Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weary But Wiser PART I

Does anyone remember that story?
"THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING! I must go tell the King!"
Because of a pebble that fell on her head while she sat scratching in her garden.

Er, Scratching?

I tend to create visuals, a lot(!!! WARNING) in my head. So, when I recall stories such as these, ones from my childhood, but now with the "adult" knowledge, I look at certain things differently.
Like the scratching bit with Henny in her garden.

There may be some that are out their nodding their heads saying to themselves, "oh yeah, what is she scratching while in her garden?" There are some that are thinking, "story of the sky falling? I don't seem to recall that one."

And I, well, here's my visual TAKE, my crusty way; I picture the story in that form, with the weird mix of words, in my crusty way, and visualize that it's actually me out there. That it is I, sitting outside in our garden, wearing a Henny Penny suit, scratching.

Maybe my nose, I don't know, but I'm scratching.
All the neighbors are perplexed as they drive by.
Makes for a chucklesome visual, doesn't it?

I know, it's WEIRD! Weird that I do that, that is, but, I think that's why I honestly (NOT A TOOT TOOT INFLATE ME POST) think I do a pretty good job with relating to people. I think that's why from the career aspect of my life, I've always done quite well in sales, and perhaps that's because I try to not only see the person, but hear the person as well. To try to empathize with that person. To be as sincere as I can possibly be. But with having that type of keenness like I do, the 'crusty-way,' it can appear crusted up at times.

So, there I was picturing in my head how funny it would look to see me outside as people drive by, me in a Henny suit, scratching.

Then, as I hung up the phone, and Ben and I walked to another level, I hear something,...
That something is water.

We go to the laundry room, and there is water all over the floor. All over, coming from our washing machine.

Ben steps in the room and naturally his clean now dressed for the day socks, are soaked.
Here we are at noon time, 12:00ish, Jack is to be at school at 12:45, and we have water, time issues, and, wet socks.

Funny, I was just talking about socks during my Recipe For Freakness post.
Hmm, patterns emerge........

stay tuned For there will be Part II-on Sunday. And it is true, I have blond back in my hair, because I heard another birdie outside early Saturday morning, so with Spring around the corner from the sounds of the morning, I'm working with her season and going blond to show my love for it!


tex said...

You are so strange....

simonsays said...

And the water was leaking, why? Doesn't sound good...and why do things always break just when you don't have the time to deal with it?

When do you leave for Florida?

Have a good Sunday. :)


Tex: Tell me something I don't already know? I'm a freak and also a blondie again!

Jaime: Stay tuned..and oh boy yes, things always tend to fall when time is of essence. We leave thursday for Florida!!
I can't wait!


SOUL: said...

good luck with the flood--
have a great time in florida!!!


SoulieOlie:Why thank you!!
I will send you some rays of happy rest up and recover sunrays, sal'right?


P.S. Did you have any hot EMT fairies?? :) tee-hee

Golden To Silver Val said...

Ohhhhhhhhh you are sooooo lucky. Flordia...sun, warmth, WARMTH...NO SNOW, NO ICE, NO COLD NORTH WINDS, NO SALT TRUCKS....enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!
Post pictures!! Have a WONDERFUL time.
p.s. Hope that leak wasn't anything major.

Kelly Jene said...

When are you leaving for Florida? I hate last minute emergencies. But don't let it get you down.

Can't wait to see new pics of the blond!

You rock, you crusty freak!

(Its the first time I can say that without it being an insult!)

Foster Communications said...

I have a pretty demented mind, and even I never thought anything dirty about that. Scratching the ground is what I pictured. Who knew, I'm a good girl with a clean mind...

The Real Mother Hen said...

Ahhhhh... the water problem doesn't sound good!
I hope it is nothing too serious.

Btw, I always have this image of me picking up bones in an egg. And I do that in real life too. I thought I'm insane. Now after reading this post and "seeing" your visual take, man I'm normal, phew :)


Golden: Yes, warm! Sun, smells of beach! YES, I am over joyed!
Would you like to come with us?? :)



KellyJ: CRUSTY FREAK! :) cute!!
We leave thursday and it cannot come soon enough I tell you!! Still don't know how I fixed it, but I did and I guess that's what matters, right??



Foster: Yeah, I pictured the scratching like boogers and rears...itchy tushies...!! tee-hee!
Happy weeks with the children for you I hope there aren't any tears!!

The Real Mother:
Picking up bones in eggs? I think you need to elaborate, I can't picture that, but suddenly I'm picturing watching you pick bones and it's funny, because there I sit scratching in my henny penny suit! :)


Portia said...

I do love how your mind works!
Off to see what on earth was up with all the water...



Portia: Happy Monday my dear pal!