Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weary But Wiser Part II

So, there is water flowing out of somewhere, and it's made a mess of what was a clean laundry room floor.
Water all over the floor of my laundry room.
Apparently the source was the washing machine.
Pouring! out of the side of the washing machine.
The side?
She sits next to my dryer, which was on at the time.
So, naturally, I worry about water and electrocution, and of course,
Ben and his Wet sock.

I ran to grab my cordless phone to call my mom, she has a LOT of knowledge with Plumbing questions. Seriously, she does, she's good like that, learned it from my Dad. He's very hands on, even if it takes him years to finish his own projects with his own bricks, he is a perfectionist by birth and is full of helpful information. They both, my parents, have learned a lot from one another. I guess that's what thirty four in a half years of marriage will do.

Married since 1973.

She walks me thru the "lets see if it's a washing machine issue, or a pipe, plumbing issue. My mom does, and I in my frustrated state, am Henny Penny, running around after having a pebble fall on my head.

What a scene, I tell you.

I'm kvetching to my mom about how "horrible this day is..." Ben's sock is wet. It's time to go to school. We hop into the car, the air conditioner button in the car was bumped by my overgrown winter coat, and with that, lets out a rather random disgusting smell.

Sullivan is sensitive to that.
"It smells mommy."
But picture that three word sentence dragggggggggggggggged with high whines, and screeching delays. Yes, cringing.
So, I open the window.

And then, Sullivan,
"Mommy It's cold in here." Only in the same tune..


It's like when Henny tells Cocky Locky about the sky, and also, Ducky Daddies, eh, I mean, Ducky Daddles,Goosey Poosey, Turkey Lurkey, Gander Pander, Foxy Loxy, (even the sly folks) and of course the King. So, a pebble falls on my head, just a pebble, something "minor," and I assume the sky is falling and turn it into a drama of rocks. After the long day, I left it behind, weary but wiser.

How. Well, lets see, I fixed my washing machine myself, even though I tend to believe whereas I myself is am a rather strong creature, I can, when pushed past a certain point, become quite the Henny Penny. After trying different scenarios, googling this and that, using a wrench and a screwdriver, I managed to repair it myself, with a lot of mumbling naughty words inbetween the wrenching.
There have been many times in my life, that I have had no choice but to figure it out, and for some reason, that's just the way it's supposed to be. But that doesn't mean I can't get a complaint in about it, and crave for my next break..
Plus deal with the mess that was all over the floor of the laundry room. Ever try to life a washing machine to clean the water out from underneath it?
It's heavy.
So is the dryer.

I guess "It's okay" to crave the break times, every mom deserves that.

Moms need a much better support system around them, every single one of the moms in this fabulous world deserve that much, a good strong network of loving, empathizing, supportive women.

Welcome TO Crustybeef~

In my visuals I pay attention to it all, and how many of you realized that I forgot a character? Did you catch that at all? That and the fact that I didn't end my last post with WELCOME TO CRUSTYBEEF. Felt weird not to end the post that way..

So, yes, the missing character, Chicken Little. I've always thought Henny Penny was better suited for the role of pebble head, scratching in her garden.

Good Day or evening, I've kept you long enough. Besides, Sullivan just woke up on this fine Monday morning, and his one eye is completely bloodshot, without crust in it. Figures we leave on Thursday for our Florida trip. (I think he has a crush on someone far older then him, dear Soultween- yet, he's only 3.5 so he has quite a long way to go!)

I will get pictures, of my hair do up on here soon, but I've kept you too long now. So, I will hang up the words on the letter post, and bid you good days, and soon enough my hair will be a full Reese Blond by the end of summer.
Perhaps sporting the Renee Cut that I saw last night on the Oscars.
But I fear that trying on that style of cut, may be too close to walking around wearing my-GASP!-"mom jeans."
Ahh, another part of Crustybeef.


austere said...

I understand.

Good you managed, right?

Florida, about time!

Foster Communications said...

You fixed it yourself? Way to go Crusty! :)

And Renee's blonde cut did look gorgeous didn't it?

SOUL: said...

so does that make you a crusty mechanic? :))
how old is sulli?? a crush on soultween? how cute.

have a great trip--


Austie: I can't wait to leave! And am happy that I did manage to fix it myself, still don't know what I did, but whatever it was, the water stopped pouring out eventually.

FostieC: I LOVED her cut, and her dress was a stunner. I did fix the washing machine, don't know how, but I did, and am glad I did but would rather have avoided the entire mess in itself, considering the frenetic day I had friday. Darn that wet sock!

HA! I guess it does! I can change your oil too! Crusty mechanic! :) Sulli is 3.5 so yes a bit young yet, but someday!! I figured he must have a crush being that he has a blood shot jacked up eye sans crust, he must want to "be just like her!" How is she holding up with what happened to you? Did you guys tell her everything? Scary! GO REST!!

I will send you some fish and sand from the beaches of Florida, sounds good?? :)


JLee said...

wow, what a day! Anything with flowing water makes me go into a panic as well. haha (especially toilets)
You should go for the Rene cut. It was so cute!

tex said...

Crusty....sailing the sea od madness!!!!
You leave in a couple of days.....then no work for a bit, right??? Hopefully??


Jlee; Isn't it such a cute look? I heard they were saying she looked too simple..BAH! Simple is good! She was natural!

Tex: Sailing out soon! No workie all play! I can't wait! But I'll have access naturally, so I can haunt you and the Warden!
CHV's upon return for certain!


Portia said...

I had to google the haircut to see what you are talking about, but it is very cute! I hope your week goes by fast too, and you are in Florida before you know it!

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Please tell me that's not really your laundry room - but a photo from a magazine!!!!! Diane

Kelly Jene said...

Diane, thats what I was gonna say. Holy crap, that is a gorgeous laundry room.

I'm glad you got it fixed. We moms can easily turn from teacher to doctor to plumber. Been there myself. Doesn't make it any funner though, huh?

I hope you have a BLAST on your trip! Many hugs and love...

Martha said...

Okay, this was only funny to me because my dryer went completely haywire yesterday and my husband and I were squeezed into the laundry room fixing it.


portia: isn't it comfy cute? I like the fluff of it, I don't know, you guys know me, always changing my hair around! :)

Diane: :) I don't have pets. :)
KellyJ: Great minds think alike!!

Martha: oh man, How old is your dryer? Maybe they're related! I hope you were able to fix yours!!


simonsays said...

Ahh Crusty, you really are a resilient little thing, aren't you? Pretty impressive to fix it yourself...

I wanted to buy cd's of a couple of songs that I have learned to love being here on your page, and neither of them are available!
Holly Golightly - no longer in production, and Danger and the Steel Cut Oats, no cd made yet! Damn...

Have a good, good day, today!


Jaime: I still don't know what in the creation I did to fix it, but I guess I shouldn't complain about that, eh?
Holly Isn't available? Oh noooo, I love that song!!! Danger is new, and should be out in production soon, like you said, I hope for you! Maybe you could have someone burn the songs and put them on a disc? I can't believe Holly's not around, I love that song!!!

Happy Tuesday!!


captain corky said...

Good job fixing the washer! I would have been to lazy and just called the plumber. But if it's a medical issue, that's something else... I'll consult Goggle for anything medical related. As a matter of fact, I took out my own appendix last week, and would you believe was up doing dishes two hours later. ;)

jAMiE said... fixed it yourself, i'm very impressed. I can't imagine that...of course i impress myself too when i fix the toilet, but that's just plunging.

jAMiE said...

ps...cant wait to see your hair..and yes Renees hair was nice...hope you enjoy your trip to Florida!

Golden To Silver Val said...

We women are fabulous, aren't we? I once repaired the toilet (all new insides). We do what we have to do. I guess in all my years I have done a little bit of everything in the way of home or small appliance repairs. And I was thinking the same thing about that laundry room! die for...but I caught the pets. LOL, you are a tricky one. Florida is one day closer! We got 3 more inches last night and its still snowing. Sigh ~


Capt: See, now you sound like me with the google MEd's. But it is a fabulous thing to self diagnose isn't it? Especially when we know more then the docs from us doing our research and truly understanding our symptoms..but I've got to admit, if I had just taken my appendix out, I think I'd be asking to "pass me a pain pill," before I'd be up doing the damn dishes. UCK! Then again, you're a cool dad and very helpful around the house like my husband is, so naturally it makes sense. :)

Jaime: isn't it satisfying to plunge and remove the clog from the loo? It's very enriching..
I am a bit nervous to hack it all off though...but then again, it's just hair. :)

GoldenGirl: You are quite wise, and I bet very good at riddles and puzzles! I do though wish I knew what the heck I did to fix it, should it happen again.
What I did learn is if there isn't water coming from the pipes, or from the laundry tub, it's not the plumber you call, but the appliance repair man.
I'm with you on the snow! More snow last night, and it's heavy heavy snow. Maybe I will talk myself out of doing it oldschool and just suck it up and buy a snowblower, but then it's not doing it oldschool..course I want my back to last, as much as I want my husbands back to last..we shall see!! :)
I BAN SNOW and WINTER From my surroundings!
Florida, here we come!!


Gypsy said...

I had to google Renee's hair as I haven't had time to watch the Oscars yet (got it on tape). Very cute and I bet it would suit you too.

How clever of you to fix the washing machine. I would have just called the plumber mainly because I don't know a plunger from a spanner. I probably should start learning though for when hubby goes away to work. Who knows what disasters will befall us during his stints out of town.

I'm with everybody else. That is a lovely laundry room.