Sunday, February 03, 2008

Commercials? Superbowl?

Okay even though it wasn't my beloved Chicago Bears, it was still a great game.
The New England Patriots were undefeated 18-0 this season, they're the only 2nd team in NFL history to go through the regular season undefeated. Apparently this was the greatest team in NFL history(??), and they lost to the 12point nochance underdogs. A big upset this Sunday evening from football standards.

Can you tell me who the first team was to go into the season undefeated, but, win the superbowl, unlike the Patriots?

I'm tired, been on my feet all day, had a party of 25+ over today for the game.
My Friend Laine!!! is also in town, spending some time with her boyfriend and of course moi, the Bigdogg and our boys, until she leaves on wednesday to visit our friend Dnutz out in Arizona.

We have about a month until I'll see sun, and I cannot wait, as some of you may ow know, we decided to leave early for Florida!! :) We leave at the end of this month!

So, with my feet throbbing, my four person cleaning staff failing to show up today, my food prep chef never showed either, so, I had to make it work with a team of two, my husband and I, meanwhile having three little mice running around. No traps either!
Just three blind mice, mind you,..Jackson, Sullivan, and Benjamin. :)

I failed to catch the game, I was running around the most of the time, keeping children calm, food warm, prepped, prepared, different food stations, *(yes, I had food in every area, you would have enjoyed yourself whether you liked football or not!) I-WE!!, cleaned, did quality control, made sure my parents were comfortable(because they came over and spent the superbowl game with us, and our friends and their children. Pulled out ice packs and helped build a Barbie Ice Cream shoppe, so, I walked in on Tom Petty and his shiny blond flat ironed hair, and caught the last second (literally) of the game. I didn't get to see the game this year.
Funny, I can't remember the last time I've ever NOT watched those commercials.
Bigdogg said a few of them played "my songs" from the playlist here!

Cute, he called them "my songs."

It was a very nice party.
Our famous fling drinks.
oh, and food too!
Lots of yummy 'everyone loves my appetizer spreads,' food!

May you all sleep well tonight!
I'll talk with you tomorrow!

Welcome To Crustybeef~


Brad said...

No, You may not buy any peeps- Two peeps are coming inside your coffee mug. (get your mind out of the gutter)

austere said...

Your songs. :).

Sounds like a super party.

Cant comment on the game, we play cricket.


Brad-SWEET! I can't wait! Thanks again!! :)

Austie: Isn't he adorable? It was a great party, I'm worn out today..but my husband is a very helpful soul and didn't stop cleaning up after everyone left, and we had put the last dish away..

Cricket is a great game, too!


Anonymous said...

In the early 1970's the Miami Dolphins were undefeated in the 17 games they played. The schedule was two games shorter in those days.


SOUL: said...

i didn't see it either-- but i wish i coulda had some of your food!!
i got home just as it was comin on, and i was beat-- and stahvin..
so .. anyhow
how's things?

Foster Communications said...

Don't you just hate it when the cleaning staff fails to show up?? My house boy Diego has been absent of late....

I think the Superbowl is less about the game, more about being around a group of people you both love and like.

Have a good week. :)

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

I always figured all those exhausting parties were at least making fun memories for my kids even if I didn't get to have much fun! Diane


anonUD: Somehow I just knew you knew that!!.... :) *even though you don't prefer smiley faces.

Soul: I drove past a church today, and sometime ago they must have changed the name of the church to something SOUL or was it SOUL'E...I'm going to drive back past it tomorrow WITH my camera! for you! :)

Foster: Damn Diego and Gabe and Marco...silly silly sellouts! :)

Diane: Funny, that's what my mom said, it's part of the job of the Hostess/Host...and a good memory it was!


Portia said...

Sounds like a good time! And a busy hostess:) I didn't see all of it, but I thought the commercials were a little disappointing.

And, what exactly is a fling drink? I gather there's liquor...