Saturday, April 05, 2008

To the beat of a Drum-UPDATED

Wow guys, Picture this;

Big grown up boys paying close attention to their mother, prior to boarding the train.
They- the big guys- asking so gently if they could sit up at the top of the train-ALLBYTHEMSELVES!
"Fine by me," says mom.
Occasionally the eldest glancing below at mom and youngest brother just to 'check in' and make sure that mom is doing okay.

How Cute is that?

Arriving into the big train station and capturing a picture of the two boys near the flowers and the amazing glass design.
Getting asked by security to please stop taking pictures-WHOOPS!

Meeting up with daddyEeeO and walking down many dark damp steps while carrying the stroller, to board the water taxi.
A beautiful breeze and a great way to gain access to Michigan Avenue.

The boys gazing up at the Canal street bridge and while hearing drums being beat by the darling homeless gentleman (that is the same gentleman that I once saw daily while working in the city prior to December of 2005) they proclaim, "WOW, mom dad, LOOK! It's a parade!!"

A parade?
Yes, because of the amount of people that were walking across the bridge just because it's Chicago.
Just lots of people- because it's Chicago.
But mix drums with that and we have a parade.
I understand.
People walk to those beats and it adds more zest to their walk.
Naturally it was Friday so there's always more zest in anybody's steps on Friday-especially when heading home.

The water taxi ride was wonderful, the day that started out gloomy, turned into a blue sky puffy cloud, 50something degree day (Thank you Susan for the rain dance you must have done while perusing the streets for snippets)!!

The Lego store was amazing, I didn't want to leave!! I gave the Lego man a big bear hug as he sat on the bench just outside of the store. I sneered at Darth Vader even though he was taller then taller then say, even my brothers and Dad. I ran from the scary yellow and black spider that sat suspended near the escalator just outside of the entrance of the store.

I tried breaking apart the stores creations because I wanted to, and THEYDIDN'TEVENBREAK!

Yes, we bought Jackson a Lego and a Lego wallet, because naturally he'll need it since he is now part of the Lego club and received a member card as well as a loyalty punch card-"buy 35$ worth of Lego's 10X and you'll receive a $10 off gift card."

Sullivan was a sweet heart, all that walking is hard on a three year oldies feet, so he too received a Lego piece, and a build it yourself Lego guy, but we lost the Lego guys gun-"now Sullivan, we need to keep this Lego guy in the bag so you don't lose any pieces."
Uh, yeah, didn't happen.
So, we-he- misplaced, for lack of a better term, the little teeny tiny gun somewhere outside of the Lego store between there or near the Billy Goat's Tavern Bar sign, just below oodles of steps near the blocks we needed to cross to pick up the water taxi to ride back to the train.

He'll survive. He only complained for the first few minutes. He got over it when we boarded the water taxi. For those of you that are new, he was on a water taxi last year for daddy day at work, and while boarding the boat, his shoe fell into the river. He hasn't forgotten and reminded everyone near him about that shoe situation

Going forward though, if you ever find yourself looking for a needle in a haystack, or in our circumstances, a Lego gun the size of a safety pin, all you need to do is call on the milk shake men!

We dined on the most fabulous cuisine a parent could EVER ask for: McDonald's for the first course, Sbarro's pizza for the second course, Garrett's Caramel Corn popcorn for the teaser, and naturally, from the milk shake men (MCDONALD'S AGAIN!), a vanilla shake.

The train ride home was a bit rough only because it was the 7:40pm train, and there were quite a few annoyed Cubs fans due to the loss of the team, er I mean amounts of Bud they had injected. You could SMELL their hangovers just waiting for them around the corner. Mix that in with some rather strong smells of weed, and I made certain that we picked the train car that held the most tired and hang over ready peeps, and I did make sure that my boys were "as quiet as possible."

I can be mean. We sang songs about rhyming-real quiet.
I made certain that Ben didn't bang on the plexi-glass window because I wouldn't want the passed out beersmellingwithamixof mary-jane scowling Cubs fan that was sitting nearby, to grow disgruntled and accuse my son of having the Billy Goat curse. (A curse that the Cubs have, Google it, you'll see).

We had a great time! I really didn't want it to end. They'll have this memory forever, and you could see how excited they were. My only mistake was telling Jackson that the Lego place wasn't a museum, but a store. I should have told him it was an 'interactive museum,' so he could remain focused on fun, versus looking for that prize of Indiana Jones or the brand new Speed Racer set. But if you ask me, his reaction was what I expected.

After all, picture your favorite love and picture walking into a store of your favorite, imagine knowing that you could purchase something of your favorite love, versus just looking at it like you would a museum. You following along? Chances are you'd look for that perfect piece too. Versus just playing with the bins of whatever your favorite love is.

We had a great time. I know I keep saying it, but, I didn't want it to end.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I'll get the pictures uploaded just as soon as possible.
65 degree's today on this fine Saturday! I'm off to enjoy more family-pseudo-CHV's and friends time!
Talk to you Later!


Cheryl said...

What a great day for you and the kids. How long of a journey is it to the big city? I live so close to three downtowns (Annapolis, Baltimore and DC), but don't get to any of them often. When I do, I wonder why I don't. I know you've got all boys, but have you ever explored The American Girl store? I had tea in the one in NY and loved every minute. I'm sure I'd love the Lego store too. Em was never really into them. I know they tried to make products that would appeal to girls, but don't think they were too successful. Poor Sully and the little gun. Will he miss it too much?

Happy Weekend sweetie.

Mary said...

Did you go to Billy Goat's Tavern or just pass it on the way to the taxi? It's been a few years since I was there - I thought it might be closed.

I know the boys enjoyed the train, the water taxi, and Lego heaven. That's what it is, you know.

I've been to the store in McLean, VA. There's a big store in Orlando and it's on the boy's summer itenerary along with Disney World.

I'll be looking for the pictures. Certainly is good to know you and the boys had a fun day.


It was soooo much fun!! The American Doll STore I went to last year with my mom, sisters and only niece of our family-thre rest boys..:) I loved the part with the doll was a great time!!

Mary: That should be awesome for the boys and you and H if you go together! I really enjoyed it!! I hope the boys get their summer wishes!


fiwa said...

Awww, that sounds like a terrific day! I'm glad you ALL got to enjoy it, you included.


SOUL: said...

i wouldn't want it to end either-- well cept maybe the walking .. ugh. but the day sounds real fun.

happy sunday!

The Window Watcher said...

I want pix!!! Look forward to seeing this store....might inspire me to deal with the insanity of the city to see it.
Thanx again for comin' over with BDD and the little ones!!

Kelly Jene said...

That sounds like soo much fun! That cements it, I have to come to Chicago and bring my boys. And do I ever know the joy of searching for a lego gun. Oh man. Yeah, not fun.

Sounds like a really fun time, can't wait to see pictures!

mosiacmind said...

What a wonderful day for your family. I remember holidays years ago when my nephews were young and getting legos and my mom and I searching for what each boy wanted....and then each boy not wanting to wait until they went home an hour away to open the box so many times a piece or two would be left at my mom's or in their car and probably at times in the grass from the car in. I am so happy for you all.

Kelly Jene said...

Crusty, we found one in California, so if we can't squeeze it in during our southern Oregon trip this year, roggie has promised it can be next years vacation. Thank you so much!!


To ALL: :)

The train ride into the city was about 48minutes give or take and on the ride home over an hour due to delays but that's not bad! The express is a 35min trip but that's at certain times of the day. I loved lego's when I was younger, but they were my brothers!!

We just passed signs for Billy Goat Tavern..we were walking to catch our water taxi on the chicago river back to the Madison street bridge area to catch the train back home. :)

Sulli has already forgotten about the lego gun!!

There was very minimal walking with the water taxi being so close to the train stations and the location of the lego store (in the nordstrom building third floor) was just down the street about two or three city blocks from where we accessed the water taxi..we didn't even have to cross the street on michigan was very very awesome!!

How about the friday after this coming friday?? I have a bday party this friday so a week from this coming friday? CHV's "getting old sux."

I am so glad we decided to just stay home and relax and explore versus going anywhere...the lego's hurt like no tomorrows when you step on them though! Wonder how many pieces your mom or other family members of yours found after those fun adventures.

I'm so happy you found a store! I'd prep them that' it's a museum! :)


austere said...

Sounds like a perfectlyterrific day!
I remember the shoe from last year, trust the young man to remember it too. :)

Susan said...

So glad to hear that your trip down was a smashing success!

Also many thanks for the link in your blog..that was very kind of you.


captain corky said...

I don't know about that... I seem to recall losing a Penguin action figure when I was in the 2nd Grade and I'm still screwed up over it. ;)

Gypsy said...

Those are the kind of days your little boys will remember always and so will you. It's awesome making good memories.

Portia said...

I'm glad you guys got to have such a perfectly priceless day:)