Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rising Temps

Sorry for the lack of posts between now and Sunday, but I have an excellent reason.
Ben has been ill.

I will be taking him this evening to see his pediatrician as it's been two days with a fever.
A fever that has spiked to 103.8 as of 4:oopm today. Yesterday ranged from 102-103.4.
Over the Counter medication will bring it down for only awhile, but then, back up it goes again.

He spent last night heating up my pillow, tears and irritation...
Snuggled up to me for most of the night, tossing and turning.
Sweating and grumbling all night.
No, it's not teething, maybe an ear infection?
We shall see what his doctor says this evening at 7:30.
I wanted to avoid the doc office with the other bugs flying around, but this is just too high of a fever.
Two long with the Motrin, the fever should have stayed down.
He's got something that he's fighting within his system.
I will say this, he is still smiling and if you offer him an M&M cookie, he will eat it happily.
My poor baby.
In the meantime, I'll read you in a few days.

Welcome To Crustybeef~

UPDATE: Apparently Ben has a virus. I am truly frustrated right now over the IDIOT doctors.

WANTED: A doctor that I don't mind waiting for. That will spend time with my children, and not try to dismiss my parenting abilities. That will repeat the same things that their fellow Doctors in the program/office will state as well, and NOT conflicting information. ONE: don't take rectal temps. TWO: do take rectal temps it's must accurate, but add a degree under the armpit. THREE: rectal is baaaaaaaaaaadddddddd-that's not what Greek men say. See? I AM THAT Frustrated, and when I get frustrated my mouth grows a truck driver tone to it, and I get feisty.

But, I'm just a mom. Wanted: A good doctor that has well nurses, that isn't a boutique office, I don't believe in paying more for my health, simple, but thorough non judgy nurses and doctors.

That's another story.

I'm off to sip wine or guzzle a beer and maybe molest my husband.

Any mommies pregnant out there? Then you may join me with a preggartini. :)*scene in PARENTING WEEKLY magazine, tonight at doctors office.

Pardon me, my Bigdogg just passed me a beer.

Told you I'm annoyed. I want doctors to apply for OUR health diagnosis.


Brad said...

I sorry young one is sick. Take care of yourself so you don't cacth it! Take care friend!

Cheryl said...

Poor Ben. It's so scary when your kids are sick. I hope he's well soon and the rest of you stay healthy. You've got your hands full, so take care, OK?

The Window Watcher said...

Keep me informed.....hope he's ok & hope you can get some sleep.

bonnie said...

I hope everybody feels better soon and stays better.

Kelly Jene said...

Poor Ben.... Your family is in my prayers. I sure hope he gets better soon. Fevers are so tough on little guys. Big hugs!


I'm drinking my beer, and decompressing, I was reading my blogger buddy, Susan's Snippets..she's good and was good for my calming self.

Talk with you all later,
as usual, thank you for the comments/ well wishes, prayers... Tonight I pray for zzzz all night and rising happily in the am at 7.

austere said...

aww pooah baby.
I hope he's better now.

No docs from my country around? We're the best, I think.

that's too high a temp- agreed.

Dave said...

Sorry to hear about your son. As a parent, I know how frustrating the doctor's office can be. Fortunately, our family doctor is great but when he is not around.. Lookout!

I hope that things go well for him soon. So... Enjoy your beer and enjoy your hubby and most importantly... Enjoy Ben.

Take care! :-)

mosiacmind said...

I hope that Ben is feeling better. It was fun looking at the pictures of your trip. I know that there is so much crud going around and taking long for kids and adults to get over. I hope that you take great care of yourself.

Susan said...

Hey CB - I have a couple of great docs in St. Charles. If interested drop me an email.

Good luck - drinking always helps - but remember you are suppose to give the liquor to the kids - puts them right to sleep!!

not a peep

Martha said...

Poor baby. I hate when my daughter is sick. I always feel so helpless, even as I do all the typical mommy stuff to make her feel better. I adore our pediatrician. His office gets pretty busy, but he's the kindest, sweetest, most thorough doctor I have ever met. My daughter jumps into his arms to give him a hug whenever she sees him. He's THAT good.

Portia said...

This stinks:( I'm so sorry Ben is sick! Those high fevers can be nerve-wracking, but I love it when they give you a smile anyway. I hope he feels better SOON, poor guy. And I hope you don't have to deal with any more idiots:) It can be so frustrating finding a doctor who will listen.

Mary said...

.....and when one of our babies is sick nothing is right. Poor baby. If I were there I'd rock/hold Ben tonight and let you sleep. Nothing is a maddening as having a sick baby and a doctor that doesn't seem to get it.

Hope the baby is well soon and that the other two avoid the bug.

Foster Communications said...

You earned the beer!!!!
I hope your little guy is feeling better! :)

JLee said...

poor baby :((
It's terrible when you're little ones are sick...you'd rather it be yourself. And I agree about the rectal temp thing! lol Not fun. I had some idiots do a SPINAL TAP on my daughter when she was 1 1/2 because of a stupid urinary tract infection. You'd think that would be the first thing they would check!

JLee said...

I love the new blog color!

Kelly Jene said...

Hey sister friend. I'm praying for lil Ben. I sure hope everyone is doing well. You are loved!!

Kelly Jene said...
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Kelly Jene said...

By the way... look what I found on google....


Yep, Sullivanville, NY. Yea!!!



Yep, Benjaminville, Il

SOUL: said...

hope you both feel better soon...

simonsays said...

Oh goodness, I remember those days, and nights!

Dr's are really a pain in the ass. That's all I have to say about that. :)