Friday, February 29, 2008

Get Your Kicks On Route uh, 65

What do you think is the worst thing about traveling?To clarify, I mean, traveling with children.

What I mean is traveling across states with children that are ages 6, 3.5 and 1.5.
Go ahead, try and guess?

Nope, not the, “Are we there yet?”
Nope, not the, “Mommy, I gotta go to the bathroom,” either.

I packed a bucket, a big BLUE BUCKET, and toilet paper, they can use that if need be.WAIT! I have sons; we can pull along side the road for their bathroom habits.
I’ll use the bucket and paper.

After stopping and swallowing a laxative, I mean, stopping at a McDonalds in Lafayette, Indiana to eat a burger and francais fries, you could classify that as “worse things traveled,” but thankfully they host bathrooms that smell so purrrrrdy, so even that is manageable.
I would know, I went twice in one sitting. Don’t believe me? Ask the bdd.

No, the worst part about traveling with children, is being stuck, parked on route 65 for over 2 hours not moving, with zero capabilities for any wireless connection. I tried many times to get a connection.

Except a reminder that the battery on the laptop is draining quicker then the muck that was once food cooked from McDonalds digests and makes pretty yellows from my tummy. My highest speed I managed to achieve, while sitting out in this area on Route 65, was about 1.0mbps.

So, this is presently being typed in a word document, as our boys sit and view movies on their entertainment system Obviously you are reading it which means I gained access, and that means that we stopped finally at a hotel for the night.

Most likely because I had to use the bathroom again.
Don’t believe me?Ask my girlfriends from my Arizona trip.

Anyhow, here we sit. For over two hours.
Not fun.
Bigdogg hops out of the car to have a few smokes before the accident that must be the cause of this, clears up.

We’re moving now. Slowly.
So, back to our travels and fun road trip.
Welcome to Crustybeef~We are having a fun time so far, even if I had to use the bathroom in McDonalds twice.
What can I say; I have “bathroom issues.” I really do!! My doctor would like me to have a colonoscopy, but instead I’ll take a stool enhancer. I’ll wait before I pull a Katie Couric and air my bum insides on blogland TV.


fiwa said...

2 hours with 3 kids? I'm surprised you're still sane! But then, the McD's bathrooms are pretty high on the scale of grossocity.

I hope tomorrow is a better day.
Wishing you sun and smooth travels -

Kelly Jene said...

That's why we don't eat McD's any more. Ugh. I have IBS, so I hear you and sooooo sympathize. Prayers for the tummy!

Mary said...

Tummy and McDonalds together spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e!!! The DVD players are great with kids on-board.

I just noticed that the pictures are from Panama City. Is that where you're going? My first time visit to these beaches was a roaring success.

Anyway, I hope the rest of your trip goes smoothly and that you have a grand vacation with family and friends. At least you will be away from the snow and slush.

bonnie said...

I have bathroom issues too. I've been known to break into a sweat and start crying because I can't find a (hiding) place to pull over. I also get inspired at the grocery store. That's probably tmi. sorry.


Hi all again!!
I understand all too well about IBS, matter of fact, I get the same anxiety ridden, pull over, or,'s a random episode of something that I'd prefer to not rerun!! :)

All is well!
We have arrived!!

Palm Springs Savant said...

traveling with the kids can be so stressful. I watch my brother do it and am amazed at all the STUFF that has to come along...for every contingency. whew I get exhausted just thinking about it

Golden To Silver Val said...

So glad you've arrived safely. Now all you have to do is ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY. Send some warmth northward. I did hear we are supposed to have a heat wave here Sunday...maybe 45. Woo Hoo.
As for bathrooms...I just HATE using public ones and will avoid them if at all possible...but on a long trip you have no choice. I found that McD's and other fast food places were better than the "rest stops" as far as cleanliness. I'm not sure what your issues are, but my doctor told me to take 2 Metamucil tablets a day and it straightened me out beautifully. Just thought I'd pass that along. LOL.

austere said...

How is the great grand dad? Good to know you've reached safely.

Gypsy said...

Glad you arrived safely Crusty and I think you are very brave to go on a road trip with such young children. Mine at that age would have driven me stark raving mad even without the 2 hour delay.

Have a wonderful vacation.

Love the sound of the surf as I'm typing this.

Cheryl said...

Girl, I'm sitting at Panera's with my hand over my mouth cause I'm laughing so hard!

If you're traveling and pass a shopping center with a Marshalls, they have private bathrooms. I have issues too!

Portia said...

I guess one two-hour delay isn't too bad for the distance you guys covered. I'm glad you finally made it! Enjoy the warm sun & sand!