Friday, April 25, 2008


I probably misspelled the title, but that's alright!
Tonight is BDD's and my anniversary.
Due to Leap Year this year, we are actually celebrating our anniversary on the same night we married. We were married as the sun began her descent into the foamy surf, around 6:30pm.

Then later on, after many drinks, (our first drink as man and WIFE was a shared sip of Sprite, because there's a story to that, and following the Sprite sip, a shot of Tequila with Tabasco, no, not really a story there, just more a signature drink) we headed up to our room, for the night. First though, we took a detour out onto the Beach to tickle our toes once again in the free exfoliation of the sand. There we were as man and wife, with a hum and a buzz, ready to stroll along the sea's beginning, and mans end, when we noticed the evening sky had hues of purple and green, a sign that a storm was around the horizon, working his way towards our location.

Don't worry, it wasn't a hurricane, and we were quite excited because I LOVE THUNDERSTORMS, and for some reason it was even cooler because, well, it was our wedding night. With a balcony so close to the water we could almost feel the spray, we headed to our initial destination, our hotel room!!

As we arrived into our room, there were gifts from family that consisted of drinks, and cookies, platters of noshing delights, and there was our friend, the world of water. There she was with her foamy wonder dancing along with the rain pellets of Mr Storm. The light show was magnificent, and the echos of never ending rolling thunder was a great delight to be shared with my new husband.

The storm was so intense, that we retired to our balcony area outside, and sat there drinking our gifts, as we captured the storms magic on the extra space of the cassette that held the majority of our wedding ceremony that was given to us earlier that night via video.

Yes we taped over our ceremony. But we didn't realize that until the morning after.
Even funnier then that?

As we headed towards our wedding bed, where rose petals lay waiting to be tossed off the bed, as our lips locked, our bodies connected, the intensity of our passion grew, a knock at the door.

BDD opened up the door and there stood one of the room service attendants, a young southern female, fully aware of what was going on, knowing that it was our wedding night having seen us earlier and throughout the day. She looked at my husband rather sheepishly, and in her hands a gift of wine and cheese, meats and sweets. But the priceless part was the words she uttered as she made her way into the room to place the beautiful last minute extra on the dining table, "I know, it's your special time, I am so sorry, I tried to tell her but she insisted that I deliver this platter right now." My husband tipped her and she left the room, a very personalized feeling that our wedding spot provided, the hotel staff treated us like royalty. Then, we turned to the overwhelming gift that lay waiting in wonder on our dining room table, and opened up the card.

"Thought you might get hungry! Mazel Tov! We Love you! Love Mom and Dad."

It was from my mother in law.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
It was on this night, that I married my love, my soulmate, my anf, you can pull out your barf bucket now, my equal partner in crime, Brian.

Be well tonight!


Brad said...

That's a great story. Where were you guys? Was MIL's gift a fore-shadowing of the future ?

Have a great anniversary. High five BDD for me. (and make whoopie)

Love to you -

(did you see I'm having lunch w/ fiwa & Mo tommorow? First time meeting face to face- COOL - wish you could be here)


dznutz said...

We accidentally erased our wedding video too!! OOPS!!! I hope you guys have a great night :)

SOUL: said...

well happy anniversary you two dawgs!
quite a storey there --

happy weekend-- i hope y'all have a babysitter !


Brad, I haven't had much time for surfing..but you're hanging with FIWA and Mo tomorrow? AWESOME! I do wish I could be there!!!
As far as your question here, well, I'm a bottle of wine in, and a glass at home, should I answer that? :)

Dnutz: Come OVER, Damn it! :) I miss you. ;(

Soul: We had a babysitter, we went out to dinner to a local restaurant downtown our town, shared a bottle of wine and some food-and,..had to get home so the sitter could be home by 10:something because she has an early morning LaCrosse game. BUMMER! But, that's okay, because it's raining like mewing dogs and growling cats, and it reminds me of the night we had...sans thing 2 and thing 3,..since thing 1 was already around! I added something to our package..but it hasn't been sent. it'll bring a smile to your face, I just know it! :)

Elizabeth and Brian-BDD, too! :)


Soul: whoops, see? Wine's in me, forgot to answer my sentence, reminds me of the night bdd and I got married, the rain that is,..gulf rain. :) precious!


austere said...

This is beautiful.
So completely RIGHT that's its raining again!
Now I've got my tenses mixed up. :)


austere: hee-hee!it was a great balance of the past and last night..


Gypsy said...

Happy Anniversary to you two kids. Hope you have a wonderful romantic evening.....

fiwa said...

That was a great story - happy anniversary! Party all weekend.

Happy days to you & your love. That's not barfable, that's great. So few are that lucky.


gypsy: it was fantastic and marvelous!!! our waitress informed us that our theme for our year, is wood.... :)

Fiwa: we are lucky to have each other...even when we're annoyed with our quirkiness. :)

have a great time at lunch today! how awesome!!!


Golden To Silver Val said...

What a wonderful story....and happy anniversary to you both. How awesome it is to hear of soul-mates finding one another. Alas...I never did find mine (I think Vietnam claimed him).
Many happy memories to you and remember to always always keep the lines of communication open. That's the secret! Big hugs. Be Blessed always.

Kelly Jene said...

Awwww! Happy Anniversary to Elizabeth and Brian!!
That is a great story, definitely one to giggle over and remember. You two definitely sound like a couple who has "made it". Congratulations to you both!

Why do I like the word "nosh" so much? It's fun to say.... nosh, nosh, nosh.... :)

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

May your memories always stay that sweet - it's lovely to read about a happy marriage. Happy, happy anniversary. Brian is a lucky man.

Foster Communications said...

Who needs a video when you can write like you write. Beautifully written, as usual. Congratulations and hugs to both of you!

SOUL: said...

i'm happy y'all had a good time--
and i forgot all about the ting in the mail-- so no worries there-- MY senile :))

happy sunday crusty--

simonsays said...

Wonderful post Elizabeth, the story about your MIL is, well...ummm...pretty sad. Ugh. But you are such a good sport.

I hope you had a perfect anniversary.

You two are awesome together.


captain corky said...

Congrats! I hope you were able to get away for a couple of hours this weekend and cellebrate.

bonnie said...

That was a wonderful story. Our 29th is coming up soon. Yikes.

Andrew said...

Hey Crusty!!!!

I got your card today and the gift certificate! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You are such a dear friend and I hope to repay you some day. I am going to get some apple pies before work! LOL

Cheryl said...

You creative thing, you. You put pictures in mind with your words. So funny that MIL would insist a gift be delivered on the big night, but very sweet. I'd say a foreshadowing.

Hope you and Brian enjoyed your time out. No one got sick! That seems like a first. Later, girlie!

fiwa said...

Ok miss, a definition of dim sum has been posted on my blog, just for you. Lovins! fiwa

Portia said...

I am sorry I didn't come around to say this in time, but I hope you and your BDD had a fabulous anniversary!! You guys are so fortunate to have each other, I wish you many more years of all this blissful (crusty)beefy barfy stuff:)