Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Silence On The Starboard

As you all know, I was formerly the sales trainer for all new hired inside sales specialists at Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise lines. My classes ran a minimum of 6weeks in length, which included everything from intense ship (never refer to it as a boat) memorization, in addition to learning all the different sales packages, there were also all the promotions, marketing ads, computer systems, and features and products that I needed to crunch into a 6week time period. No, 6weeks was never long enough if you ask me.

Towards the middle of the training, the class would also attend two ship tours from both RCCL's line, and Celebrity's line, to have a better understanding of the product they were going to be selling/promoting. To spruce up the class and to give myself time to work with our IT dept in regards to the right systems for the salesmen cubes, their passwords, user ids, yadah yadah, I would host Guest Speaker days, and have people from every different department come by and give a presentation on what they do, or their department does for the company that these new hires were now affiliated with. I figured this was a great approach because naturally this would give them, the sales class, a better idea of what other departments were out there, should they someday decide to pursue another area with the walls of Celebrity and Royal. Plus, the guest speakers always brought such amazing props, the class enjoyed hearing stories of their experiences, mainly one gentleman that was head head honcho of the Land and Sea tours.

I tried to always make it interesting with my class, because training is never really "too fun." So, to assist with the boring humdrum of learning, I'd bring in props for the class myself. These were in the forms of squishy balls, little fun erasers, colorful post it notes, plastic desk top toys and exercises clear out of my Parenting magazine.

But it worked.
These young adults kept their hands busy by pulling on the jelly squid noodle arms of a squishy ball, they drew hearts on the pink colored post it notes, and they laughed during our fun THINKING OUTSIDE OF THE BOX, exercises.

They didn't like having to "side-jack" (which was what you'd do when you'd put on your headset and listen to the more experienced sales person do their job. For some it was boring because they really couldn't say anything, as this was something that needed honest to goodness quiet. You don't ever want to mess with a driven salesmen and their commission, that's like trying to take meat away from a lion.

The class had presentations they had to put on, in front of the class, they had tests to take, exercises to do, video's to watch, and of course as I mentioned above, cruise tours to take.
I think they really enjoyed the free lunch, as we had begun conducting all the training for the first 4weeks at the Hilton across from the port of Miami, where our corporate headquarters were located. On the other hand, where these new babies would soon be working in.

So yes, the enjoyed the daily lunches, the fruit bowls shaped into cruise ships, the muffins and orange juices available for taking every morning.
They were spoiled.
But, they always passed.

They'd appear on the floor the day they "moved on from training" and would end up proving to themselves that they in fact could do the task of managing multiple screens when chatting with their guests, input information into the different systems, meanwhile checking the status of everything from dining times, to deck 4 suite availability not near the dining hall.

I miss working there.
So, on behalf of my former ship training days, I give you a silent slide show of the Explorer of The Seas. Something that you'd never believe if you don't see it for yourself. I tell you without a doubt, cruising is amazing. Especially when you may go ice skating on deck 2, while others surf up on the main pool deck.

Make Your Own Slideshow

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I still have some of the training info retained in my head, could you tell?
If there was a way I could return to RCCL, I would. But living up here in Illinois, that is just not hopeful without the intense travel. As a mom of young little ones, I can't do that to them.
Thank you Nacho for the reminder of my past employer, by viewing your slide show this morning. A nice brief memory lane walk through.

Here is some info that I required the class to know, a bit of SHIP lingo:
aft: Toward or in the rear (stern) of the ship.
Berth: Dock, pier or quay (pronounced key).
Bow: Toward or in front (fore) of the ship.
Course: The direction the ship is headed in, typically expressed in compass degrees.
Crow’s nest: A small lookout platform at the top of the ship’s mast.
Even keel: The ship in an even vertical position.
Fathom: A unit of measurement equal to six feet; used to calculate depth.
Fore: See "bow".
Free port: A port free of customs duty and most customs regulations.
Galley: The ship’s kitchen.
Gangway: The opening through the ship’s side, or the ramp by which passengers enter or leave the ship.

Helm: The ship’s steering system.
Hull: The frame and body of the ship.
Jacob’s ladder: A rope ladder, usually with wooden rungs.
Keel: The ship’s "backbone" extending underneath from bow to stern.
Knot: A unit of speed equal to one nautical mile.
Latitude: The angular distance north or south of the Equator measured in degrees, with one degree being approximately 60 nautical miles.
League: A measurement of distance - approximately 3.45 nautical miles.
Leeward: Located on or in the direction of that side of the ship opposite from which the wind blows (pronounced loo-word).
Longitude: The angular distance east or west of the prime meridian of Greenwich, England, measured in degrees, with one degree being about 60 nautical miles.
Manifest: A list of a ship’s crew and passengers or invoice of cargo.
Moor: To secure a ship to a fixed place.
Muster drill: The process by which passengers are acquainted with a ship’s regulations and safety provisions prior to sailing.
Nautical mile: 6,080.2 feet, versus a land mile of 5,280 feet.
Pitch: The rise and fall of a ship’s bow that may occur while sailing.
Port: The left side of the ship when facing toward the bow.
Registry: The country with whose laws the ship and its crew are obligated to comply.
Rudder: An oar-shaped device mounted beneath the ship’s waterline, enabling it to turn.
Running lights: Lights are required by international law to be lit while the ship is in motion from sunset to sunrise.
Stabilizer: A fin like device extending beneath the waterline from both sides of the ship to provide stability.
Starboard: The right side of the ship when facing toward the bow.
Stern: See "aft".
Tender: A small vessel, sometimes the ship’s lifeboat, used to ferry passengers to shore when the ship is at anchor.
Waterline: The line on the side of the ship’s hull corresponding to the surface of the water.
Weigh: To raise, as in "weigh the anchors".
Windward: The side of the ship in the direction from which the wind blows.
Yaws: To deviate from the ship’s intended course.

See? I told you it was a fairly intense, but FUN, training course.
My largest class was 33 at one point.
sigh..........*goes off to think about other fun times I had while working for RCCL and Celebrity*


Gypsy said...

I've been on two cruises and they are such a fantastic vacation. I would give anything to be on one right now. Just kicking back and relaxing without a care in the world....what could possibly be better.

captain corky said...

I would definitely come to you with my relationship problems, and hopefully by the time the hour was up, everything would be perfect. ;)

fiwa said...

holy cow - I didn't realize how big the ships were! I have never been on a real cruise (just a baby ship in Costa Rica, and only for 1 night), but my mom has gone on a couple and she LOVED it.

That sounds like it was a really exciting job - did you get to take free or discount cruises yourself?

Susan said...

Hey, Crusty - I, too, have never been on a cruise - but in my mind I habor two negative thoughts about cruises - first, they throw all their garbage overboard; and secondly, on a night of too much drinking - I could end up overboard, too!!


Portia said...

Oh man that looks awesome! I've always wanted to go on a cruise. I thought about applying for one of the lines but then I got married and it didn't have quite the same sheen:) It's too bad - maybe you would have trained me:)

Window Watcher said...

Nothing like the sea!! I think someone misses their old gig!!!


The Window Watcher said...

Nothing like the sea!! I think someone misses their old gig!!!


Notebooks said...

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Cheryl said...

One incarnation of Elizabeth. Sounds like you loved your job. Did you and your family get to cruise too? I'll be sure to solicit your advice if I decide to cruise. It won't happen with Em, she's afraid of boats. They have gotten a bad rap the last few years. I'd love to have my whole family go on a trip together. I think that would be perfect.

How's your Wednesday?

Kelly Jene said...

Stunning, really. Confirms my desire to go on a cruise.
I loved the terminology. That is a lot of the stuff the boys and I went over when we made the Titanic.
Sounds like a great job. And you must have been an excellent trainer.

austere said...

You so completely miss your work, don't you?

You are so darn good at training and sales, you've almost convinced me to go cruising...

Will watch the slideshow in a while.

simonsays said...

I too, thoroughly enjoyed your trip down memory lane. Thank you! :)


gypsy,, I am right there with you. Imagine the culinary we could be eating right about now as we sail past the tiny private islands that we spent the day at with happy children, carefree breezes and no thoughts of anything but calmness...

Now I really want to go!



Capt Corky: SO I gather I helped you dream away your problems by the art of talking about vacations?
You and Your awesome wife, must go on a date night!!!
IF you didn't live so fAR away, because naturally I don't want to drive through Indiana again, I'd come and babysit your adorable Max!!

HAve a great Good Friday!


Fiwa: It's amazing how much the cruise lines have turned around the image of shuffleboards and bingo on the star deck! They have really improved every image that the Love Boat painted for us!

YEs, the discounts were amazing!!
Everytime we'd decide to go, someone would get sick, or I pregnant with Sullivan. They are very strict with pregnancy travels. :(



There will always be negatives, right? Like any vacation I guess.
I do know thata barges and the standard ships don't have the EPA guidelines as luxury cruise liners do as far as waste disposal. Therefore you would find more of the liners or barges doing more harm with trash and so forth then the cruise lines of today. Not to say that was the same way in the past. Cruise lines were nailed with fines for that. I know from watching the Voyager of the seas making from day one, they have made the Waste issue number one, and you should see the large containers and systems they have which they generally rid themselves, under proper channels and guidelines. The govt has taken that part over, and someone like RCCl doesn't want to cross the guidelines of that. Not really saying "govt" but, you know what I mean.

I used to think I'd yak from the sway of the ship, dramamine and seabands work perfectly.
Too avoid a Goldie Hawn moment? I'd just say, don't pull a titanic (actually you're not allowed to do that) but, stay in the casinos, or go flip over some poor soul ice skating on Deck 2.. :)



Portia: If you applied for the land positions, most likely I'd have trained you!! Awwwwwww..bummer!!
But the seaside positions completely different! I too used to want to be one of those "Vicki's" working onboard a ship. You'd be surprised at how strict they are with those employees, made a wise decision!! Husband verse Cruise Industry!!



WWTEX: you think? CHV's in THIS weather? YUCK! Can someone please phone Spring for me?

GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... up early today!
april 5th--the oldest can't wait!!!


Notebooks: Thank you! I appreciate your kind words. spam? or not.


Cheryl: the group rates are remarkable, I would just never go through a travel agent with a big family booking. GO directly through the company itself. I'd be happy to pass along some names for you that are really seasoned with their positions.

That's ashame about Em and her fear of boats...Has she ever seen the size of them? They do go out of BWI in the spring summer months..

I know, mainly the raps are from disappearing passengers and bad virus's. Which I do laugh about with the virus bugs, the same can happen're just much more confined on a ship.

Cruising...sigh....You would LOVE Celebrity! For every two guests you have one server. Afternoon Tea is served for you, the pampering is just ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..very relaxing..and not the busy busy boom booms of other lines. Much more luxuries, but you don't have to get all glammed up if you don't want to.
THey will treat you like a Celebrity!



Kelly: It was a great experience for me! I am grateful to have had it!
They have great things for children to do too, different ship clubs, and night time babysitting, but they are smart, and they won't let you leave your child onboard the ship while it's in port for the parents to go drinking or shopping..can you believe that I used to get asked that question? People can be so clueless with that..sad isn't it?

I love your ship creations!!


Austie: My dear friend Austie, did you happen to see the slideshow yet? You and Cheryl, Celebrity lines. They serve tea, and I know how much you love Tea. Crumpets come with it, every afternoon around 2!



Jaime: You are most welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed my ramble fest...
Can you tell I'm almost settled back into the thing of reality? Because I'm already dreaming of sun, surf, and warmth.

So tired of the cold.
Landshark is wise to move to NC..
it's beautiful!
Need some advice in that area? Feel free to tap me, My best friend lives somewhere out there, and can give a great idea as to the not so nice spots and the you gotta be there, spots.
Plus, they have fantastic BBQ!!

I'm sure her friends wont' steer her wrong though!!! :)