Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Read You Soon, OARFISHING?


And Ready.

(I see you! can you see me?)

Ready To Go. (even BDD's back is clean and shaved)

(Seafood, so much better closer to the surf!)

I'll read you soon.

You're welcome to come take a walk with us, we'd be more than happy to have you join us!
I do plan on posting while I'm out of this snow cursed State of Illinois!

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Turn up your speakers, and feel free to listen to what I will be hearing for 10 days.

I don't plan on looking for any Oarfish, so sorry to disappoint!

Nor do I plan on coloring my purple skin like these lovely ladies above.
Not enough time for that, nor do I have enough available skin cells.


Cheryl said...

Yeah to vacation! Could you put in a link to your old post describing the stops you'll make and your plans for the time you're away? I need a refresher.

I'm so glad you're getting out of cold IL. Have the BEST time!

SOUL: said...

you make me want to move back to florida!!!!!
those were good times---
well... until...
the bad stuff--and the bankruptcy-- and the more bad stuff.. and the other bad stuff :))
the fishin was good, jetskiing was kool..and the beaches were nice.. the jellyfish attack, well, that wasn't so fun...but soulkid was small and sweet and didn't talk back yet :))
and my hair was always blonde! :))

i hope you all have a great time.. can't wait to hear all about it!!!

austere said...

Have a great time, and write!
Can see the sun and sand and surf there...
Build me a castle with the little ones!

Gypsy said...

Have a wonderful, safe and happy holiday with your loved ones Elizabeth. I am SO jealous but glad for you.

JLee said...

I'm not ashamed to say, I too am so JEALOUS!!! Of course here in TX it will be in the 70s today so why am I complaining again? ;)

captain corky said...

Have a blast! Eat, drink, fish, and be merry!

fiwa said...

Oh, you lucky girl! Enjoy the sun and sand and pigout on seafood! And holycow - watch out for those oarfish, that thing is scary!

Foster Communications said...

Have a wonderful, wonderful time in the sunshine and warmth. I think you've earned this trip! :) As I type this my cheeks are still rosy from my two hours outside--I've been in for an hour!!!

Portia said...

My goodness, you & Abbagirl are freaking me out with the fish this week! Look out for the sharks;)
I am soooooooooooooo happy for you to be getting away from the all consuming winter up there. I hope you have a blast and of course will be expecting pictures:)

Kelly Jene said...

Have so so so so much fun! I bet your boys will have a blast. Take care and 'see' you when you get back!

simonsays said...

Have a MOST awesome time!

bonnie said...

That anaconda thing would keep me beached. Period.

abbagirl74 said...

That oarfish looks scary! Hope you have a wonderful time!


Hi all! WE'RE AT A gas station in Georgia somewhere. It's about 11:15pm Friday night! Happy Leap year! We're about 3.5hours away, and not sure if we'll stop again for the night or not. I have 8% of battery left, and am hijacking the wireless from someplace called Kamojack's.
Stay tuned!!

I have to use the bathroom!


Valedosta..pardon the mispelling..I'm tired.
stay tuned!!
that's where we're at right now!!
Elizabeth and family!
Happy Leap year today!
And a special happy birthday to my friend, Stacy!!