Friday, February 08, 2008



I'm in Arizona right now...
on a decompress/Dame weekend.

Was supposed to leave on Wednesday, but was snowed in.
Just me and my old friends.

the Dame weekend.
Be well, stay warm, love all!

Welcome To Crusybeef~
First off, my husband rocks! He's MISTER MOM this weekend!
Thank you for this tremendous gift, I LOVE YOU!!

I'll be back with a longer letter in a few days.
Take a couple of days off of my long posts...a gift to you!! :)


Portia said...

Your posts ARE gifts Crusty! Have safe and of course fun travels with your friends and enjoy decompressing. I hope it is warm and sunny for you while you are there. You will be missed, but we understand and love you and can't wait to see all the pictures you are taking:)

Martha said...

Please send me a non-cancerous, beautiful, golden, virtual Arizona suntan.

Brad said...

You Babe's have fun in the sun now, ya hear !

Cheryl said...

I hope you and the dames are having the best time. Sunny Arizona where there's no snow! What a change for you.

austere said...

How lovely!
Have fun and will miss you so come back soonest!

Anonymous said...

Have a GOOD trip!
And I tagged you for a meme... do it when you come back!

Gypsy said...

Hope you having a wonderful time with the Dames (what a fun idea) and your hubby is a good sport for playing Mister Mom.

Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.

Foster Communications said...

Enjoy your time with the girls! I don't want to imagine a world without my girlfriends. They truly do nourish the soul.

Paul J said...

this blog straight up rocks!

simonsays said...

Have fun and bring me some warm!

Golden To Silver Val said...

WHAT A GUY you have!! He's the greatest for sure! Now, you have a mission. You must smuggle some of those warm AZ temps into your carry-on and get them back home. I will ultimately share in the rewards, albeit a day or so later.
In the meantime....I know you're having a great time. Getting together with old friends is wonderful all by itself...but to do it in supreme WARMTH...ah....magnificent!

Brad said...

It sounds like it made it there in one peice - I'm glad - was concerned - had a hell of a time finding that dam box - enjoy