Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Answers and Winner

Here are the answers to the past weekends contest quiz:
*(if you would like to see the questions before you read the answers click on the link above this sentence or right here is okay too.

1. P.A.I.N.L.E.S.S. (if you figured out the letters that were missing within the word operation then you could determine that the word operation was missing Pain-so it was painless.)

2. The Great Lakes: Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, Ontario
(There are five lakes being blue (as in true blue). Lake Michigan belongs to the United States, the other lakes are shared by the United States and Canada. The lakes are part of a chain, with locks between some of them. Many shipwrecks occur by grounding on rocks in shallow water. The initials spell "homes", which are found in neighborhoods.)

3. Tennis shoes (issues are written ten times, when you say it slowly it sounds like
Ten-ISH- oes.)

4. The Letter D (get it now??)

5. misunderstanding between friends (the word MISS is under the word understanding, therefore miss UNDER-STANDING and both those words, miss and understanding, are between the two words friends.)

6. Laughter (He and his wife were at a comedy club and the symptoms are the description of what happens to someone who is laughing. Next time ask yourself what type of club do you think it is and are other people experiencing the same, "symptoms." That may give you some good hint management to get you to the answer.)

See? The answers are there so long as you don't over complicate things. Surprisingly I've loved these types of riddles and as you all know I am quite "detailed" by nature. They're wonderful exercises to help the brain see clearly and simply and as you know that is another thing I try to live my life by (sometimes not by choice but it's taught me how to be)--- being simple.

In my training classes I would have them do these puzzles and riddles to start the day off, and even included them in the required Cruise Question tests required to pass training. As the ones that went on to be successful, they learned not to over complicate a sale, or over talk their guest-by learning to listen by reading the words, they're learning to hear their client very well--without making it too confusing for the guest, as the majority of the guests that my sales friends dealt with had never cruised before---see? Simple but to the point.

She just celebrated her 7 year anniversary with her husband, and she makes delicious decorative cutsie kiddie cakes, congratulations Momma Martha and happy anniversary too!
(Email me your addy and the prize patrol will be dropping off your gift in no time. (Prize patrol being the mail system that is.)

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Next time for those that didn't win, next time! But thank you to all for playing!
Now, read my interesting bathroom china post just below this one (or click on that link), I'm still thinking about what happened!


fiwa said...

Ok... I get it, but I probably still won't be able to figure out the next round! heehee...

And contrats to Martha!


Don't ever give up Fiwa! After all, you do speak Fiwaese! :)


Brad said...

Yeah for Martha! at least one of us has it together mentally! Congrats!

Can you dumb it down next time for us slowbees?

Martha said...

I had so much fun with this, even if it did make my brain hurt!

Mo said...

Yay for Martha!

It all makes sense once you gave us the answers. LOL

Kelly Jene said...

That was a lot of fun. I'll have to get in on the next one. Love ya!

bonnie said...

I think I'm really dumb. I like the tennis shoes one. I thought it might be "tenacious".


Brad: She got all the questions right--but!! that's not how she won (although extra points for that!) she won by the pulling of the folded printed up don't give up next time--even you can be a winner :)'s those columns coming along?



Martha: I know it makes the brain feel jumbled and twisted up but it's almost refreshing too..I think :)




Mo: I never used to be good at doing these things, and I recall a hs teacher always putting a puzzle or two up on the CHALKBOARD (WOW, do they still have those? lol) and it was always challenging for me to figure it out---but it becomes a habit after doing them for awhile and your brain just "knows" how to look at things simply.
ahhh, is it friday yet?



Kelly J: Next time for sure,...riddles are fun but not as much fun as lapbooks!!! :)



Bonnie: Hmmm, that could almost work, tenacious...are you finished with your travels and are settling back into a routine? :)

have a great thursday,

Portia said...

How fun! Sorry I missed the contest, but congratulations to Martha! I thought no. 6 was a sneeze. Der:)

CrystalChick said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Congrats to Martha on her win here!
I stayed awhile and listened to some music. I soooo have to get that 'Groove is in the Heart' song on my Pod. I Love it. :)

Have a nice weekend.