Saturday, February 02, 2008


Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and returned to his burrow!!!
5:00am before the start of Friday Bigdogg and I were startled out of our sleep by this thumping or bangs, constant thumpbangthumpbang.

We were tired.

He and I taking turns thursday night shoveling our driveway to try and keep up with the weight gain that was being dumped on us.

So to wake startled and sore, two very nonamusing things at 5am. But what in the name of Mother Nature was that noise? Maybe it was coming from outside?
There we lay, with the covers pulled up to our chins, again holding our breath, at least I was, because like everything that I do, maybe holding my breath will make the noise come back quieter, or quicker.

"maybe it's someone's snowblower outside," I say, softly whispering to my husband,....


Oh my Gosh, it's coming from Ben's room, it sounds like someone's in his room! OH MY GOSH, a crazy addict has broken into my son's room to play with his weeble wobbles that Hasbro recalled years ago before they sold out to Mattel!


Oh my GOSH, this crazyfreak is now trying to get out of Ben's room! The door knob keeps turning,..I'm holding my breath until it all goes away, go do something Bigdogg!

Usually I am very calm when I'm in situations such as these, the fight or flight, or rather the ability to think clearly does stick with me, and it's not only until later on that I crash and burn. But my body ached like I had a kidney stone, gave birth to triplets sans drugs, and had a rootcanal. Because that's how my body hurt, alright?

I was tired, I was in the middle of a good dream too, damn it! Then this crazy banging, and the noise, and then the door knob turning and suddenly the door is being jiggled with Ben's baptismal Cross that is up on his door knocking back at the crazy person, the sound of the Cross hitting against the door enhanced by the quiet of the outside snowfall that, like I said, had completely pounded our driveway.

As Bigdogg crept out of bed, I had a flash of brillance, and recalled a story I read while sitting on the loo about 2weeks ago. The story was a truthful one of a family that was sound asleep when someone that was jacked up on rather intense drugs, breaks into their home because he thought he was being followed, and the story goes on to talk about the parents methods and what they did when the man held a gun over them, what/how to dos, in this sort of situation.

So, I thanked Readers Digest quietly as I replayed the story in my head. If you don't get Readers Digest, you should. It's a great loo read.

Then I hear Bigdogg down the hallway, I hear him at Ben's door, the noise in the room stops, he opens up the door to Ben's room, and says,.................................

"BEN, what are YOU doing out of your crib?"
That's a bummer! I was relieved to realize my thoughts weren't true, that there was no one high off drugs running around my home naked playing with weeble wobbles. But I was disappointed because little Magyver not only saw his own shadow, but he realized his freedom was far more important than the safety of just staying in his burrow until the sun rose.

I had hopes to keep him, my baby, in his crib until he was old enough to attend college.

Plus I'm not going to put a tent over his crib, like I did when Jackson was a little baby. Completely not needed. We used the tent when Jack was a newborn, because we were first time parents, and we had a cat, and because our Bailey was a first time Catbaby, we didn't know what to expect.

Having a child give up his crib, just makes me feel like I'm losing a piece of my own sanity umm, I mean, freedom.
Besides as the marketing product research life cycle goes, in 10 years those tents will be discovered to be the link between adolescent anxieties, and fears of closed places, not to mention the obsessive desires to always be camping out in the woods. No thanks.

I'll keep the Crib open, no tent this time, unless we should decide to cough up a hairball and go get a cat, so if there are any parental groups that want to slam my skills, BRING IT!
Just like Glass baby bottles were once deemed bad, but are now making a strong comeback with AVENT bottles getting slammed, I'm certain this is a smart move. After all, they didn't have airbags when I was a young girl, and I played my music on a record player.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that there isn't a study that comes out someday saying that toddlers that climb out of their cribs at the age of one and a half years of age, are more then likely to crave Tea over Coffee.

Welcome To Crustybeef~


abbagirl74 said...

:) Hope today is a wonderful day for you and the fam.

Brad said...

Just be glad if they don't ask you for a Starbucks Card - XO love ya baby -


hi Abba! It's a good day! My best friend is in town from NC and I'm taking Jack to a hockey game later on this evening with her and her bf-my friend from HS-is the coach-should be a good weekend..until she leaves wednesday. :( Goodbyes are always hard!

Brad: Hey there fella! hmm, you see now that's usually what I ask for...seeing that it's my favorite place in the world besides the book store!

Have a great weekend you two!

Foster Communications said...

Waking up at 5 a.m. on a Saturday just isn't right. Here's hoping you get some more time to slumber tomorrow.

When I was a baby I'm told I'd throw the glass bottles out of my bed and scream for more. I'm thinking that was the end of my bottle experience....

Hey, stop over at my blog. You've got an award! :)


JessFoss: Thank you so much, you didn't have to do that!!!Hope you're having a great Saturday!! :)
Any Superbowl plans?


tex said...

Maybe it's a guy thing, but I 2was happy when my youngest got outta the crib....
Hope you're having a good Saturday. Talk with ya soon!

Anonymous said...

yeah i think so..though our coffee bean would've done the same...if she had had a crib... LOL

Cheryl said...

Glad the mysterious noises in the night had an explanation. I've got a few creaks here that can be startling.

Happy Sunday my friend.

simonsays said...

Ah, so you have a monkey...I had one of those too, I remember the first time my monkey climbed out...and then it became a real problem. Keeping that child in bed at night was a real nightmare. I'm all for the tent, although I didn't think of that when mine was small. duh....

austere said...

The young man's growing up, eh?

All grins.

AND he has a mind of his own, yessir.

Selma said...

I remember those climbing out of the crib days. Time flies - my son will be 12 in June. Sometimes I almost miss when he used to climb out of his crib and get into bed with me and his Dad and he'd lie there all warm and cuddly and then I'd waken up with his foot in my eye. Those were the days. Ha ha!

Portia said...

You could do a lot worse than a kid who craves tea over coffee! :D
This is so funny, because Ben is always a step ahead of BB so I get to hear about all these things in time to experience them, only from you who have already been through most of them twice. My husband and I agreed that BB can definitely get out of his crib, but he doesn't know it yet. SHHH! Don't tell him:) It is a milestone for sure.
That tent cracks me up- we were the same way with BB and the cat we had at the time. We didn't have a tent but I did not EVER leave them alone together. We always have strange cats. He was jealous - and a little scared - of the baby, so I never knew what to think when he leapt up in the bassinet (or some perch above it) and just STARED.