Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Waste Of A Post

I got nothing.
Granted I've much to write but right now is not the time.
Right now I am going to retire to my "zen room" with a Budweiser in my hand and lay back on my bed to watch my Thursday McDreamy Finale.

BDD is out for the evening with a few of our neighborhood guy friends so I have my room all to myself or at least until I fall asleep and I most likely will not stir when BDD arrives home.
Sorry BDD!!! :)

I've been waking up every morning at 5:00amISH so I am very tired by 9:00pm.
I'm not even sure I'll make it for my two hour McSteamy Finale.

But a Girl can hope.

Plus the more that I write in this post, the more that I think that I will void the beer and instead opt for a slice of Chocolate yellow cake with sprinkles that I made for BDD yesterday to celebrate our "FIRST DATE ANNIVERSARY." -Whatever, I am one of those that enjoy those special's that and our birthdays our marriage date and the Mother Father day, so might as well throw in a special memory. Oh yes and Valentines day but that is very overrated and it's more for our boys then us.

Hmmm..I just remembered a vow I made to myself this past Monday, no more food past 7:00pm crap so I guess no cake either. If only I were in Mountain time, I'd still have time.

Nothing else to report or rather lots to report but for now I am yawning and I must at least get in 60minutes of the McDRAMA Finale.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Such the life of a SAHM..
Not really, but it sounded good, didn't it?


austere said...

Sounded great, specially the cake.
If there's any left to photograph, I want to see what it looked like.

Gypsy said...

Aww you have to celebrate those special milestone dates if only to have an excuse to eat cake. Go have yourself some "shut eye" Elizabeth, you'll feel much better for it.

abbagirl74 said...

Grey's was good last night, wasnt' it?

mosiacmind said...

Just stopping by to say often when i read your blog it reminds me of when my 4 nephews were growing up. I think celebrating things such as first dates and such is a great way to add lj's in ones life.hope that you and the family have a great weekend.......

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

It's good to celebrate the simple moments too.

fiwa said...

Slide over Clyde, and give me slice of cake please. :)

Kelly Jene said...

I love celebrating the small things. It makes different parts of the year that much more special.

I hope you enjoyed your show.

You rock!


Austie: I took a picture for you of the half demolished finger grabbing cake.>I'll upload it later on!
Happy weekend, okay?

Gypsy: I felt very rested this morning, so much that it was difficult to wake up at 5...but worth it... :) how are you?

ABBA: I can't STOP thinking about it..I mean from cement boy to brain couple to Ava to Alex at the end ---oh my it was intense, every single moment, and there wasn't one moment that I didn't like.. WOW!! what did you think??

Mosiac: Happy Memorial day weekend to you too!! Do you have any plans in specific? will you watch the parade? the time seems forever with the boys but I know it really isn't. :) Hi Gracie!

Diane; You know you're right! Sometimes the most simplest of moments turn out to be memory makers of a lifetime!
Good Memorial day to you!!

Fiwa: I'm packaging it up and wrapping it up and sending it West..I hope the sprinkles will hold up. The poor cake looks all sad and messed with now..but they-all my menboys-loved it!!

Kelly J: Awww, Thank you!! It was a marvelous show. And for you I do hope you're able to go on your planned venture.. you rock and you deserve this time, Brad has given you that "task" to complete, too...Thinking of you guys. ANd I really like your new color..very very vibrant!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to All of you!
Stay Tuned for another Post.

Elizabeth crustybeef

Andrew said...

I like it even when you think you have nothing to say. I still say you are my kindred spirit as far as music goes. You listen to the music I love and enjoy. Take care dear friend and I will chat again soon.

Cheryl said...

I'm supposed to be in bed. I'd like a piece of that cake on a plate, though. Yum. Just wanted to say howdy to one of my favorite friends!

Portia said...

Did you make it up for the show? Either way, I hope it was a good evening! ...and a great weekend ahead:)


Andrew: Music is the one thing that I can actually get lost in,..well, besides computer the music like you said touches every part of me and it's nice to flow into the ebbs of the tunes.. I am so glad that you're at 186!! :) Have a great evening and many solid dreams, too!

Cheryl: I hope you had a good night sleep!!! and today is a great day with styles and not sore wrists and arms! :O) I'll talk with you later on! Please have a wonderful Weekend!!!

Portia: I Did!! And I am so glad I stayed awake..I didn't start watching it (DVR) until 9 so I was up until just before 11...because there were so many commercials that I was able to fast forward thru that the show really was about 1hour and maybe 40minutes.. It was worth it!! WOW!!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!