Friday, May 16, 2008

SACK Substituting

There I am walking around my family room TV on for the purpose of adding more noise to the mix reminding me that the news will be coming on shortly, I'm picking up numerous little children's match box cars, and fisher price house people already at 9:30 this Friday morning.

Yes, the Family Room was already trashed.
But that's natural because my boys will not sleep past cracks of dawn. No matter what.

As the Today show was on about 7:00am sure enough the boys could be heard throughout the house working their way down to me where I sat in the family room attempting some rather silly exercises on my permanently ruined swimmers in-three babies out tummy.

But it all worked out and by 9:20am after breakfast was prepared and cleaned up my older boys had worked their way back to their room whining because I'm a mean mommy and won't let them play their video games.
They're too young to whine about such drama. Video games?

So they're in their room playing peacefully and I'm thinking this is a perfect opportunity to clean up the mess that they created in the family room. Ben is with me and with each toss of a toy into it's designated bin, because I am that freakishly anal about where things go, he would proceed to remove a toy from another bin and toss it on the floor.

Are you kidding me, Clark?

Have I mentioned that the TV was on? I happen to glance up at the channel 5 news when someone remarked that the normal guy that gives us the pending weather report was presently out on an assignment, and substituting for him today would be..wait for it....

Pete Sack.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
It can't get better then that, can it?
Happy Friday.
The sun will be out and was out at the crack of dawn mind you and gosh darn it, it's only because Pete Sack said it would be.


Kelly Jene said...

Am I having a brain fart or do we know who Pete Sack is?

As for your cute lil bugger, I can picture him doing that.. how cute! And yet frustrating at the same time. Its the cuteness that keeps them out of trouble! lol

The Window Watcher said...

That name is almost as bad as the Cincinati Reds bench coach.....Dick Pole. and Yes, that's his real name.


Kelly Jene: uh, more so guy humor,..after being surrounded by males 24/7 it sorta starts to go to your uh, head. I'll send you the age appropriate lap books for the kids.. I really do appreciate you preparing them for me! It's for a plane ride btw..and Jackson loves word searches and connect the dots fill in the blanks with letters anything with space or super hero's. and he loves missing number questions in sequence for a math area.
So much for sending you the email. :) U're the best!

Tex: HAHAH! Seriously, it made my friday morning!!So much going on-as you know-that the humor was definitely needed. btw... in regards to your email, I don't know what to say exactly except I am so sorry you guys have to be dealing with that...and for the bil too and sad. :( Prayers to you!


Cheryl said...

Having only a girl it was different. A family room filled with stuff, but that was enough for me.

Hope you enjoyed your sunny day. Rain and clouds here, but that's OK. If it was nice, I'd have to be outside working and I can hardly move!

Kelly Jene said...

(Blushing) I can't believe I didn't catch that. Oy. I was the only girl growing up and the only girl in the house now and I didn't get that? I'm slacking. Sheesh.

I'll get started next week and after I get back and send you pics and you can ok things.

Love and hugs! (and no! no charge.. it's too fun to cost something.)

SOUL: said...

i feel fat and extremely confused at the moment-- would you believe.... are you ready? i didn't realize i was on YOUR page til the END of the post !! that's scary. i knew i was headed here when i got here. senile as all get out i say.
will you visit me when i get "put away"??

oh maaan.

i think i need a vacation.

btw-- can tonic water make you bloat?
i can't zip my pants today!!!

help meeeeee

have a onderful weekend-- what's left of it-- i think i may need to spend mine in bed. if at all possible-- which it is not--- so why did i say that?


Golden To Silver Val said...

I should be commenting on the other post but am too lazy to go I just wanted to say that I'm glad you discovered Pioneer Woman. She's the best cook ever. Not to pat myself on the back though...but my lasagna runs a close second to hers...and not quite as much trouble. YUM. Try those cinnamon rolls of hers too. To DIE for! Have a great weekend. We are getting t-showers as I write...with the possibility of hail. Oh joy!


Cheryl: barbies and dolls and pompom cheerleading not being picked first, not being invited to a birthday party...girls are hard work, but you have an amazing daughter because of all you've done..someday she'll know it too! :)

Kelly: You rhymed in comments with sack- slack..I can't wait for the lapbooks whatever you think, they are bringing their backpacks on the plane, so it should fit perfectly..otherwise we can stick it in mine. Only 8 days until your vacation! You and the family must be overjoyed!!

Soul: I think it's only because you have had nighttime fishing tournaments..that's all. :) but you brought a smile to myface because I can just picture your expression-like, what the hell? :) Happy weekend, tweeting back at you too!! TWEET!

Golden Girl; if ever you'd enjoy passing on your recipe I'd be happy to take it! I will have to try her cinnamon rolls although I'd most likely be the only one eating them. I've made the bacon wrapped jalapeno's and bacon wrapped crackers..all delicious..she is truly a genius!
Have a good weekend! Tstorms are so relaxing so long as you're safe and your house and car is too! I hope it doesn't hail!


abbagirl74 said...

I am back and I have really missed you!!!!!!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I just came to visit from--where was it?--oh, yeah, Coexist.

I really love your Ryne Sandberg quotation at the top. He's been my favorite player since forever (lifelong Cubs fan, here), and . . . Ryno and I have the same birthday (except I'm a year older). Anyway, I enjoyed my visit to your blog. The Pete Sack thing was funny, although it did take me a while to get it.

Andrew said...

Just checking in with one of my favorite bloggers. I liked the visual with the family room filled with toys strewn about. Reminded me of my brother and I when we were that age. Hope you are safe and well, and enjoying the last of the weekend Ebs.

Jonathon Andrew

JLee said...

hahha....we actually have a guy who does a guest segment on our morning show named "Ben Dover" lol

fiwa said...

Hehro - just checking in to say hello. Thanks for posting about the Pioneer Woman's lasagna. I was thinking about giving it a try and if it got the boy's stamp of approval I think I will! Your mother's day sounds like it was wonderful, what a sweet thing your husband did for you by letting you have some peace and quiet.

Take care of you!

SOUL: said...

crusty-- it was kinda like that-- but a bit like oh boy--too.
i'm soo glad i can laugh at times like that-- otherwise it could be sorta scary.
yes, it was overtired.
someday i'll get it together.
i hope
have a great day--:))

austere said...


Portia said...

LOL! I'm glad there was some comic relief for your morning:) I can't put toys away while the boys are around either- no matter how many are still out, the most interesting one seems to be the one I just put away. Naturally:)