Friday, April 18, 2008


Because I like her voice. SO block out the other music, if you like.

Just a Lego's video.

Ben is improving, but my sleep deprivation has worsened. With under the weather fellas in the household, I'm running on empty, thank goodness for McDonald's Coffee!

See? My words are jumbled..

I have a few stories to tell you about a few things that occurred a few weeks ago, and I will do just that-in the next post. Someone TELL me I just pulled a "Ryan Securest!"

Onto other news, my mother in law and 77 year old Grandma in law are flying in on the 30Th of April, a Wednesday, and staying until May 4Th, a Sunday. I am looking forward to having two people that will gush and rush over my sons.

As soon as the disease of the fevers leaves this happy home, I will continue my freakish quest to super duper cleanthis house in preparation of my family guests, literally from top to bottom- again.

Besides that, I've hired a sitter to watch my boys, as next Friday is our Wedding Anniversary. Even though he longs for those days when upon arriving home from work he would view me, waiting leisurely in the nude, lounging gracefully on the couch, he still absolutely adores me. WHY?! He's crazy to love my kookie ways!

ANF is all I've got to say.

Ditto too.

Welcome To Crustybeef~

+++more mom stories in the next posts. You'll LOVE them.


Brad said...

Girl! you take care of yourself and get plenty of sleep. Your gonna get yourself sick!

Now listen to Uncle Brad and go get a thing of Purel and hang it from a string around your neck!

Take care - sister-woman


Hi Brad, funny you should mention that, I have a big one on my key chain being suspended by a pink attachment..Bdd sells me out about it ALL The time!


JLee said...

You poor thing! UG Spring is upon us, so hopefully all those yucky bugs will be gone :)
How many years will it be?

Golden To Silver Val said...

Glad the sickness in your house is packing its packs and LEAVING. I hate it when little ones get always wish it could be you instead...but all we can do is make them as comfy as possible and give them their meds. Get your rest!!! Hire someone to help with cleaning this me on this. You'll be so happy you did later on.
Take care....and Blessings to all of you. Hugs.

Foster Communications said...

I hope the pesky germs leave your house soon.

And enjoy your hot anniversary date! And you're amazing! Of course your husband adores you! :)


jlee: I am so happy that Spring is out's nice and pleasant to wake up to!! 5married 9together...we 'waited' until after Jack was born. :)

Golden: I will consider that suggestion at 100% of it's level, although I have a complex about strangers in my home doing my work. :)

Jessica: It will be a nice simple quiet-with music in the background- night...just to be out alone, will be ever so pleasant! :) Thank you very much!! p.s. I tried that "is your neck red," joke, yesterday with my husband.. hahah.


Cheryl said...

I'm glad the sickly germs are making their way out of your home. How will you do a top to bottom scrub with the kids underfoot? You'll just do it, I know. So you have things to look forward to...anniversary and company. Seems to me someone always gets sick when you have plans to celebrate. I say enough of that.

I'm writing as Im waiting to leave for my first day's class. It's raining cats and dogs out there and I have to walk. I hope my shoes don't get soaked!

Enjoy your day and happy Passover.


Cheryl: Good luck today!!! Happy Peasch! I just finished eating ----after preparing--- some matzahbrie (sp) sooo good..

Palm Springs Savant said...

ugh- you do need to take care of yourself...and drink more OJ.

thanks for the video btw, I love that song

mosiacmind said...

I sure hope that everyone is feeling better and nobody else is getting sick. I wanted to tell you that I am not sure why that often times my computer will not let me leave a comment on your blog saying all of that to say that I do read your blog often...I hope that you really enjoy the family visiting and your anniversary.

Portia said...

Hopefully those nasty germs are gone by now and you can focus on better things. A very Happy Anniversary to you guys this weekend! Kookie ways and all:):)