Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Reflective Glimmers

Playing Ring Around the Rosie with your two younger ones.
Both of them in their own special way, begging, to "do it ageeen, do it ageeen..."
Giggling and falling earlier then "THEY ALL FALL DOWN!"

Watching my oldest son, Jackson, dance to some songs that I had placed on a IPOD that my sister in law had given us back over the holidays.

"what songs do you have on your IPOD Crusty?"

"I'll give you guys one name,..."

"Gimmie More" by Britney Spears, the poor girl doesn't NEED anymore, what she needs is some time away-I can relate.

Like I was saying, watching Jackson jam to my CB tunes, as he becomes more concerned by the minute, sitting near me, while I lay in the dentist chair (SAUNTERING FRANK!!)squirming in pain due to the recent gum surgery I had about two weeks ago, all so he could "install" my crown.
"VRrrrrrrrrrroooooooom, NOW I feel like a Mercury CROWN VICK!"

Bigdogg picking up the extra stubs from the statements that I am paying, that needed to be "recycled," and shredding them, saving me some time.

Having your sons follow you around the room because they just wanted to be near you..

Having Bigdogg not complain when I "added a few more things" to our Superbowl menu from this past Sunday!
It's great to be loved!
I-l-y-I-L-Y-M-2-i-a-b-GOOGLE PLEX!!

Oh, and Scavenger hunts are fun too! Even if it's only to find one item!

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Another Snow Storm coming through as we speak. They're calling for MONSTER SNOW!!! GRrrrrrrrrrr! The worst is supposed to occur overnight and into the morning, Wednesday morning.
Have I mentioned that I am dreadfully OVER Winter already?

Reflections are good, aren't they?............


Brad said...

Could the weather just even out east to west and spread this shit around ? Where is my snow day ? - dammit !

austere said...

This is a city in the tropics. But looks like Mr God forgot. So cold it is. A min of ten degrees Centigrade. We're not prepared for it.

The chillrenz following you around is so NICE, woozysoft. thanks.

Kelly Jene said...

I love dancing and singing with my boys. We had monster winds today ... thought the power was gonna go out. Would rather have wind then snow though!

SOUL: said...

hope you enjoy your day today --
are you over the flu yet-- any sledding yet?


Cheryl said...

Can you believe it's going to be 70 today? In the winter? That's just not normal!

I'm way behind on my reading, but I wanted to come by to say hello to my snowed-in buddy!

Golden To Silver Val said...

I don't mind being snowed in as long as I have a full pantry and no where else I have to be. That's the way it is today...I can sigh and just watch it snowing and blowing out the window. I am east of you, so I get it about a day later unless its HUGE. Stay warm and make some memories with your little guys today. They are saying we may get up to 10 inches of the s-word. I am so ready for SUMMER.



Austie: woozy soft is a great way to put it!!

KellyJene: I enjoy wind as long as it doesn't relate to winter storm warnings, or hurricane warnings..perhaps I should include Tornado Warnings too..they've hurt so many people. Mother Nature doesn't discriminate, does she?

Soul: The damn snow has us snowed in. It's ridiculous. How are you?

Cheryl: where's it going to be 70, but you, right? Move over, I'll be there when the storm over here lets up! STupid weather!

GoldenGirlie: You're not going to like what weather I'll be sharing with you soon..it's really been a pain! Bigdogg hurt his back, needs to get into get an xray...roads are so bad, he can't! unreal.
But it is a PJ day so that's a good thing!! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Brad, let's keep a civil tongue on here, huh? This is a fine web log where good people discuss family topics.

In plain English, that means cut out the swear words, please.


Portia said...

I love reading the reflections and moments with your boys:) And thank you for making me laugh:) Your positive energy is contagious:) Just look at all those smilies:):)