Friday, March 21, 2008

Attentive Items

Happy Early Easter!
Happy First Day of Spring!
A Reflective Good Friday!
What's the Easter Bunny going to Bring?

"it's beginning to look alot like Christma"-er, aren't I supposed to be singing about the first day of Spring?

I give up, Chicago winter, you flipping win, you dig?
You win!
I whine.
I drink it too,
usually only white and pinot style,
wine that is-Chitown Style.
Outta the Glass,
it never lasts.
Wish it did.
Last forever,
you know, sorta like this down coat and hat headed winter?
It's over used it's style.
This long and drawn out season.
First day of Spring you say?Bah, I give up!
I say, You win!

But I can still move from you.
So be careful how you treat me, or I too will leave you,
and this time it will be for good."

I sent this today, (in email, you know, the tacky little poem you just read up above?) to my closest friends, as my coffee steamed away nearby in her darling mermaid mug, comfortable on the desk. Warm and cozy and full of rich and sweet the morning sip is always the best.

Sent before I had to gather out the serious Winter gear again, boots included too, to head to a wonderful haven, a birthday party for my cousins little girl! A fun indoor place called PUMP IT UP, you can google it to learn more if you want to. I will tell you this, it's a place that hosts gigantic inflatable jumpy things.
My dear sons, her children, and many other tikes from her party, jumped and slid and ran their way right outta their winter clothes, worn, on the first day (or is it second day?) of Spring.
A private party hosted specifically for my adorable cousin, and I laughed, because there was a mom that was off doing Yoga in the corner of room 2, and not room 1.

"Only in OUR TOWN," we laughed to ourselves, as she did triple dog crouching tiger (EH?) and rolling up into a side kick, soon, she was off to chase after her two children. Yes, her children are classmates of my cousin's daughter.

Good laughter.
Misplaced batteries.
Lots of snow falling outside another Winter Storm warning.
Sigh, I guess this is what my UD meant, when he said don't wish for Spring back in February, too quick!

Welcome To Crustybeef~
"here comes, Suzie Snowflake..."
Oh, did I mention my close friends live in areas sporting 60's and 80's?
They enjoyed reminding me of that today after I griped about the winter weather.
I guess it's payback from the days that I lived in Florida, when they were stuck up here, in the Midwest, a not so typical this year Chicago Winter.

I'll see you all on Monday or late night Sunday.
I'm off to go make snow bunnies in our yard, and shovel the driveway yet again, one more time.


Tink said...

Have a great weekend/Easter. Your plastic egg shooter idea sounds AWESOME! I'd just have to make sure I don't slide down the mountain afterward. Hehe.

SOUL: said...

you're right-- it could be snowing--sooo glad it's not!
will get to your email latah-- sooo grouchy today--ugh--
happy day to ya

The Window Watcher said...

I'm so done with this weather.....AND I LOVE WINTER!! But driving a semi in this weather is driving me insane.
Hope you had a great time with yer cuz!

Kelly Jene said...

Cute poem. It's been sunny and cool here today. No snow! Yeah for me!

Brad said...

That sounds exhausting -

I'm almost feeling human again - Thank you for the postcards - one just should up sometime this week while I was out of it.

I'm really glad you love your mermaid. Love to you CB, have a great weekend.

Cheryl said...

We've hardly had a winter here, but don't hate me for that. It would have been nice to have one good snow.

BTW, it's about 270 miles, as the crow flies. Too bad we have to follow the highways.

mjd said...

Hello, I am visiting from Corky's Log. I am sure that I have been here before. Happy Easter to you. I am close to Chicago in Northwest in Indiana, we had a sprinkling of snow today. Spring weather will be here anyday. At least, we can hope.

Mary said...

Bless the little Easter Bunny's heart (if there were really such a thing). He'd freeze his little powderpuff off trying to put colored eggs in your yard.

I know folks up your way are sick and tired of the snow and cold. I hope spring finds you very, very soon.

I like your poem. It speaks volumes.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

fiwa said...

I'm with you - I'm so ready for spring! Here it's rain - but I'm sick of it. No more - please!

I'm thinking sunny & warm thoughts at you. And coveting your coffee. ;0)



Tink: Yeah, you might wanna wait to create until outta Ruby Falls!!!
Be safe! Enjoy your traditions! I'm off to tell my girl friends of the neighborhood your story of frozen beer!

Soul: I detest grouchy days so much, we all get em too,...look on the bright side, the next mood that usually follows grouchy, is contentment..something else to look forward to!! Take your time, I'll chat with you later.

WWTex: I know what you mean!
My Mil dangled a carrot over my head today...two words: Dominic Republic, two other words: no this weather I'll eat lima beans and carrots!

Kelly Jene: I'm so excited to receive your book! Happy Easter to you and Rog and your boys!
Enjoy the lamb that usually ends this month!
I look forward to receiving your rain that has left you, moving eastward!! :)

Brad: So are you trying to say that it scared the living crap outta you? Chicken littlesque? :)
Did your partner scoff at you? if so, you could always tell him, that it was also to him, a Happy Anniversary card..but without his name on it with yours!
Have a nice Easter!

Cheryl: ;0)..I prefer to fly with Robins! Crows are too noisy! :)
I bet your tree in the front yard is starting to make you happy! The beauty of your yard! It relaxes anyone, even Teens!! It's just that "Time of the school year," ask any teacher, UD!!, kids tend to really get restless!
enjoy your meal with your family on Sunday!
What are you doing in a month from now?

MJD: I remember you!! HAHAH..I take it you saw my whine on weather over at Corky's place!>
Some adorable baby Max by the way...and I have enough boys already, but awww, he has some personality, you can tell!!
Indiana is a lonnnnnng state to drive thru..How do you like it out there?
Have a good Easter!

Mary: TOday my boys made a snowman with a neighbor and her daughter in our front yard, and the girls in the home most closest across the street to us, snowflaked a huge smiley face on their large trees, so my Jackson put one on ours...a smiley face on our large tree trunk looking back at hers...made me think of you for somereason..You must have said a little something to our close friend that loves towering over us!
Happy Easter!

Fiwa: I'm dreaming of islands!! And caribbean music,..peace,..colors..
Ahhh..crap, I just got the vision of cadbury cream eggs dancing in my head!
Have a wonderful Weekend my dear!

Have a Safe and wonderful weekend! If you Are Celebrating Easter, God bless you and Happy Easter, and if you aren't, May your faith keep you at calms peace knowing how to keep the thoughts on- "Co-Exist!"
Thoughts to all of you!

Gypsy said...

Do my ears deceive me or is that Missy Higgins I hear? Isn't she awesome? I love this song.

Anywho I am here to wish you and your beautiful little family a very happy and safe Easter. We have finally got some cooler nights with sunny warm days. It's such a relief after the horrendous heat wave we endured for 15 LONG days.

Palm Springs Savant said...

snow bunnies? that just isn't right crusty!

i say console yourself with some fannie may easter cream eggs and give up.

Anonymous said...

I just had to decide what to wear as my cute outfit would not work in the 30 degree weather here in the burbs. Happy easter and we'll thaw out in time for the 90degrees in May!

austere said...

Send you some spring, flowers and sunshine its sooo hot already!

Belated Happy Easter.

Portia said...

very nice poem:) i really feel for you all enduring the winter you have had! i hope you guys see some warm, sunny spring days soon!