Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I cawwwed like a bird last night, while in bed, and then when the bird songs were completed, I busted out in some serious laughter..

But the problem is, I don't remember doing that at all.
I was out cold.

Apparently after Bigdogg got over the initial shock factor from the Call of his Wild Bird, he found it quite funny and had no problem happily telling me the story, first thing this morning.

The funniest part?
He thought I was awake, and this was my way of attempting to 'make a move' on him.
At 2 in the morning.
We've been together for 9 years, if I have to suddenly start bird calling in the dead of the night in order to be intimate, we have an issue.

I guess if I am in the mood going forward, I'm going to start cackling like a bird ready to get it on in Spring time. Meanwhile, upon the concluding call of the wild, to begin laughing hysterically for a few minutes.

That would definitely cue the other partner that someone's ready and willing.
Bird calling and Bizarre Laughter that would stir you out of your REM sleep.

Suddenly the problem with sex and married couples solved, compliments of bird calls and giggles.

Poor Bigdogg.
I told him it could have been worse....
I could have painted my face like a clown.
He doesn't like Clowns.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I guarantee the next post will be the pictures of our Lego Trip.
Beyond that, yes, I know, I am bizarre, but this??


The Window Watcher said...

Uhh......well....if the Warden was doing that, I wouldn't think she was in the mood....I'd think she was possessed.

Cheryl said...

This cracked me up, especially the part of painting your face like a clown. I'm sure that would put him in the mood!

Mary said...

How funny! Wouldn't you have loved to see Bigdogg's face when he woke up to the call of a wild bird?

Brad said...

I wonder if I can learn bird calls on line ? Is your ear ok and all quiet on the eastern front?

austere said...


Kelly Jene said...

Too funny. Clippers and bird calls. What next?

I hug you!!

bonnie said...

Oh you have me laughing so HARD. That is hysterical. When you wake up into the day after a dream, do you ever feel like you're carrying the dream space/emotion with you into the day? When I awaken to the day from a bad dream, it puts me in a crabby mood all day. I always wonder if I've had a good one when I wake up feeling fine.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

I'd rather see pictures of you cackling!

Susan said...

An ex-neighbor of mine would tell stories in mixed company about waking up in the middle of the night and being unable to go back to sleep - she would then wake up her husband for some "servicing".

Most of the men in the neighborhood wanted to take her home and most of us women....well we wanted her dead.

no head

simonsays said...

This made me laugh...and somehow I can just picture it...thanks!

JLee said...

That is too funny! Of course my husband would think if I moved at all in my sleep it meant I wanted sex. It's called "wishful thinking" ha

Anonymous said...

This is just so funny I can't imagine you are making it up.

Anonymous said...


I tease Mr. Blue because one night he said "Over there! over there!" then started laughing.

Whatever it is you and he were dreaming about at least there was laughing involve and not blood curdling screams. Should we now call you Mrs. Raven? :)


Gypsy said...

Too funny Elizabeth. I often wake my husband up screaming. He never knows at first if he was responsible and missed all the fun but no, I am usually being chased by an axe murderer and he ends up looking both relieved and disappointed all at once.

captain corky said...

I'm gonna have to try the Birdcall... Hopefully I'll sound just like a Hawk.

Portia said...

You are a riot! And so is your husband:)