Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bottled Up With Grobin

I've been gone for quite awhile, the longest I've ever "been gone" in this world of blogging for the very brief time since I begun writing over here in blogspot land.

I've got news, I've got stories, laughter, tears, pain, aging, love, silly, "reallys?", scheduled, hectic, fiction, metaphors, sickness, it all--oh and vacations..-I've got it all but for some reason am mentally bottled up.

So, here is my message in a blogging bottle, I am here, I am floating, I am bottled up and eventually I'll float to shore. In the meantime I'll be bottled up while listening to Josh Grobin sing during the Allstars Baseball game.

I have some pictures and will be posting them, and I will be here, just give me a few days--

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Bottled Up


Kelly Jene said...

I've missed my waterfall!!! I'm so glad to hear from you. I've wondered but I knew you'd post eventually.

Can't wait to hear and see everything.

Did you know Josh Grobin is my Alex's favorite singer? Odd, huh?

Brad said...


Please don't make me listen to Josh Grobin. I'm sorry bust he's just too emo for me.

***wanders off to find cotton balls***

austere said...

Josh WHO?

You float all dainty, lady.

Miss you but take your time.


I've been thinking about you guys as well!
I was sitting at my computer when I heard someone signing on the TV and had already tuned it out because it was the ALLSTAR Baseball game and was getting lost in the web when I hear singing--didn't know who it was until the end. :) but nice voice that is for sure! That's awesome! Alex is a musicman, huh?

Bradley: Don't worry I won't send you the YOU TUBE VIDEO of him and I will send you ear plugs.
Miss you too!

Austie: He's a popular US singer but I can't remember if he was "found" by Reality or by just his voice---it's so hard to keep track anymore. Floating is fun, but I have soooooo much on my mind, it's just right now quite challenging to figure out what to put out there--must be bloggers block. :O)


abbagirl74 said...

Glad to see you back!

Mary said...

Welcome home. Unwind, take a deep breath, and tell all.

fiwa said...

Hey girl - glad you are back safe and sound. I'm on vacation myself, but just wanted to stop by and say hello.

I'm looking forward to the stories and pictures.


The Window Watcher said...

Glad to have ya back.

Strong's said...

Anxiously waiting! I love your blog and miss it :)
We also need to get together soon!
Love, ME

Cheryl said...

Hi honey:)

I've been patiently waiting. Just know that no matter how long you're gone, you're not forgotten. You're a keeper.

Anonymous said...

message in a bottle

enjoy your float in the beautiful sea!