Monday, February 04, 2008

Tushie Research

The toilet paper that I purchased at Costco the other day, the ones that have the extra aloe added to them...
yeah, those kind.
uh-huh! Those!

They smell like a white freshly painted bathroom.
They being the toilet paper.
How do I know this?
Because I enjoy smelling things, to make sure it "smells clean."
I bet I could get a buzz off of inhaling the paper.

"Xcuse me kids, mommie needs to go uh, wipe her bum.."

I went out and bought the smallest size I could find, a 6pack, to test the scent and see if it was a wierd fluke from a Costco purchase. I had to have answers before I called Charmin looking for a coupon for a replacement.

Bigdogg just laughed with me, and shook his head.

The toilet paper still smells like white paint-the aloe charmin kind.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Talk about "freshly painted."


Brad said...

If boys had to wipe there p-pees, Bigdog wouldn't be laughing, from what I understand.

Kelly Jene said...

Too funny. Send me a sample! Just kidding. I love yummy smells...

austere said...



Brad: HAHA!

KellyJ: it does smell like paint, I had my friend, Laine confirm when she was over, yesterday..bizarre, eh?

Austie: would you like some? it's quite soft!


Foster Communications said...

I'm right there with you on good smells. Now I want to try it! :)

Mary said...

I'm more concerned with the results of additives. What smells good might not always feel good. Could be an irritating situation.

mosiacmind said...

I really like good smells..never smelled the t.p. but i might start now that you mentioned it : )

mosiacmind said...

I really like good smells..never smelled the t.p. but i might start now that you mentioned it : )

SOUL: said...

hmmmm.... am i misssin something here? since when does fresh paint smell "good"??? especially when it is to be used on something that should NOT have paint or such "chemicals" on IT??

i think i might be a bit skeered of that.

but anyhow--- hows life in crustyland??

Golden To Silver Val said...

Speaking of smelling things....I simply LOVE the smell of a brand new book. I will bury my face in it and INHALE. We humans are a funny bunch, aren't we? LOL


Foster: I'd have never thought aloe could mimic the smell of what seems to me like a freshly painted room...which always reminds me of new, and a new start.

mary: And what is good, SOoooooo good, could smell bad! :) far the paper is like soft complaints nor rashes. :)

Mosiac: The Charmin one with the aloe I'll be curious to know what you think!!

Soul: I LOVE The smell of reminds me of something new (see Fosters comment)... WIerd I know! But you already knew that about me, I am wierd!!
How are you doing, my dear? I love the pictures you had up..beautiful!

GOLDEN GIRLIEGAL: I LOVE The smell of books!! soothing, so soothing!

Goodnight folks! More shoveling is in store for us tonight.


SOUL: said...

paint smell on a wall is fine... but on toilet paper? i just have a problem with that. :))

and thanks.. i just love it out there (where i took the pix)
happy day to ya

Portia said...

ew. thank you for this public service announcement:) i hope they sent you a bunch of coupons!