Thursday, July 17, 2008

Two For Tursday

You gave your mom many tears and a frightful scare at 7weeks
they told her that you weren't there
that it wasn't going to keep.
You scared your parents for quite awhile, or so awhile seemed to your mother
as the doctors told your mom and dad that they would be losing you shortly.
Your mom stayed in bed as much as she could
willing and praying and asking for a blessing and most importantly, His goodwill.
Knowing that what she asks may not be given to her
because of other reasons that she would never know and even though those thoughts were there she never stopped the pleading and prayerful begging.

9months later you arrived by c-section just after sticking it one more time to your mothers ribs.
You took to breastfeeding like a champ.
You grew a bit confused when your mom had her gallbladder out 3 1/2 months later, looking to your dad with an expression of "GOT MILK?"

You smiled young like your oldest brother.
You learned how to tease just like your middle one.
You rolled over early, and jumped even earlier
with a bit of walking-no running-
that was early too.

Yet you didn't sleep through the night until you were just about 8 or 9 months old
Just like both your two older brothers.

You jump off the stairs and always land on your feet.
No matter how many steps there are
You still land solid and balanced barefoot and smiling
and while wearing your shoes too.
Your mom has often thought to herself about how you jump and land
Wondering if this is what your life will be like - Jumping fearlessly and always landing securely.

You break dance on the floors of your home in ways that give your mother's heart lurches.
You show off by dropping into Chinese splits and with perfect form you lunge forward and walk yourself out of your split-tacular feat.
You are not afraid to dive head first off the couches.
You've already carried a nice shiner on your right eye from a flip pinch off the living room sofa.

You are happy to express to your brothers that you are not happy with what they are doing,
you'll even go so far as to throw something at them, and hit them with Metal Choo-Choo's.
You'll sit on them and walk on top of their tummies.

You won't allow anyone not to notice you-for you are heard in your household.
You give the most enduring "easy on the eyes" look.
You learned sign language so quickly and you are an amazing imitator.

People may wonder why your words are limited.
Matter of fact people have commented.
But your parents know you're just fine for you sure say the most important ones
"bay-ba" (baby)
"haaaah-haaah" (Dog sounds like panting)
"fffffffeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww" (plane flying)
"pooahhhgsss" (explosion)
shlurcup (drink)

but your parents aren't worried for they know you'll talk in no time.
After all you have two older brothers and they are happy to talk for you.
Not to mention I would guess your mom isn't too concerned with you talking,
for when that chatter does start rolling,
it'll be another reminder of how quickly it all goes by
and how fast you have morphed from infant to toddler to boy.

I would guess your mom is cherishing her last as you are her baby
and unfortunately for you, you'll always be looked at like that.
You will definitely go far with the achievements of life.
You'll test and jump and run full force without fright throughout your life.
Sure right now you are scared of stuffed animal Owls, but nothing else-
it really doesn't matter anyways
For we all have fears
Owls just happen to be yours
Big deal, right? hoo hoo!
You're the type that will get over that fear rather quickly
hooting as you move along.

You sign to your parents that you have gone number one or two in your diaper,
you have even asked your mom to pull down your pants on a rather consistent basis
all for the fact that you won't allow your older brothers to get that far ahead of you
You'll stand bare bottomed in front of the toilet on the blue and green stool
and act out the motions of going number one
Including the proper form of handling without the actual act of going.

You are remarkable and quick.
You don't walk you run fast.
You have a mouth full of teeth and a jokeresque smile
that twinkles your melted chocolate eyes
and puffs up your lashes.
Your skin is a creamy mixture of coffee and cream depending on what season it is
in the place that you live.

You are changing and growing and secure with yourself.
Your parents are so proud of you and I'm guessing so are your brothers-
although they don't know it yet as you have been known to annoy them.-

They won't allow you in bedrooms and have even kicked you out of your own.
They get annoyed with building anything on the floor when you are around.
But you make them laugh and they'll come up and hug you.
They nicknamed you "BeeGees" and happily sing to you "bahbahbaaah Benny and the FuNKmasters!"
Sometimes even "Benny and the Jetts"
and then they'll follow up by tickling you on your belly
and telling your mom that "you are sooooooooo cute
you are their gentle beegees."

You enjoy getting into your diaper and have removed it one too many times.
You'll someday turn red apples when your mom tells the funkmaster story..

The story of how you comforted yourself by not only sucking your thumb but by placing your other hand down the front of your pants and then proceeding to pull it out (your hand) and out of comfort only, you'll smell your hand and fingers.

Yes, the funk, and that's why your brothers sing it that way.
The funny part is when they say 'funk' or 'funkmaster' you'll immediately place your hand in front of your nose and sniff away and inhale-even though it didn't go south.
You've been dubbed "Ben's got the funk, gotta have the funk now," and you have been known to funk your parents on more then one occasion.

I think that is the main reason your mom grew tired of this securing antic and chastity belted you by making you wear one piece clothing or overalls or something.
Anything that keeps your hand from heading to that funky comfort zone.

Use your thumb, stick your other fingers in your nose if you want to, but your mom -as much as she loves art work- is just a tad tired of finding it painted on your walls after nap time hours and good night slumbers.

Even though you have been known to funk, you are also the first to walk up and snuggle.
You'll coo and rub your head along your parents legs like a cat does his master.
You are a delight and a character
and I'm sure anyone would profess
that should they ever have the opportunity to get to know you,
you'll leave a loving impression within their heart
and not just from the look of your adorable face.

The hardest part is that you're growing and growing too fast for your parents.
Not from your standards, I know, but how quick it's happened according to your mother.

For this is the day that you left your comforting world.
You said goodbye to your angel protector -in utero-
and luckily for your parents, you were given to them- finally.

You were placed here on earth and not called home to our Father
you were given the gift of life for as long as we have you.

You felt your mothers tears of happiness on the day that you were born.
You arrived at 38.5 weeks around 1:27pm
outside was a full hot sun.

You were 8lbs 2oz and 19 inches long
You were such a beautiful newborn
The most precious face a newborn could carry .

Today you are two.
Your parents are excited for you.
Yet their baby is growing and very fast too!

For you are no longer that infant,
matter of fact you're not a baby, you've turned into a toddler
all 20plus something pounds of you, the boy in stage four pampers.

Happy Birthday Dear Benjamin, Beegees, or Benny; you are our baby, and a stunning little man.
Here's to a terrific number two birthday, with your 2 brothers, mom and dad.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
HAPPY 2ND Birthday!

We hope for many more chances to celebrate with you!
And now I must go wrap your presents, even though you'll never remember what we got you.



Brad said...

Aww, thanks for sharing all this. Happy Birthday Benjamin!

Martha said...

That's all so sweet. Happy birthday to your little guy!

Kelly Jene said...

A beautiful story! A beautiful son!

Happy Birthday to Benjamin!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strong's said...

I Totally have tears :)
Happy Birthday big boy!

Cheryl said...

What a memory you've made here. Happy birthday to both of you!!

austere said...

Many many happy returns of the day, Mommie and Benjamin!

Loveliest memories, you MUST make him read this some day.

And he'll speak in no time- complete sentences, just you see!

Mary said...

Thank you for sharing your tribute to BeeGees. This is something both of you will treasure. As usual your writing is wonderful and heartfelt.

Check my blog. There's something there for you.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

another breath-taking reminder of the joys of childhood - thanks, Elizabeth.

Portia said...

Laughter and tears all at once. Only you, Crusty:) A very happy Birthday to your little Ben!! I missed your posts, but no worries, I know life is busy and a little crazy. Just to say it's great to hear from you and this here was a fabulous crusty fix:) Beautiful as ever. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Brad: aww, thank you and always, You are most welcome! I've got some left over cake, you think you and Jay can make it here before sundown tonight?
I'll make some of our infamous FLING Drinks! :)

Martha: it goes by fast doesn't it? I don't like it all that much..I never understood speed until I became a mom. crazy!!

KellyJ: hey there waterfalls! Thank you! I'm going to print this up and put it in his keepsake bin should the internet dissolve by the time he's twenty something-lol.
The boys are still loving their books!


BIGandSTRONG: :)----next time for the sprinkler park, k? maybe next week? It's not supposed to be that hot so we could stay out with the babes longer..maybe have a visit to the sweeper, too? :)
Benny says thank you and Hi to you too!

Cheryl: Thank you my eastern friend! The funny thing is last night after grandma and grandpa had long since left, he woke up in the middle of the night with a crying fright--he did soak through his diaper without him messing around with it, and spent the first night at age 2 moving around in circles next to me and Bri in our bed. He's very very tired today-and so am I. :0000

Austie: Maybe I'll pull this little ditty from his bin and read it to him at his wedding, if I'm so blessed..thank you for the birthday wishes!

mary: HI!! Thank you for your gift--- :) that was really sweet! BTW, I have family in your necks of the woods---beyond Athens..and they're you know them! Anyways, thank you, it was a nice day despite the heat and it went by faster then it did for him to rip open his three gifts from us and one from his grandparents..too cute!

Diane: The joys the pains, the embarassments, people keep telling me all over that it's harder when they're older..I can see that--I' like them just as they are, even when they are driving me crazy!!

Portia: Hey there Groovy, I know, I've missed visiting everyone too. :( But slowly like a caterpiller (bad example) I'll emerge without the colors. :) lol
Doesn't it make you look at your little buddy bears with a look like, "Stop growing up so fast!!"

Thank you!!
and family too.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little guy, Elizabeth. Every word of your post shows the love you are such a perfect Mom!

captain corky said...

That was really sweet. Happy Birthday, Ben!

simonsays said...

Again, I cry.

Happy birthday to the both of you.