Sunday, April 06, 2008


So, Ben is improving, but my sleep deprivation has worsened. With under the weather fellas in the household, I'm running on empty, thank goodness for McDonald's Coffee!

See? My words are jumbled..

I have a few stories to tell you about a few things that occurred a few weeks ago, and I will do just that-in the next post. Someone TELL me I just pulled a "Ryan Securest!"

Onto other news, my mother in law and 77 year old Grandma in law are flying in on the 30Th of April, a Wednesday, and staying until May 4Th, a Sunday. I am looking forward to having two people that will gush and rush over my sons.

As soon as the disease of the fevers leaves this happy home, I will continue my freakish quest to super duper cleanthis house in preparation of my family guests, literally from top to bottom- again.

Besides that, I've hired a sitter to watch my boys, as next Friday is our Wedding Anniversary. Even though he longs for those days when upon arriving home from work he would view me, waiting leisurely in the nude, lounging gracefully on the couch, he still absolutely adores me. WHY?! He's crazy to love my kookie ways!

ANF is all I've got to say.

Ditto too.

Welcome To Crustybeef~

+++more mom stories in the next posts. You'll LOVE them.

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