Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Memoir MC

Excuse me if I sound like a 33 year old jealous stay at home mom/wife, but, how is it that a 15 year old WOMAN, okay, not yet a woman, but not a girl anymore, is writing her memoirs?

She's capturing in words, her journey to stardom.
Her life in pages.
She's 15 years old.
She's never had a terminal illness, that we know of, and yet she's going to figure out how to write about the rocky life she's had in her ever long 15 years.
Correction, her warm and peaceful life, and also documenting her warm and loving relationship with her mom and dad.

In adult years you'd classify a 15 year old journey as a ride down the end of a block on her pink and blue ten speed Schwinn.

Yet, many will buy.
Seems silly.
She should be writing about her period, or when her young breasts blossom,and how that made her feel, but instead she's going to publish a book about her life path.
Gosh, I do seem bitter, huh?
But! At least it's a change from Disney female singers that disown their mom and have teen daughters with child(s).
Again, I see the foreshadowing is on the wall.
But until then, I'll remain bitter and Crusted and in quiet with no TV on.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I've involved my family in the TV TURN OFF WEEK, and I included with that, no electronics. So, being the bitter and hypocritical self that I am, I am sitting here on my computer.
But that's only because I had a quick opportunity to sneak, while my boys were upstairs scrubbing their bathroom bathtub tiles, with toothbrushes.
Such a budding example I am.


Andrew said...

You ALWAYS make me smile! DARN YOU POSITIVE PEOPLE! Love you and love the blog. Thank you for sharing your tales with us. I, for one, relish and welcome our TV viewing overlords! hehe Take care Crusty.

fiwa said...

TV turn off week - I am impressed. I tried to make it one weekend and crashed & burned.

Brad said...

I don't really fault her as much as I do the greed publisher who's striking while the iron is hot and getting a bunch of young girls to drive their parents crazy until they break down and buy the silly book.

Make that: "Bitter, table for two"

SOUL: said...

don't feel bad crustay---
i feel the same way quite often.. i have a book in me just burning to be written.. yet i just can't seem to get it out--
but ya know what?
i would bet all that i have .. miss miley isn't even writin that book.. she'll have "ghost writers" and editors out the whazoo.. writing it FOR her-- so she can take the credit -- and disney can get the big bucks off her name and other stuff--

it's a marketing ploy-- there will be no plot or heart in that book..

not to diss her -- but come on--- her relationship with her parents, and path to stardom.. oh the scars she must have.

i'd rather wait and read your book .

happpy humpday-

Kelly Jene said...

TV turn off week isn't a big deal since we turned the cable off. It's really freed us up.

And about the book... I completely and utterly agree. Just another way of making money.


Andrew: BAKED APPLE PIE!! :) You are too sweet, thank you!! I'm glad to see you're out and feeling a bit better!!

Fiwa: I'm in punishment zone! I've created a
it's been so hectic, i grounded the boys today. ;( Remember, I'm a hypocrite, cause as soon as their asleep tucked in their beds, there Bdd and I are infront of our telly, and I the computer.

brad: hmm, bitter club members unite. You're actually right, and that's what makes it more shallow. She's trying to portray a gentle image, I don't like this image...
Man Stump! ;)

kelly Jene: How does it seem to be helping? I've noticed that you can view tv on the computer! And it's free! Why pay if there's something you really like, you can see it online!
happy days to you!! :) Almost time for your vacation!

Soul: Damn, you're right too! and you should definitely chronical some Soul Chapters,..:) hump day, yeah, a backward hump today. :)


JLee said...

Give me a break! It's called C A S H. (like she needs any more...)

austere said...

Weird all right. I mean- what has she seen of life?

You got the kids nicely busy, I see.

Cheryl said...

Howdy sneaky friend of mine. What the kids don't know won't hurt them. Trust me I sneak my electronics.

I don't see the whole Miley appeal. I couldn't believe she sang two songs on the special Idol Gives Back show. She's a teeny-bopper. So the memoir? What a joke. It's all about the money. Who's the audience? Her fans are either too young to read or not interested in reading. Ah well...

Foster Communications said...

I had the same thought! I get so irritated when idiot celebs get to "write" books on a whim when they have no talent, no writing ability. A book, too often, is just a vehicle for more money.

Ok, maybe I'm jealous. I can write. I have no book. This 15 year old hussy who cannot write gets one too easily....

Portia said...

I don't know WHAT is up with the world around us, Crusty, but I would rather read your memoirs any day! I guess that's what brings me here:) And all those millions are overrated anyway;)

Gypsy said...

Don't be bitter Elizabeth. Poor old Miley will probably be a washed up has been by the time she's 20.