Friday, May 02, 2008


You know how your mom always told you never to put things by the stairs cause you could trip down them and hurt yourself?

Yeah some of you are nodding your heads.

Today BDD decided to leave a white container of baby wipes near the stairs, but only because having three boys in the house and out of town guests along with a wife that likes coffee can get hectic. And, what's really the big deal, he's a guy, and he does remember to put his dirty clothes in the hamper, so why fret over a left out white container of butt wipes for Benny right?
Plus he washes floors and will fold laundry, so big deal on the wipes.

Sure until you decide later on or forget later on that they're still sitting there on one of the steps.
Add that with walking down the stairs while holding your budding almost two year old mid July youngest son, and that's a recipe for a whoops, swoops, bump and serious boom.

He fell down the stairs but held onto Ben like a quarterback running through a blitz play to win the game. So that's a good thing. After all, there's two parents in this house so if one goes down then at least the other one can step up to the plate. We call that balance here, and we have a good balancing act in this house.

Unfortunately his foot decided to do a bad rendition of toe shoes meets Lord of the Dance meets River dance meets Blue Man Group meets letter C and bent back. But he was okay-at first.

He had taken today off to spend time with his Mom and Grandma and I had taken the liberty to schedule mom time and that meant a hair appointment to do my every 2month highlight update. That and I had to run to the School district Admin building because I had volunteered for an upcoming field trip and they needed to run the necessary testings to make sure that I had a kosher background. Seriously, they did! Fingerprints, finger pricks, I'm comfortable with my children going to school here. Just from the extensive background they did for a simple volunteer such as moi.

Anyways Jackson goes to school and I head to the admin office. Then I come home and a short time later leave for my hair appointment. Brian's foot grew worse as the day moved on.
Prior to the trip to the salon, he did manage to hobble out with his mom to Whole Foods for some salad, and was sweet enough to pick up something for me that I recently discovered while shopping there with my mother in law and grandma: a slice of White chocolate mousse cake.
Completely irrelevant but had to be captured.

By the time I returned home from my hair appointment his foot was driving him up nails into walls. He needed to seek medical care. So, my mom (mil) picks up Jackson from school with Sullivan in tow, and our Nana stays behind to watch Ben as he was taking a long nap. Have I mentioned my Grandma in law has more energy then I do? She was born in 1933, and she would prefer to sleep in Sullivan's room, then sleep in a room without her great grandchildren. She'd prefer to sleep on an air mattress then sleep secluded elsewhere in our house. Pretty remarkable if you ask me.

I drop Brian off at the urgent care and head back home to wait for his call. Soon enough a few hours go by and the beeping of the Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry tune alerts me that it is him texting me: 'I BROKE MY FOOT.' The Bone in his left foot, near his big toe.

He gave himself toe jam from baby wipes. He says he has no mazel (luck), I say its because his bones are old. But it could be worse. He didn't drop Ben, and he could have. Ben could have gone flying through the arms of goal posts, but he didn't. Instead Brian took one for his team. It's a good thing to have our guests in town as they have helped out in so many ways.

After we, my mom, Ben and I got Brian back home and situated in his chair in front of his TV, I took our boys to McDonald's with my mom(mil) to keep the peace in the house. Our Nana stayed behind to care for her grandson. Having busy boys and pain only heightens the sensitivity to everything else. It was my job to keep the peace in this house, to give Brian some rest, so we left and he stayed all jacked up on the couch, because he had moved from his chair to the area on his sofa.

The funniest part was during bath time and our Nana and Mom sat nearby in our boys bathroom as I bathed the three boys in a tub. One by one I washed them down and made sure to take my time to make it pain free and easy and without loud screaming when the shampoo left their hair and rolled into their eyes. It is tear free, don't worry! So when it was time to clean their lower extremities, I had them crouch up a bit to make sure everything is nice and clean, especially for the younger ones, Ben in a diaper and Sullivan in his pull up-it tends to get stinky down there from their sweat and the 'whatevers' made up with their pull ups. As I cleaned up "that area" one after another, each with separate cloths, my mom and grandma couldn't help but laugh and then they remarked, "there's a lot of *INSERT MALE ANATOMY WORD HERE*'s in this house!" -and, "Who needs to watch TV here, watching you guys is like watching a three part series in a movie theater." HA!

But, I managed to keep the peace and the boys under control. That was the first and most important goal.

Brian is in a lot of pain, the pain medicine isn't doing the trick, but they only gave him Darvocet. His orders are to stay off of the gank foot and to see an orthopedic doc first thing Monday. In the meantime his foot shall remain in it's fiberglass splint and the ace bandage.

So, once again, I will be hiding behind the curtains of being a baleboostah and regular no frills mom. Along with me as a car service to the airport early Sunday morning about 4:15am as my mom and Grandma must be there by 5:00.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I will be around and reading, but if you don't see a comment from me, it's not that I don't care about you. I just have to handle my main priority, my husband, my three sons and my ever helpful guests. Lastly, I must pull out a vanity card from my rear and express out of sheer tiredness that my hair looks awesome. I do have to say that my stylist did a wonderful job on my highlights, and cut it back mid neck, so at least I got that done this afternoon, right?
Could be worse for us over here, could have been far worse.
The good news is Brian will now always recall this fateful day on the steps and never ever again stick anything within his foot steps.


Kelly Jene said...

Oh man, poor Brian! I stub a toe and go screeching for hours. I can't even imagine how bad that must hurt. Let him know we're thinking of him and praying. Your a good wife and mom and daughter...

And I bet your hair looks awesome!!

Take care!

simonsays said...

Oh Dear. Oh Dear. Poor all of you, that certainly sucks. Hang in Elizabeth.


The Window Watcher said...

Oy Vey!!!
Been there, except I broke mine on sheer stupidity....I'll leave it at that.
Anything I can do to help ya, let me know.

austere said...

I was home for a month in 2003.

It was really really lucky about Ben, touchwood.

Take care, and great highlights!

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

I think you are Wonder Woman.

Cheryl said...

I tripped on something I left on a step while holding onto toddler Emily. I didn't drop her, thank goodness but I... broke my foot. So I can totally relate to Brian's bad luck. I think it's fairly common, but that doesn't make it hurt any less.

Enjoy your visit with the ladies. It sounds like it was perfect timing.

Foster Communications said...

Dang that's gotta hurt. But at least he did quite the job holding on to your little guy!

I'm sure your hair looks amazing!

Mary said...

Poor Brian for the pain. Good goin' Brian for not scoring a touchdown with Sully. Some days are just hell, aren't they.

I've been a bit out of touch for a few days so didn't read this blog until this morning.

Take care of you. Your four men folk are counting on you.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Get well soon wishes are mentally headed your way. First thing is to get that poor man some decent DRUGS!! Make sure he follows doctor's orders to the letter....don't want to have problems later on! Glad your hair looks like you pics when you get the chance. Hope family has a safe trip home. Big hugs to you, Elizabeth!

fiwa said...

Awww... poor Brian, I bet that hurts like hell! Poor you too - you're going to have your hands full. Good luck.

I loved hearing about your mominlaw and Nana, what a sweet couple of ladies. I love Nana sleeps on an air mattress in the boy's room - that is the kind of thing that makes a kid feel secure, deep down inside, that they are LOVED.

thinking about you -

Kelly Jene said...

I sure hope Brian is getting lots of rest and is healing quickly.

Love ya Crusty!!

ummmhello said...

What luck! Hope he's healing okay. He deserves a parenting medal of valor for being injured in the line of duty :)
My hubs slipped on a folded diaper on the stairs, and dislocated his toe. Fun stuff.

Portia said...

Oh no, poor guy! :( I'm glad you had help...and I bet your hair looks great:)