Sunday, April 13, 2008

Villa Boys

"HEY MOM, guess what?" Jackson says as he strolls into the kitchen early Sunday morning.
"whats up, Jackson?" *says mom-says I..*
"There's a Jacksonville in Florida!! It says so on my Florida map that you put up in my room!"

Then out of nowhere, the voice from another room cries out.....
"awwwwwwww, I don't have a ville!"
Classic Sullivan statement.

Then I hear Bigdogg exclaim, "I smell a BLOG POSTING!!"
For sure!

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Welcome to my Senior class pic of 1993!

Holy HAIRSPRAY BATMAN! The only color that had ever been in my hair at this point was SUN-IN, and boy did I regret that look-but that was a year prior to this picture being taken.
See what I mean about my mole? How it's grown?


Tequila Mockingbird said...

what? they didnt make you wear the bad smelling gross black velvet drape for your senior pic? you SO lucked out!


Oh yeah, I had to wear that stupid thing but the funny part of the senior class pic is it was taken before my senior year even does that make sense?

Foster Communications said...

Oh I'd love a Ville! :)

Great senior pic! My friend got together a while back and, after many beverages, started doing senior photo poses. Yeah, they're pretty bad, certainly not blog worthy!

(I had a mole that grew after high school too. I named her Thelma. And then I had her shaved off in the biggest spurt of vanity thus far.)

Cheryl said...

You're so cute! Still the same. Well, almost. You need to post a side by side comparison.

I encouraged my ex to get his mole removed before our wedding. It's really simple. And it takes away any worry.

Happy Crustyville!

Kelly Jene said...

Moles are no biggie to get removed. I never even noticed it til you mentioned it.

As always your kids are adorable.

You've always been a cutie!!

austere said...

That's a nice picture but your current style is SOO hep. Shouldn't say that, with my nice braid hip length now. :)

They'll be buying villas in the south of France soon!

Mole? I couldn't find it.

SOUL: said...

i can't see no mole either-- must be smaller than the pustule under MY EYE! :))

funny thing about that? my sis had the same mole under her eye-- and had hers removed-- i still have mine--
i have had it checked for cancer a time or two-- even tho it has grown-- it's cancer free-- and i have been stuck- and poked- prodded, and burned enough for any lifetime-- why choose to be sawed beneath my eyeball? eye'll pass.. :))
happy tuesday--
great pic.. when i was that age- i think i weighed like 170 pounds! :))

Golden To Silver Val said...

Tell him there is a Jackson, Michigan. What a cutie you are. Ahhh...remember how much we wanted to be OLDER way back then? Now that I'm OLDER, I'm wishing to be YOUNGER. We humans are never satisfied. LOL
Have a wonderful day. The sun is gorgeous here right now.

Portia said...

AW:) You never know. If you look hard enough, you just might find that there is a Sulliville, or a Sullifieldvilletonburg (did you ever see Mr Deeds?:) I love the senior picture! It is beautiful, and you look like I did, like a high school student! Now half the seniors look like they're well beyond high school :)~



Thank you everyone! I'm scared to post a side by side,...the change too obvious, and the mole I shall call Louise, and if you look at the picture below, you'll see how it's grown. there is such a lack of innocence in todays Seniors...I was shocked my parents allowed me to wear that much makeup on my face for my senior picture,...pretty cool of them, and in todays standards, that's barely any makeup-I miss that innocence of life.

Good night.
Hope from Doctor and very tired-taken ben to doctor.

JLee said...

too cute!! I look about 40 in my senior pic. ha