Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dude, Where's My Socks?

Housesitter? Check.
Alarm set? Check.
Housesitter knows how to work alarm? CHECK CHECK CHECK.
Housesitter knows what room to sleep in? CHECKETTY CHECKETTY CHECK.

Police Department notified? As of today, yes.
Packed? No.

We leave Thursday afternoon as soon as Jackson is dismissed from School.
The good news is, the house sitter will be moving in for the duration of our trip and will be here before we leave on Thursday, so I can give him one last round of tours. Or Tours of Round?

I really need to get packing.
But I have no clean socks.
They're all organized, but not fresh, so, I'm going to go out and buy a pair or two to match the outerware of Florida Sun attire.
Speaking of Florida, I hope they'll turn their lights back on before we get there!
Here is one view of my hair:

See? Blond highlights!

Now, I leave you with something I discovered while hanging out over at Landsharks place.
It really seemed fitting because of my own sockeesoookoos issues. But you have to go and pause my musical tunes first, or it just won't do any bit of justice. That and I doubt you'll be able to hear this incredible song.
Like I said below in the W2CB, and I'll say it here first, "and I usually eat Spaghetti on Wednesday, poor BDD he's missing out."

Welcome TO Crustybeef~ hmm, it's usually Spaghetti on Wednesdays, I think I'll have to reorganize that train of thought. Thank You Landshark! I viewed this in her home!


Brad said...

Nice hair babe - you'll be taunting the beach boys. Tell BigDog to bring a big stick. He's gonna have to beat them off. wait, that didn't come out right...

The Real Mother Hen said...

Go go packing! :)
And boy, your last two posts had me falling off my chair :)

About finding bones in an egg - that's the phrase/image which I use to remind myself to accept things as they are - because I always argue, I over-react, and I can really do silly things like sending myself to the moon but accidentally land in Mars :)

Ah, I'm just being silly :)

Cheryl said...

I missed you! Not your fault...mine and my computer. Love the HL, btw. That's how we write the service down at the salon. HL or PTHL. Anyway... sounds like you're ready to pack. It's a big job, and I can't imagine doing it for your whole crew.

Will you write while you're gone? I'm gonna need my fix. I'll say an early good luck for your trip.


Brad: So you watched Business Socks, eh?

TheRealMother: HEe-hee, I can get frenetic, oh yeah. I need my down time. :) I most likely would bump into you on Mars. L:)

Cheryl: I plan to, we'll have access, battery life, that's another story, but yes, we will. I wonder when they'll make it work to be on the internet when on an airplane, or traveling across country, do they have that?

I missed you too! I'll try and make it over to everyone, but I have to get going on my preparations. Sometimes the planning is the "best part," the "orange spot," the spot that has you guessing of the trip, because before long you'll be met with the orange spot, and the vacation will be over, the orange spot, the sunset, the last the preparations are the times for dreaming about the trip. That itself puts you in a much peaceful mood-once the boys are packed, matched, and I'll stop when I'm ahead. :)

Many safe days for everyone!
Elizabeth and Family :)

Anonymous said...

yes good trip....gosh..i'd certainly say you were "prepared" wouldnt you?

SOUL: said...

i love your hair!!!
been a while since mine looked that good.
in fact-- i resemble a very mangy mastiff at the moment. :((


i need a vacation too.

hope you have a great time!!!!

Gypsy said...

Oooh a vacation? You lucky thing, I am soooo jealous. I love your new hair do. Brad's right, you will be a hit with the beach boys.

If I don't get back before you go, have a wonderful time and travel safely.

JLee said...

Have a great trip and LOVE the hair!! Very cute. I also love that song "Let it Go" you have playing on your blog. So haunting...

JLee said...

I may have to see if there is a video if you don't mind me stealing ;)

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Loved the video - I'm sitting here by myself laughing with tears. Have a great trip. Diane

the landshark said...

thanks for the referrals. i'll try to keep your readers entertained while you're gone! and i love your highlights, btw. they look awesome. have a wonderful time on vacation. hopefully you have lots of sunshine and beach time and electricity! LOL! :)

Kelly Jene said...

Ah, I love packing. I love organizing. I love lists. Packing lists, travel lists, whatever lists! (My freak is coming out!)

I love the highlights... now where's the gorgeous mug to go with it?

Have soooo much fun friend! I can't wait to see pictures when you come back.

Portia said...

Your hair looks beautiful from above!! I hope you guys have a great time in Florida. You will be missed but take pictures and we'll forgive you;) I'm kidding, truly have a blast and soak up all the warm sun you can!

Mary said...

Hope I catch you before you leave to say have a safe, fun trip. Ours was perfect. All the "lights out" issue was because one guy forgot to throw a switch when they shut down Turkey Point Power Plant. Bet his name is mud.

Martha said...

Gorgeous highlights! And I heard that the power is back on in Miami, so it should be smooth traveling for you!

fiwa said...

You have the most beautiful hair - I seriously have hair envy. I have ridiculous, curly hair, and I have ALWAYS wanted hair just like yours.

bonnie said...

The video was fabulous. Hysterical. I loved the part about the tee shirt. Your hair is great. I love the cut. I've always wanted that bob hair style, but my hair is so curly now. I wish I could see your face. Hope your escapes from IL brings you home with a burn worthy of the pain. Soak it up! xoxo