Monday, March 17, 2008

Ever Wonder Kelly Green?

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I hope you find your Leprechaun!

I'm off to go have my Shamrock Shake, because if you're not drinking beer on St Patty's day, you're drinking a minty green shake!


Anonymous said...

A bit of St. Paddy's Day trivia:

With what color dye do Chicago workers color their river so it'll flow green?

Answer below.

Believe it or not it's ORANGE! Somehow orange and the natural color of the river comnbine to make a wonderful kelly.



You are absolutely right!!!In fact you can see the orange spray in one of the videos!

Happy Leprechaun huntings!
IF Grandpa were alive, he'd have his bb gun out ready!! :)

CB :)

Susan said...

Hey, Crusty - I am going to be walking along that beautiful green river today at noon! With the weather here brisk, cool and cloudy - I just might need a little bit of the Irish spirits to keep me warm and smiley.


Brad said...

I can't beleive you've just made me miss Chicago. The Ex and I had an apartment off Halsted when he worked out there one year. I DO NOT miss landing at O'Hara at midnight every Friday and having to schlep myself on the El and the tweleve blocks from the station to our apt. and then the return trips on Sunday. But I do still love that town.

captain corky said...

Have a great day and try not to get too high on green milkshakes. ;)


Susan, OReilly right back at you! William too! Billy bustarhymes and you are golden too!! Feel better!!!

Brad: That's right, you DID live here, right? You recall portillo's too? Halstad,'d be surprised at the change of CHicago since you've been gone!! Especially on the L!! :0 well, the L hasn't changed...but you should come back for a weekend, just for memory lane purposes! I love landing in Ohare over Midway, darned shorten runways!!

CaptCorky: Gotta love the minty green wonderland! Now if only I can find a Mcdonalds that hasn't run out of the mixture...growling as I walk away!


Tink said...

Ew. That looks like toxic waste. ;)

Portia said...

I'll take a minty green shake too please - sounds good:) Happy St. Patrick's Day!

jAMiE said...

MMmm, i'd love a green shake too...i hope you find one...Happy St Patrick's day CB!

Anonymous said...

Happy St. Patrick's day!

Cheryl said...

I made green-iced cupcakes. The last time I drank green beer is imprinted on my mind, and not in a good way. Happy Day to you!

The meatball pie was hilarious! You hit it right on! Did you get that at the Dollar Tree? LOL!

Kelly Jene said...

Kelly green is not the most attractive green there is. Sad. I didn't have anything green to eat or drink today. Oh, wait... I had salad, yeah me!

Happy SP Day!


tink:'re thinking of the Dave matthews incident a few years ago..hahah...I visited Nettie,..I'm amazed at her strength!

Portia and Jaime: We tracked them down, and they were minty and frothy and vanilla and perfect!

Jyankee: to the coffeebean, your mom and yourself, right back atcha too! Did you wear green? If not, did you get pinched? :)

Cheryl: Would you believe it was a standard Gasstation just outside of GA, across the Street from the Cracker Barrell after we ate a meal there...I thought the same thing, and then I thought, I wonder how old it is..but with you and your love for baking..(how did the cupcakes turn out?they sound good!) I figured, perfect!!

Kelly: We are always are own worst critics, eh? :) So you had a green salad which does count, but like I asked Jyankee, did you wear green? Give yourself a pinch if you didn't.. :) I can't wait to receive your book! did the process yesterday morning!!!


SOUL: said...

well.. i drank neither-- so am i a fuddy duddy?

btw-- i'm gonna be in chicago either august or september-- not sure yet-- for nephews wedding-- just so ya know. :))

have a happy day

Kelly Jene said...

Crusty, thankfully one of my tattoos has green in it, so I'm always wearing green! :)

And yes, your book will be on the way with the rest of the shipment, hopefully by the end of the month!

When is that book going to be available that you are in? Let me know cuz I want it!