Thursday, March 20, 2008

Magically Delicious

BDD: "why do you do it that way?"
(((smack smack schlurp tink tink glub)))

ME: "what, you mean the cereal?"

BDD: "yeah, the cereal.."

ME: "I dunno, creature of habit I guess. I've always ate them this way, even since my younger more girlie days.."
* I return to eating my bowl of cereal..*

BDD: "so, you always separate the marshmallows from the frosted sugar things every time?"

ME: "Have you ever seen me not do it that way in 8 years of knowing me?"

BDD: "Is that all? 8?"

ME: "I always eat the Luckies before I eat the Charms because then the build up for the marshmallow sugar part, is so much more worth it."

BDD: "Can we start 'I AM LEGEND' now, please?"

ME: "I think they need to ditch the shooting star charms, you can't even tell what they are, for the most part, and frankly, these charms are a waste of my cereal separation,.. maybe bring back the yellow diamonds, you always got more that way..or was it yellow moons..yeah that's what they were, yellow moons blue diamonds??..."

BDD: "seriously?..."

*BDD starts movie, whereas I am delving into now just only my marshmallows, and begin thinking of how to contact the marketing dept of General Mills....*

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I warned you..I am a goofball!
I love cereal, anyone want some?


fiwa said...

*gasp* I have never eaten Lucky Charms! Cocoa Pebbles all the way. But hey, I like the way you eat them. Life needs interest. :)

The Window Watcher said...

What fun is it to eat the boring sugary "grain" part first?

Kelly Jene said...

Is there any other way to eat that cereal? But honestly, these days, I am more of a Chocolate Rice Krispies girl.

austere said...

Dont get me started on tuti-frutti bread.

captain corky said...

I once ate an entire box when I was 17. And then I had a quart of Wonton soup. Can you guess what happened next?

simonsays said...

I live on cereal. And chicken. And I don't put that much thought into it. Maybe I should. teehee

Happy Friday.


Cheryl said...

I haven't had Lucky Charms since I was a kid but I specifically remember waiting till the charms got good and wet and squishing each one between my thumb and forefinger before putting it in my mouth. I'm weird too.


To Everyone: I respond to you with this, if you have mentioned your favorite cereal here, will you know please tell us why?
And for those that haven't listed their favorite cereal, what is it and why?


Cereal ROCKS!

Kelly Jene said...

Why? Because it's chocolatey goodness, crispy, and unlike cocoa puffs, it doesn't rip apart the roof of my mouth! :) Chocolate Rice Krispies ROCKS!! Oh yes, it does. ;) Oh no,there is none here! AHHHHHH!

Portia said...

This has got to be one of my favorites - you guys sound so cute:) I like Lucky Charms but I like Fruity Pebbles and Trix more. I hardly ever buy any of them though. If I eat cereal, it's usually granola. If I'm really having a good day I'll find some fresh berries to top it off:)