Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lasagna WOMAN

Yesterday I decided to try out THE PIONEER WOMANS lasagna recipe and also her mystery rolls recipe-YUMMY!! it all turned out delicious!!! I do have to say it is the best Lasagna I have ever made-and I'm sorry if that means that the recipe I got from my mom for her Lazy day Lasagna doesn't hold par, but that's because that particular recipe is a LAZY Day recipe. Whereas the Pioneer Womans dish involved a bit of work, but I think that's partly due to the fact that it was my first time preparing this dish.

On the way to the store earlier in the afternoon, my boys were questioning our whereabouts and destination. I told them that we had to go to the store to pick up a few items so that I'll have all the tools I need to make dinner for them tonight....

JACK/SULLIVAN: "What are we having?"
MOM: "Lasagna"
JACK/SULLIVAN: "Awwwwww, I don't Like lasagna, it's too crunchy.."
MOM: "You'll like this one, it has a lot of cheese in it, and it's not the crunchy kind besides, Sullivan, I know Jackson's had lasagna* on numerous occasions but I don't think you ever have had lasagna besides the kind in the baby food jars.." (*I haven't made lasagna since we lived in Florida on the water back in 2003-truth! Ask BDD!)
SULLIVAN: "Yes I have."
MOM: "No you haven't."
SULLIVAN: "Mom, yes I have, back when I was four."
MOM: "Sully, you haven't even turned four yet, not until July 1st."
SULLIVAN: "But I was four when I had it a long time ago, remember?"
MOM: "Funny, I don't remember."
SULLIVAN: "why is it funny?"

There was quiet in the back seat of the minivan, quiet chatter. I could tell that they both were processing the conversation that we had just had. I did pick up whispers as if they were planning a boys club town meeting and I wasn't allowed to be a member.

JACKSON: "Mom, Sully said he was four a long time ago when he had the lasagna, and we don't like that meal."
MOM: "The more you both talk about how you don't like something that you've never tried, the more scoops I'm going to put on your plate starting now.."
JACKSON: "Can I have a do-over?"
SULLIVAN: "I don't like lasagna."

There are some that may just have to learn the hard way. I was like that too you know, learning the hard way. Probably still am in certain aspects.
I didn't continue the conversation with them because it just wasn't worth it. I continued to drive to a local grocer, a tiny mom and pop place, all the while managing to tune them out. Throw in a free pass for them to burn out their little motor mouths-and most likely calories- based on their sheer disgust over tonights meal selection.

Ungrateful little buggers.

Welcome To Crustybeef:
They loved it!!
They devoured the biscuits and lasagna!!! So step aside SEINFELD'S WIFE with your little badself blender, the Pioneer Woman speaks to little boys better than you do with your pureed yuck.


Mary said...

Sometimes I think children come pre-programmed with, "I don't like ----" (fill in the blank). It does get tiresome but sometimes interesting conversations result. I love listening to kids plot.

Lasagna is one of my favorite dishes. I haven't tried the Pioneer Woman recipe but, based on your recommendation, will next time I make it.

Portia said...

MMMM... I am super picky about lasagna, basically anything with a red sauce in it, so I will have to try that one. My husband would be so grateful if I found one I actually liked!

Love the conversation tidbits.. your kids are hilarious:)

BTW, I love ALL of your quotes! I still have this one from your email taped up on my work computer:
When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.
It means a lot to me right now.

Portia said...

Oh yeah, evidently that quote was from Tuli Kupferburg. Must give credit when due..


Mary you will really enjoy it!! And try her mystery biscuits too-if you enjoy blue cheese..
TO DIE FOR!! :) Kids say the craziest things, and someday they'll be able to look back and view all the crazy things they said. :)

Portia: It's magical I tell you..ground beef, olive oil, breakfast sausage, garlic, eggs, cottage cheese, somebody STOP ME!! It was so yummy, Icantgetoveritalready! Big Dog took some to work with him and enjoyed it just as much as he did last night-at 8pm because it takes awhile, so start the process at 4. So you may eat by 6. :)
As far as quotes go, I love quotes, they affect me..I'm so glad that you like the pattern one by Tuli (you're too cute) that one really impacted me as well.
Hope you're doing okay!!


creative-type dad said...

Oh, that's funny!

My daughter (and nieces) get into this "NO!" to everything stage. Sometimes they're like a "NO!" machine gun.

Then I'll do something like eat ice cream in front of them and then I'll hear cries of "I WANT SOME!" and then I'll say "But you said NO! 20 million times..."

Now they listen.

Go get ice cream!!

Susan said...

Pioneer woman...huh?? I will definitely have to check it out. Any veggie dishes there?? I am a veggie gal.

meat is not my pal

Brad said...

Maybe Sully's channeling a previous life where he feared pasta ?


CreativeDaddy: I like that idea, the ice cream, I will have to remember that, thank you!!

Susan: I'm not sure because she's all about cowboy food and makes the best bacon wrapped jalapeno's with cream cheese, I love her won't be disappointed if there's something there that is veggie style :)

Brad: Hmmmmmmmmmm,...good point, I wonder if that could be the case..and considering how Sully is, the old soul of our house, it could very well be the case.
How are you feeling?