Monday, May 19, 2008

"Oh No, Not the Lump!"

That was Jackson today as he was sitting in his booster seat in the back of our minivan minutes after I informed him he was going to be grounded for hitting Sullivan on his arm because according to Jackson, Sullivan claimed he'd "won the race" as to whomever enters and departs our vehicle first.

Jackson reacted with his emotions and not his mind but under no circumstances should he hit his brother because the brother happened to have"won the race" of some game that they invented on their own. I am certain as a mom that there will be more of these situations periodically as they grow into little men. I guess it is natural being that they're boys and all, but I hope that they'll learn to curb it a bit based on what their past punishment might have/will have/will be... been.

I had informed Jackson (while loading our groceries into the car and at the same time saying a silent prayer about Ben's diaper that had already leaked numero uno down his leg, praying that it wouldn't go beyond that and proceed to target his carseat cover) that as soon as he is home from school (and after he has placed his shoes in his own cubby and his backpack in it's proper place) today he is to head straight up to his room and sit on his bed for 30minutes. I also told him that if he complains about the time limit which I have set for him, I will add more minutes to his penalty. The only thing he may "bring with him" into his bed is a book or if he should chose, he may sit with empty hands in silence.

That's when he made that comment about "The Lump."
"The Lump" is that first stage of crying- you know the part- where you can't swallow like you have a goose egg stuck in your throat? Yes, that part. When you're finally able to swallow that rather painful lump down, it is an immediate trigger to open up the flood gates for the tears to follow.
Nobody likes the lump.

He made that statement and then proceeded to say "I can't stand it when the lump happens."
Then his tears came rolling down in perfect droplets along his face that was turning blotchy-something he inherited from dear old mom.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I did send him to his room for his 30minute penalty in spite of the fact that he walked out of his school this afternoon completely happy to see me and expressing sheer joy over the fact that his pal in school had told him that he had found gold. Plus I think he thought I had forgotten about the grounding. A mother never forgets.
*Ben's diaper did hold up and didn't douse the carseat cover. Although this afternoon I realized-yet again-that a leaky numero 1 diaper is far better then TWO bad numero twos that caught the rim around the edges, and leaked. 2x, like I already said.
That's the lump.


Martha said...

I get "the lump" too! I usually try to deep breathe through it or cough, because if I swallow, I inevitably start crying. My daughter always says her throat hurts when she's trying not to cry, too.

Cheryl said...

It's hard being a parent and having to do the right thing. Time and again I just want to run away.

That lump statement was so sweet.


Martha: the lump is the worst! I'll have to remember the coughing, that sounds like a great idea.

Cheryl: Oh boy are you ever right! And fyi, if you ever feel like running, call me and we'll run together and send a postcard when we arrive at wherever to inform everyone that all is good=as we sit sipping coffee in a free wifi panera somewhere on an island. :)


Gypsy said...

Being a parent really sucks sometimes doesn't it? You know you have to go through with the punishment for their own good but who can stay cross when big fat tears start rolling down their precious little faces.

HATE the lump, HATE IT. Love that song that's playing, very relaxing.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...


Your son is right. The lump is the perfect name for that feeling.

On my blog, you asked about bleeding heart. They are easy to care for. They need to be planted in shade in fertile, somewhat moist soil. That's basically it.

When the weather gets hot, they will turn yellow and die back. You need to let them do that instead of cutting it down to avoid the yellow because the longer they keep green leaves, the more they will make their own food from photosynthesis. In the fall, they may sprout a bit. And then they come back in the spring. That's all there is to it.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


Gypsy: As my darling hub told me yesterday it is the hardest job out there, and then throw in a stay at home mom and he says that he couldn't do it.. It was very difficult for me to follow through when the school day ended, but, I'm not raising my boys to be respectable consistant children, but rather adults..
sigh..and I already feel like they've grown past the wittle bitty bit stage. :)

Ruth: Hello again!! I will have to scope out my areas for a better shaded area..surprisingly I have alot of tree's but my yard both front and back gets great sun light for some reason..4 trees in the front and 5 big ones in my back yard..but I love the flowers..hmmm? :) thanks again for stopping by and for helping out with the flower question!


Tink said...

Aw! Bless his sweet little mischievous heart! :)

austere said...

I go very quickly from lump to weep.
The boys they be growing up, Crsuty...

Mary said...

Lumps are the worst. I hate when the lump happens and it happened to me everytime I had to punish a child. I'm tough on the surface and mush underneath.

fiwa said...

Awwww... not the lump! How cute is that?

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

that comment is too precious.Glad you're capturing all these moments on your blog.

Kelly Jene said...

I just had that lump today. Not fun. Especially when you'd rather it just go away.

And yes, the hitting/competition thing does continue. But it can be tempered like you said.

As always, your boys are adorable.

I have all the activities for the lapbooks ready. When I get back from vacation, it will just be a matter of putting them together and making them cool looking.

Love and angels!

bonnie said...

That was really strange to read about the lump. I think it's really cool that he could separate and identify it in words, and then proceed to cry. I can't imagine doing that. Well, I guess it's like saying, "crap, I'm gonna cry." I have done that.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I say good for you! I believe in the appropriate use of a firm, healthy dose of disciplined as needed. Kids should learn that there are consequences, its a good lesson for lfe. In the end, they will thank you for it!

SOUL: said...

ahh yes--
picture it-- soulkid-- 1 year old--ish-- food poisoning-- cross country road trip--after a serious family tragedy-- seattle to jacksonville.. mid point about is when the incident occurred and continued onto home. ugh.
the lump-- was mine.
as for the food poisoning-- it went in stages of size... soulkid.. me-- then soulman...

talk about fun times.

hope your lumps and leaky diapers are better now

happy thursday-

Susan said...

Your kids crack me up!!


JLee said...

aaw, how precious! I don't think I could have sent him to his room after the "lump" comment. lol

Portia said...

Way to tug at the heart and leave us smiling:) The best lessons are sometimes the hardest ones.

And poopy diapers are no fun, but as Forest Gump said, it happens:)