Sunday, May 04, 2008

Frenetic Sleep

Tonight at the request of my dear Sullivan I lay perched and jacked up on the left side of my body on top of his Superman bed sheets that were fresh and clean and ready for him to head into dreamy land. Within minutes I was able to see his Nemesis, sleep, guide his eyes and mind away from me as his long enduring black eyelashes stretched across his eye shades. Closed within minutes the shades on his eyes, now lets hope that he'll have remarkable stories of dream wonder, and without a doubt I am certain that whatever he dreams he'll share with me first thing tomorrow early morning. It was a peaceful moment between he and I, and because of that peace I felt guilty pulling his quite suctioned thumb from within his open mouth, but I knew that it was necessary. Meanwhile his mouth after his thumb was removed and the top of his hand kissed gently by moms mouth, was now busy doing their own required job description, as the inside of his vocal mouth began setting the stage, or rather setting out the necessary ingredients to prepare the recipe of morning breath.

My Southern mom and Grandma made it home safely but not before some hiccups of mechanical issues and delayed flights with a trip out to Charlotte. I felt awful for them being that they already had risen quite early-4am. But we did share some coffee together before the birds woke up today, and naturally some tears but it was worth it because I had a very heart moving weekend with them, all in a good way. Plus, they were able to witness that even at 4am, our dear Benjamin is just full of some serious energy.

My fault, I will take full blame, as I woke him up but accidentally. He's a light sleeper and heard me unplugging my Grandma's bed warming blanket that she travels with because of her 'cold hands warm heart syndrome.' As I yanked the plug straight out of an outlet near where Sullivan lay sleeping, Ben with his supersonic eveninremsleep hearing, woke up.

Naturally Sullivan hearing Ben crying from beyond, woke up too, and within minutes of me plucking Ben from his crib, out of a bedroom came Sullivan, as he stumbled his way out to the hallway, and tried to make it down the stairs to view thru some serious crusty sand eyes the departure of his Grandma and Nana. He didn't make it to the first step for I knew he was exhausted and although I attempted to shuffle his lead feet back to his room to snuggle and buggle himself back under his covers, he wouldn't have it, so instead I shuffled him gently into our big King size bed. But he did manage to wave goodbye to his Grandma and Nana, and say something to the form of "I already wiss you."

I'll be taking the boys out to see them in July, before Ben qualifies for a full fare flight since he turns 2 July 17Th. What we plan on doing is for the boys and I to fly down there and spend about 10days schlepping from one spot to the other, so that everyone has their fix of us. According to both Jackson and my southern mom during their own unique bedtime chatter routine last evening (Nana shares a room with Sullivan, and Gramma shares an air mattress with Jackson near the foot of his slumbering bed) he (he being Jackson) informed her (her being his grandma) that he didn't feel like there was enough time this time, that he didn't have his full fix, and he'd prefer that we come to see her next, and stay for 10days because it's only fair since she had come here this time around..
That plan is currently being put together based on summer swim lessons and other plans.

So this household is quite tired today. We did take Brian back to see urgent care because of the amount of pain he was still in, and of course nothing doing, they sent him on his marry way with a re-wrap and a different form of pain medicine. The good news is that there was this fabulous tray table, or what we have now dubbed as the new daddy sick table, on sale at CVS which is the store where I needed to go to pick up his new prescription. The table was $5 marked down from $20, so that will help him tomorrow with his laptop, because it has one of those self adjusting table tops, so he'll be able to type away on his computer, angled like a Bible resting on a Pew or Pulpit.
Bad example, I know, but I'm tired.

Because of the departure from my southern family and with the main man down, I launched into full force frenetic mode, and disassembled everything from my southern families visit, Ie: air mattresses, sheets washed, pillows stored, a coat closet re-organized, outside winterwear transferred to another closet. It was completely unnecessary for me to take on this task(S), and I experienced on a few occasions what we call BMS (Bad Mood Sunday) but now that it's done and the day is gone with the time being about David Letterman time, I do feel so much better. Even though I know I didn't need to do all of it, I needed to, have I mentioned that already?
It's how I navigate through any form of emotional therapy.

Tomorrow means a visit to the Orthopedic for my BDD where I'm sure we'll receive conflicting information because that's just how things work, and that's fine. The fact of the matter is, the guy is in pain. You can't erase what happened with the wipes and the feet, but only focus on the fact that each day brings you one step closer to healing.

But when it comes time for him to be able to wear two shoes again, versus just one, he'll enjoy the ease of reaching into his now extremely organized shoe closet.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Good evening!
Good night.
I miss my Southern family and so does my husband! It's his mom and grandma after all, and he truly misses them. This time it was quite difficult for him to say his goodbyes.
No, they do not read my blog.
Sweet dreams.
Rest well.


Cheryl said...

What a busy household! I'm glad your visit went so well and you have that kind of a relationship with your Southern mom and nana. Your house is back in order. What's next on the agenda?

The Window Watcher said...

Did you stop to come up for air?

Kelly Jene said...

Woman, you are funny even when it's obvious you're exhausted. And the fact that you took the time to reorganize closets among other things... geez you deserve some sort of reward.

Your kids are too cute. I wiss you, Crusty.

Love ya... I sure hope they can help BDD get some pain relief at the very least.

Susan said...

I am sorry...I was going to comment on your blog..but after reading it I am way too tired!

You are busy!!


simonsays said...

It's so hard when loved ones leave us, even harder when the visit wasn't long enough.

Cold hands, warm heart syndrome, LOL!

Happy Tuesday.

austere said...

You're simply amazing.

Gypsy said...

I'm tempted to have a lie down after reading all that. I really hope Brian gets some relief from that pain soon. Looks like you're going to need another holiday after all this Nurse Ratchet :)

bonnie said...

Oh man, I hope those meds start working soon. When I read your blog, life seems to make sense. One thing always leads to another. Nice and linear, the way I like it. And.... I tagged you, so visit me and see what's up.

captain corky said...

I'm glad you have a lovely visit with your in laws. When I come up to visit I will only require your son's Superman sheets. Hell, you can even put me out in the backyard if you want. ;)

Kelly Jene said...

Hey Crusty friend... I sure hope everyone is doing well and BDD is healing quick. I miss ya. Hugs!

Portia said...

That's a pretty productive form of therapy, sounds like it works out well;) I hope your BDD is starting to feel much better now! So cool that you get to see your southern moms again in July - it will be here before you know it:)