Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Am Brrrrrrrrrr

I am exhausted.
I am happy.
I am remembering.

I am unpacked.
I am updated on my finances through April 15th.
I am looking at pictures I uploaded already.
I am washing dirty laundry.
I am not tan, but glowingly refreshed.
I am grateful for a wonderful trip.
I am clean, well, my mommovile is, BDD rocks.
I am dirty, my hair is, and crusty too.
I am relaxed.
I am picking off my nail polish.
I am remembering some more.

I am crying when turning to leave, will we see our Poppy again?
I am ready for bed.
I am finding frames for new 8X10 photos from our vacation.
I am looking forward to putting them up here.
I am glad I can catch up with you soon in a few days.
I am glad that I recognized angel blessings that kept us safe, although tragedy struck strangers and their families.
I am remembering some more.

I am looking forward to sharing.
I am racing my heart over my Husbands speech.
I am proud to walk as my three sons mommy.
I am flushed to be with BDD.
I am tasting by memory, mango fresh juice, lemonade, tropical, and paradise sipping sweetness alongside stations at my darling sisters wedding.
I am thinking of the fairy tale I was able to witness.
I am reflecting on my own Soulmate story.
I am remembering.

I am cold.
I am still me, but glad I learned more.
I am home.

Welcome To Crustybeef


Tex said...

I am glad you're back
I am glad you guys are safe and sound.
I am glad you're still learning.

tex said...

Oh, and **Exile**

Brad said...

I'm glad to finally see you here.
welcome home sister.
Missed you !

Kelly Jene said...

We've missed you, Crusty friend! I'm so glad to see it was a great trip. Can't wait to hear more about it!

simonsays said...

Welcome home.

I have always found reality to smack me in the face a bit upon returning home, but the feeling of being back is wonderful.


Cheryl said...

Welcome home honey. You were missed. I'm so glad for your memories.

Portia said...

It's wonderful to hear from you!
I'm glad you made such good memories on this trip, you truly sound like a rejuvenated person. I hope you guys have a great week getting settled back in at home. I know you will be busy, but we'll be looking forward to pictures, whenever you have the time:D
Welcome back!

fiwa said...

There's nothing like sleeping in your own bed. Glad you're back and have some wonderful memories to tuck away.


Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Welcome home - you were missed! Spring is coming!Diane

abbagirl74 said...

Glad you are finally home.

Anonymous said...

We're glad your back too!

Wow! It sounds like you have so many stories to tell us, complete with ups and downs, twists and turns.

Don't feel rushed on our account!

Take Care,

austere said...

Welcome home!

grin. because you're back.