decide to move-- where would it be to?
costa rica perhaps?
did you ever find out if they have sloths?
i know of a sloth in texas. btw.
she has fresh coffee too-- and cream!


austie: What's the strain like by you? Maybe we should chat about trading? They tell us "get the flu shot every year, but it only works with one particular strand, and strands out here are I say, BAH! I will wait and hope NOT to get it..I got it this year, but only one type...


Soul: Warm up the batmobile and lets go! Bring your slothful warm cream and coffee, I take it with 6cups of cream mcdonalds size and one sweetner, any kind!! :) I LOVE your rhymes! :)

Mary: I WISH I could pardon the pun, and the bum for the hell it's put me through, and STILL is putting me through. what is this, a 5day flu strand? Ewwwwwwww-and I betcha there is ziltch in weight loss too. :l

FosterC!!: HAHAHAH! HE is quite the cheeky flat fellow...can do a number on my tum tum too!HAHAHAHAHA

martha: Isn't it the worse? Whenever I'm sick I STILL want my mom to come over and take care of me..Id much rather take on illness then witness it with my three =BIGone fella but then again, when mom is down..the world doesn't go around as well as it usually does.
YOu feel better too please! I know it's yucky...I hope it passes quickly for you!!

Gypsy: Thank goodness this happened to your husband after the plumbing mess..imagine it the other way around.!! I hope that you and the girls stay clear of this pain in the arse thing! YUCK!

Brad: I LOVE THAT, coo coo caachoo! That is soooooo cute! Bigdog is a very doting husband..will force me upstairs to my room and brew me some honey tea with honey toast..I'm one of the lucky ones to have a very hands on hubby. :)

Soul: I'm SOOOO OVER THE SNOW, regardless of my Queen status, after all, the name is Elizabeth. :) I would head straight to Greece to live, but I'd vacation back around in Costa Rica just for the heck of it. May I please have some coffee? I haven't found sloths, but there's one that I quite adore down in Texas!

bonnie said...

OMG, how can you have such a wonderful sense of humor with the FLU? Have you tried using cottonelle flushable wipes? They are very soothing on the red raw butt.

Cheryl said...

Somehow I've been blessed to have never had the flu. No one in my family has had it. Ever. Time for you to get better. I hope it's soon.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I hate being sick. (but I suppose who does?) hope you are feeling better soon. Have some chicken soup!!!

Anonymous said...

sloth from get better...! that is NO fun..believe me....

austere said...

Out here, a flu is fever and perhaps a cough and sniffles achoo.

The gastric system stays more or less ok, unless one has been eating street food, and then its not the cold to blame.

Portia said...

Bless you:)