Thursday, March 06, 2008

Grapefruit Sunsets

Short glass.
Square clear edges.
Round and Ripe.
Bubbles and tiny straw.

Juicy with a Tang zip after the liquid slides along the insides of my mouth.
Sipping on a greyhound drink while watching the colors of the day disappear as the evening colors appear on her stage over the blue glowing colors of the ocean from a seat designated for me down in Miami Beach this evening.

Catching up with friends that I used to work with over the delicious mixture of grapefruit cocktails, food, wonderful weather and conversation with my old coworker and good friends.
Time has lapsed over 36months upon last glance of those friends, some divorced, a newborn, a miscarriage, debate over commitment; they've all had their fair share over the past few years.

But put us together, three females and a male, and we talk office chatter, family chatter, work chatter, challenges, and laughter.

I think the main thing I've realized is that laughter really helps with everything.
It was great to get out, spend four hours at dinner down on the beach of North Miami.
It was great to have coffee this morning and a lovely discussion with my mother in law.

Tomorrow we will have our manicure and pedicures to make the last day at my mil's house special.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
No tears in your flakes please!


Brad said...

Good for you love - it's great to reconnect with old friends. How's Mermaid handling the trip ?


fiwa said...

Friends make everything better, don't they?

I love your attitude - have a wonderful day tomorrow.


austere said...

I could hear the laughter!
Good good.

btw did read the prev post as well but was not sure how to comment...

Gypsy said...

Sounds perfectly wonderful Elizabeth and I hope you are soaking up every delicious moment.

Anonymous said...

Hi Crusty,

Am doing pretty good keeping up with your blog while you are gone. Feel like I'm there as I listen to the birds. Good luck with the wedding- and don't let the b-'s get you down!!!

I know stuff is crazy and will be but something came up and I need to ask: I read today that Jewish people are not allowed to eat any corn products during passover. Would mil be able to offer me some tips, or maybe a website with some products that would fit this bill?

Love you, and can't wait till you get back.
Love, AD


Brad: mermaid has a problem, she goes for sharks, instead of the mellow manatees....always wants the bad guys...I'll work on her though!! You should have seen her in Miami Beach last night..I thought she was going to plotz when she saw sir shark...silly mermaid!

Fiwa: ahhhhhhhh..the pedicure was wonderful, although I giggled as the lady tickled my feet, well, exfoliated them...ticklish I's busy today but all is well!! :)

Austie: I am at ease, all things have been spoken softly, it's beyond now, and it was more over a hectic moment, and I made it known nicely, that it didn't come out right..peace has been made of course!!! :)

Gypsy: I have soaked up so much that I need aloe for my burn!! HAHAHA!! How's the cooking coming along? Like I was saying to Fiwa, it's busy today, running around, I'm cleaning my mils home because her housekeeper isn't coming today, so it's busy, but the morning was wonderful, and time spent with my mil-just the two of us- is always a good thing! She lives for my boys, and I'm lucky for that.

Happy weekend to you all!

Tex said...


JLee said...

Man, there is nothing like a chilled Greyhound...mmm


anonAD:: GIPPER!! ARF!! I miss chatting with you guys..between birth to be's of babies and phone conversations I'm in serious withdrawls! I will ask her what the situation is with that, but will refrain from doing so this weekend..she's a few xanax in right now with the arrival of her stepdaughter and shabbats dinner is around the corner tonight, so upon my return to chilly chitown, I'll chat with her about that. :) miss you ACS!!

Tex: L'Chayim!!!

Jlee: Fresh squeezed grapefruits too! So delicious!!!


bonnie said...

Hey Crusty, Luscious grapefruit bubbles are making me thirsty. I've never been to Miami but I've heard a lot about it. Sounds like you're having the kind of break you're supposed to have. Enjoy one on me... or for me.

Palm Springs Savant said...

what a perfect way to have some fun, let your hair down and chill. Hope you enjoy yourself!

SOUL: said...

i hope you're gettin a tan for me-- mines fadin here on house arrest :((

Kelly Jene said...

Very poetic my friend! I'm SO glad you are having a good time! Can't wait to see pictures. :)

Portia said...

how yum! i am so glad you got to laugh, let loose just a little and enjoy your own friends in the midst of all else demanding your attention.

captain corky said...

Sounds like an amazing time.

Kelly Jene said...

Hey lady friend. Hope you are well. Take care!