Monday, June 30, 2008

Grapefruits and Oranges and Sharks OH MY

Well, not really sharks, but it's just a quick little greeting for a very busy departure this morning.
Thank GOODNESS I have Kelly's lapbooks to help keep my older boys at bay while flying the friendly skies today.
Jackson, Sullivan, and Benjamin, will be flying with their most awesomests of moms-moi-to Florida this morning. I think the hardest part of this departure won't be security or the drive to the airport, but the way that our seating arrangements will be, as Ben is on my lap.
Gives new meaning to the "THREE HOUR TOUR!"
Tour my ass!

The moment he turns two, which is July 17Th, Ben will no longer qualify for the infant lap child fare....FREE!!! Although it will be challenging with this little-scratch that-BUSY!! Squirm of a worm, it's only three hours.

And no, I don't plan on drugging them incoherent with NyQuil-that'll be me downing the grape flavored delight.
All kidding aside, all I ask for is a safe departure and arrival and fun week with a great return home next Tuesday. Well, Tuesday because that's when I'll be here in the morning as we arrive quite late Monday evening.

So my friends as Sullivan adorably professed this morning as he came strolling out of Jackson's room (for they had a "sleep over"), "MOM!!! IS IT TOMORROW YET?"

"Yes, Sullivan it is Tomorrow today."

He'll be 4 July 1st and what can I say, he enjoys living in the past-either that or he's just your typical boy at the age of four trying hard to grasp Father time and the odd vocabulary selection that must be tick-toked along with it.

You May See me Sneaking on a few posts throughout these next few days...
So,..stay tuned.


austere said...

Of course he's right and today is tomorrow.

AND HAPPPPPPPPPPIES BUDDAY to the little ones. Not so little now, eh, mom?

You have a safe journey.

Portia said...

Happy Birthday to Sullivan!! Travel safely and have a wonderful time in Florida! Wave as you go by:)

Gypsy said...

Have the most wonderful time ever Elizabeth with those beautiful boys of yours.

Cheryl said...

Em was flying to FL this morning, stopping over in Miami on her way to Costa Rica.

I'm sure you survived the 3 hour squirm, though not comfortably. Have a great visit!

fiwa said...

Safe travels! Have a good time!
3 hour squirm... that cracked me up.


Brad said...

Take us lots of pics honey - The ones you took last time were awesome! Have fun !

Kelly Jene said...

Happy Birthday Sulli!! Aw, I wish I had known I could have included a birthday cake in the lap book!!

I sure hope the flight was easy and quick.

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

captain corky said...

Happy Birthday Sullivan! I jut got back from Florida. Have a great time and be safe. ;)