Saturday, April 12, 2008

LEGoooooo My Legggggggo Round 2

This is the picture that I took in the train station when the Chicago security agent walked up to me all gruff and buff and advised me, "nicely," that pictures are absolutely not permitted within the train station. I understood and even offered to delete the picture. He said that wasn't necessary.

Waiting for the Water Taxi to arrive. This is the bridge where the drummer guy performs daily.
Where my boys expressed glee in witnessing the "parade."
This is also the area located just beneath the entrance/exit from the train station.
See? Barely any walking!
"My shoe fell in here, mom!....."

The Chicago River is very very cold. They'd be best to row row row and not shake their boat.

When we'd go under these train and/or street bridges, my boys would duck their heads.
So cute it makes you want to puke, doesn't it?

"My shoe fell in the river, mom."


On the train into Chicago. I finally took Ben out of the stroller so he could be a part of the fun!

Sullivan in his "ImsocooltobesittingupstairswithJACKSOnwithoutMOM," look.

On the top portion of the train into Chicago.
"HEY! I don't have a window."
Did you notice they had moved down in the picture just above this one?
Heaven help us if they don't both have windows.
But I understand, I remember fighting with my sister over the Front seat of our wood paneled station wagon, when I was a little girl.

This picture is of the train ride home. Note the darkness?
I had to put my legs up to block our little MacGyver from surfing the aisles of the train.
This was also the train that hosted many over intoxicated fellas and ladies with a side order of smelly Marry Juana.

Anyone see that milkshake? It helped with the loss of the Lego guy's weapon.

Jackson being funny. One train passenger in front of us, passed out.
Again, yes, we were so quiet.

Someday someone will fall in love with his coco puff eyes, until then, he's all mine.
My precious Sullivan.
Amazing what a milk shake will do to the disposition of a young 3 year old son.

Yes, I know, they're out of order. There's a reason.
You'll have to read it under my departure line at the bottom.
So here they are on the way to Michigan avenue via the Water Taxi.
I love the color Yellow.

Train ride home. Bonding brothers. Jack and Ben are very much alike, although Ben is much more physically active then Jackson was at his age. However, Jackson was far more intellectually active at Ben's age. Regardless, it all happens sooooooo fast. They're growing up too quickly.

Again, on the train ride home.

Instead of saying cheese, they say, 'Gheesssssssssseeeeeeeee!'

On the train trip INTO the City. I'm all over the place.
Yes, I plan on having that mole removed, it's beginning to grow it's own personality.
Bye Bye Birth mark.

Taken from the Train as we grew closer to the City of Chicago.

On the train into Chicago.
"Come on, mom, please take me out of this thing."

Turning on the Bionicle.
That didn't come out right.
Pictures in the Lego store.
See? Backwards and mixed up today.

Lego Store.

While we were talking to the Lego Store on Michigan avenue, I captured this picture.
Just up from the "dock" of the Water taxi, well, just across the street, is what I meant to say.
Can you tell I'm in pain, yet?

DUCK! Water taxi picture. Heading towards Michigan avenue.
Did I already post this? If so, too bad, I'm not deleting right now.

Ten points if you can guess two things;
1. What is that black looking Lego creation standing behind Jackson. I couldn't figure it out in the store, and even now.
2. What do you think Jackson wanted to take home with him from the Lego store?
"Cool, Mom, can we keep them?"
"Look, one's a girl, you can have the girl, Mom."

"You can come with me, girl, I'll take care of you."
"MOM, I promise I'll take care of her!"

That Lego Guy will be a hottie when he grows up, someday.
The Girl, on the other hand, looks like she'll be a handful.

Last picture. The Lego store. I love the colors in this display!
The End.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Yesterday I woke up with a dull pain underneath my right rib cage. As the day progressed the pain grew worse. If I hadn't had my gallbladder removed, I'd have thought it was that.
After watching my friends son for a bit so she could run to her female doctor, the pain began to become quite unbearable. I dealt with it though because that's what you do when you're a mom.
The kids had their lunch, I noshed on a chopped salad that my neighborhood girlfriend brought over as a thank you for watching her son-Corner Bakery, so delicious! They have the best chicken noodle soup! But the pain continued. So, I drank alot of water.
The pain continued. I took some Tylenol, and the pain didn't subside. By 5:00 I was near tears, but dealing as a mom has to do. Bigdogg came home from work, dropped off Jackson at a birthday party, and drove me over to a convenient/urgent care center to be seen. My doctor that I had phoned during the day was unable to see me until Monday due to the packed office compliments of some nasty flu like virus that is going around.
By 7:00pm the doc had finally seen me and determined it's a bad muscle tear/pull/rip don't know for sure without an MRI, right smack in the abdomen area. There was no Xrays or imaging tests done, just the pushing of his very cold and bony hands. He figured it to be a muscle, because of how the pain was moving into my back. Plus he could feel the spasms occurring in my back. So he sent me on my way with anti inflammatory medication and a muscle relaxer.
My urine was tested to rule out any infection. There is no fever either, but I am experiencing a bit of 'sick to my tummy' and constant burping with a tad of shortness of breath. But it's only a muscle issue in the abdomen. So annoying.
As of present, the pain is still here, and it's making me cranky. I don't like it when I can't go at 100%. I'll still try, but it's frustrating. Hence the lack of organization with these pictures. So, I shall now bid you a wonderful weekend, and go lay down on the couch. I just wish the prescription would do it's justice. I actually feel quite worse.
I guess this what I get for Spring Cleaning/organizing.


Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Don't remove that mole! It's a beauty mark - and you are already beautiful. I've been all over this country but never to Chicago - your pics make me want to visit though!

Brad said...

Your boys are adorable as is their Mom. I’m glad to see the Chicago river has lost it’s Parker Paints green sheen. The Merchandise Mart!!! God I miss Chicago. The Ex and I used to live off Halsted for a short while years ago.

Behave your self missy but have a good weekend!


Diane: a beauty mark that looks like a worm crapped on my face. Actually, it's growing, and changing colors,'s time is limited.. :( There is sooooo much to do in Chicago...Come for a visit.. :)

Brad: Why thank you! You and P should come for a visit when it's much nicer too!!...say for Venetian Night with all the boats on the river... Halsted a great place, I remember you telling me that.
You behave yourself with your birthday boy! Don't do anything I wouldn't do.. :)


simonsays said...

I loved, LOVED the photos, all of your boys are the sweetest, ever.

I'm really sorry to hear about your pain, it's hard to function with pain like that and small boys-believe me, I know.

I hope you're back to great in a day or two!



Jaime: thank you!! I wish the medication would help, but it isn't, and it's frustrating! Lucky for me I have BDD and he's very very helpful!!

Happy Saturday!
SNOWBALL cones!! :)


abbagirl74 said...

Don't lose the mole. You are absolutely beautiful girl! You look like such a happy family. Good for you!

Cheryl said...

I'm so sorry you're in pain. Did the meds kick in? Will you go in for tests if it's not better after the weekend?

I noticed your pointy fashionable shoes in the train picture. I do imagine your tootsies were hurting after your long day in the city.

It appears you're the stand-alone blue-eyed blond in the family. So pretty! Those dominate genes won with the boys. The brown eyes are killer!

Write tomorrow if you can so we can hear how you're doing, OK?

Mary said...

Hope having hubby home to help out will give you time to rest and let the meds do their work. Did you know that if you feel sick and are burping you can lay on your left side for relief. I didn't know that until after I had my gall bladder removed. It has something to do with how your tummy empties. Above all see your doctor if the weekend doesn't bring relief.

I enjoyed all the pics of "The Boys Day Out With Mom". I plan to show them to the grandsons tomorrow. I happy it was a wonderful day of building memories.

austere said...

Great photos, thank you!
I'd probably duck too. :)

You take care, crusty.


abba-HA! I wish I could keep her, but she's starting to change colors, and I'm all for four seasons, but not on my face!! :)

Cheryl: I guess I'll have to just deal with the pain until the muscle heals..the med's don't seem to be working, so I'll just grin and bear it and thank my stars that I have a hubby that helps equally at home-he'll even do the laundry!!::) I am the only blue eyed girl in this house!!! :)
The shoes I were wearing are actually ballerina slipper type shoes that I picked up at Target-so comfortable!!! I am lucky, I can usually manage goofy shoes and not have too many complaints, perhaps from my days in toe shoes for ballet class??...

Mary: How funny that you said that, because I did just that on Friday thinking I had gas and I've noticed ever since the Gallbladder was removed from my innerself, eating salads are harder to digest! I hope your grandsons will enjoy the pictures of the lego store,..maybe they can tell me (you) what that big black thingy is, I don't know what the heck it's supposed to be??? A bionicle?

Austere: Does it bring back your memories of Chicago?? Volume one on tuesday! YEA!!! :) Happy weekend-I wish I could sip a tea that will help ease the pain..any suggestions?


bonnie said...

I love yellow too. I never heard of tearing a muscle in your abdomen. Ouch. It sounds awful. I did that with my shoulder and it took months to heal. An abdominal muscle is one that you're likely to use all the time. Your boys are gorgeous. Chicago is perhaps my favorite city. If it were not for the weather I'd be living there now. I love it!

fiwa said...

What sweet pictures - you can tell they all had a day to remember by the smiles on their faces.

Cocoa puff eyes - I love that. They are all really beautiful kids.

I hope you are feeling better - that muschle pain sounds awful. Take it easy as much as you can - it will go away faster.

Feel better -

Palm Springs Savant said...

these are wonderful photos, I miss living in Chicago at times. Your kids are so cute. looks like you all had a great time out and about!


fiwa: the funny part is in the morning upon his wake up, his eyes are quite puffy...coco puffs!! :) Sometimes their beauty is masked by crankiness, but I'm guessing that's natural. :)

PalmSprings: I can imagine, but Chicago doesn't have suspended dining..I still can't get over that!! Maybe someday you'll come here for an event..I'll be sure to purchase tickets!! :)
It was a lovely time, thank you!


Andrew said...

Legos and TRAINS! I am in heaven. I so enjoyed this and the music playing was so fitting. Your blog is a daily joy to experience. Thank you, friend!

Kelly Jene said...

What an awesome trip. Your boys just melt my heart. My Alex has cocoa puff eyes as well. Sweet boys.

I am soo sorry you are having the pain. If it reminded you of gall bladder pain, it must be bad. I remember that all too well. You are in my prayers! And don't forget that even if people say it's "just" a muscle, those things can hurt like crazy!!

Love you!!!!


GreenBONBON; You snuck in there! Chicago is great when the weather isn't jacked up..yesterday it snowed, tuesday it will be 65...but, the school systems are remarkable so I "shant" complain!! ;)

Andrew: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! keep counting up the days!

Kelly: I finished the book! POWERFUL, ENGAGING, and very thought provoking with faith, thank you! I can't wait to read more series from you!!


Golden To Silver Val said...

What wonderful memories you've made for you and the boys! I've been to Chicago a couple times shopping and love it there. So many interesting things to see....we only got the tip of the iceberg!
I hope you're feeling much better by now. We women are always doing WAY too much and then suffering for it. I'm all for having a maid!! LOL, if I could afford it, I would have Spring and Fall cleaning done by professionals. Sigh - how nice that would be.
Your children are absolutely precious! Take care.


Golden Girl: I'm okay, still terribly sore, but muscles take their own time, they operate on their own time table! :) Chicago is a beautiful city,..and with the water taxi, it makes it so much more accessible!!


Portia said...

OUCH! I'm so sorry you're in pain, but just so you know, your post read beautifully all the same. And all the pictures rock! They help bring the story together so well. It looks like it was A LOT of fun!! What great memories. I hope you feel better soon:)

Portia said...

p.s. why no pictures in the train station?