Monday, March 03, 2008

Somewhere in West Palm Beach

YEA!! We have arrived at my mother in laws house as of today around quarter of 6:oopm.
We stopped once about 5miles from our exit because naturally I had to go to the bathroom.
But, it was numeral uno, plus there was a Starbucks in the service station rest area, so we had to have some delicious coffee, naturally!!

We bid our dear friends farewell this afternoon about 1:30pm. It was sad to leave them after such a terrific weekend. Yesterday we made drinks of frozen delicious creations, delved into some shrimp and noshed on tuna apple dip with chips. We laughed over and over again, my girlfriend and I in tears at some points just sharing numerous stories about our lives.

These are the types of friends that you wish you could hold close to you in closer living distance. We are so similar in our parenting styles, with children with the same age, plus I am just in love with their little girl. They were great to hang around back when we lived in Florida, I was reminded of that while spending time with them over this weekend, plus they like my other friends, are just very genuine people.

We enjoyed our visit, they were terrific host/hostess always with food prepared, things for all the children, and just good plain fun energy! They made us feel so comfortable and so at home, I didn't want to leave. Plus their little 4 year old daughter is a DREAM! I already can't wait to see them again.

Here it is, Monday evening, I am laying on my bed in our room, Ben is in his pack in play crib along the one wall of our room and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he'll continue on this fantastic feat of falling asleep soundly. Of course with his parents in the same room it makes it much easier, and I don't mind sitting down with he falls asleep, even if it means being "away from the family" for 30+ minutes to send my little one into slumber. Plus, it gives me a few moments of quiet time too.

We thought about putting Ben in one of the guest rooms, but he'd be too frightened without his mom, so here we are, I laying sprawled out on the bed,wearing pink fuzzy slippers I purchases at our local grocer, on clearance, for $2.00. Ben near by along the bedroom wall that backs up to the jack and jill bathroom that connects to our other sons bedroom at Grandma's house.

Monday is already at a close.
I wish you all a good week, and I'll have much more for you later.

I'm listening to the noise in their home, and in the distance I can hear Sullivan "scaring" his great grandma, NANA, as she "pretends" to be scared. Poppy, their great Grandpa is sitting near Jackson as he puts together the Lego's that his Grandma and Grandpa purchased for him as a welcome back to Grandma's house gift. Grandma and Grandpa are talking with my BDD as I sit and type along in peace and quiet while Ben lays near by sucking on his thumb.
We are blessed to have who we have in our family.
Our Poppy as you may recall, born in 1922, is ready to have a pillow fight with his great grandsons.

Vacations. ahhhhhhhhhh.
The bad news is that I have to go look for a different rehearsal dinner outfit. I guess the one I bought back in Chicago makes me look wide, according to my "critics." hahaha.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
All is good.


Cheryl said...

And who might your critics be? Hmmm.

I'm so glad you had a wonderful time with your friends. So sad you live far apart.

Enjoy the warm Florida sunshine! Much better than IL this time of year, huh?

Miss you!


Cheryl:missing you too!!
I heard that there was another ice storm through Chicago...nasty! Gross and I am just loving the 84degree weather for sure!!

My mil is very fashion aware, and will tell you-me-if I need wardrobe improvements..I'm comfortable in my two dollar pink fuzzy slippers.. :)
Miss you too!

tex said...

Enjoy your peace of mind deserve it. I'm so envious of your children's activity with their grandparents and such....they're so lucky.
and stop with the 85 degree texts.....I'm red with disgust.
nod back at ya CHV'S!


Tex: thanks! CHV's!! And no, I shall still text you with beach pics soon, I'll stop on the temp texts since you had reached your max with 86 were off a digit!

Elizabeth :P)

Kelly Jene said...

WHATEVER! You look wide? Whatever.

You are taken with that little girl, aren't you? Us moms with only boys love to get our hands on the precious little pink cheeked girls. Did you do her hair? I always find an excuse to play with hair.

I'm so glad you have this great time with your family. Your Poppy sounds adorable!

fiwa said...

You look about as big around as my little finger in that shot of your hair! You wear what makes you feel good. :)

Sounds like a really wonderful vacation - great friends and family - that's the best. And SUN!!

I love the soundtrack on your blog these days, it's beautiful. I think I might leave it up while I surf so I can hear it in the background.

Enjoy yourself!

Sarah Tieck said...

Oh am I coveting your beach vacation!!! You've got a nice lyrical writing style. I've enjoyed your descriptions!! Okay ... I've got an angry bunny (yes, really) digging at my leg ... so, must go pay attention to my furry white companion.

Gypsy said...

I'm loving this music and your obvious happiness in your post. Keep enjoying your vacation because the time always goes so fast when you are enjoying yourself.

Mary said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! The things dreams are made of. Savor every last moment. Is mil going with you to "approve" your fashion selection? I always appreciate someone letting me know when I need to make corrections.

abbagirl74 said...

I just love the music! So soothing. Glad you are having a good time!

Mo said...

You are blessed. Sounds like you surrounded by love and are having a great time. Enjoy every last minute of it and keep those updates coming!

Mo said...

You are blessed. Sounds like you surrounded by love and are having a great time. Enjoy every last minute of it and keep those updates coming!

SOUL: said...

you sound great--- and i'm sure that you are far from wide!!! how ruuude. make them buy the new dress if they don't like it-- that's what i say :))

jAMiE said...

Sounds like you are having a great time, i'm so glad for you...enjoy!

mosiacmind said...

It sounds like things are really good for you and the family. I hope that you and the family continue to have a really great time.

Portia said...

What in the world?? I have some words for your critics too. But since you are obviously enjoying yourself soooo much I'll save them for later:) I hope the vacation continues to bring you lots of warm days and good memories! And maybe a sand castle or two:)