Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Here we are on Tuesday, just about 1:40pm.

Ben and I are here at Starbucks somewhere in West Palm Beach.

Today is Sullivan's birthday and Ben and I are in Starbucks.

I with my decaf SKINNY White Chocolate Mocha-without whipped cream mind you-

He with his Organic 8 oz box of Apple Juice compliments of Starbucks along with some Vanilla flavored Organic Milk too-which tastes just like a Vanilla Shake!!

I have my Turkey and Swiss Sandwich with Lettuce on whole Grain.

Ben has a quartered white Bread sandwich equipped with Turkey and Swiss Cheese and some lite mayo-homemade.-

Seriously!! His Grandma prepared him a sandwich prior to all of us leaving about twelve noon today, actually she prepared four of them. One for Ben, Jackson, Sullivan and herself.

We drove around for awhile after running in for "a few quick things" at SUPER TARGET, somewhere in West Palm beach. From there Ben and I drove around trying to find a place to rest and eat and type type type away. We first stopped at Panera's and out we folded, him and I, but unfortunately (AND REALLY I TRIED!!) all seats were filled and I just didn't feel like all that frenetic energy in that place.

So, we drove around some more to a place called "SOMETHING'S DELI" (I can't remember the first part of the name, but if you've ever been to the East Side of Florida between FORT LAUDERDALE AND WEST PALM, there are oodles of Deli's, with names like; Jerry's and Sal's, and Herman's and a few Elizar's too). So Ben and I walked in there and the place was more of a sit down and order type deli without WIFI.

COME ON!! I have to kill time so please make something work out for me in this WEST PALM BEACH TOWN with thunderstorms looming and lightening crackling and Thunder rumbling..

So there we go again and land smack dab in front of a Starbucks. It was between that or Chucky Cheese and I highly doubted I'd have much luck for typing time. Plus, remember? I'm not in that mood to be around hustle and bustle. So, we've landed ourselves in a SBUX with some sandwiches and drinks, and Caribbean music For Ben to dance to and push the stroller around to as well.

But where or why is it Black and White?

Oh, that's because when we stopped at the "SOMETHING'S Deli," they had a bakery there and I just had to, I mean HADTO!! buy about 10 black and white cookies.


Welcome To Crustybeef~
I plan on chatting about my traveling experience later on this evening while I tuck Ben into bed but until then, you're asking yourself, what happened to Jackson, Sullivan and Grandma?
Oh yes, well, My Mother in law wanted to take them to see that new robot movie, WALL-Ee (SP?) and obviously Ben isn't old enough and with My Father in law working from home and surrounded in conference calls and last minute projects for his company, I was asked to come along and drop them off and find something "interesting" to do.

And I did-I'm talking to you.

As Ben is trying to make peace with the tiles of Starbucks floor-

Time to hang until later on.
P.S. Brian, I miss you. Pinky doesn't though. (snickers)


Anonymous said...

no sandwich for you. lol...i miss you very much and i am bummned that pinky doesnt. I figured she wouldnt. I will be there before you know it. you are the best wife ever...do you hear that crusty land! CRUSTY IS THE BEST WIFE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly Jene said...

Aww, what a great comment above!

I'm so glad you and Ben are having fun. I've heard Wall-ee or whatever is a great movie. Can't wait to see and hear more about your vacation!

The Window Watcher. said...

**Salutes BDD** (sorry 'bout yer baseball team)
***Plays EXILE***
Crusty....enjoy Starbucks, because the chain announced that 600 of those coffee stores are shutting down.
Looking forward to a cold one with ya down the road....enjoy yourself in the stifling heat. (My bro told me how hot it is down there)

Cheryl said...

Yup, you have a great hubby. What a nice comment. I bet you and Ben had your own fun, even better than the movie. Wish I were in Starbucks with you!

Mary said...

I hope you and Ben had more fun than anyone else. There - I said it. That guy at home is a keeper. Such a nice comment. Hope you have a good trip, lots of fun, and a safe journey home.

austere said...


You had fun, cookies and Starbucks and us.

Ben had the most fun. The tiles think so too.

Portia said...

How cool that you took that opportunity to check in with us! I would have skipped Chunky Cheese too, especially for a white chocolate mocha + Caribbean music. I hope you enjoy those cookies and have a great week with your family:):)