Sunday, August 31, 2008


The following text msg was sent to Brian from my neighborhood girlfriend:
"yre grl is in the bthrm"
Then Brian's reply via text to her cell:
"is she pucking"
I guess that's a new way to say puking.
No, I wasn't puking and oh, btw, she was just being funny giving my husband the play by play of what we were doing.

Last night was the ladies turn to have an evening out, so her and I walked into town and went to a newer restaurant with an outdoor terrace. We chose to sit out on the terrace and both ordered a salad and some Labatt's Blue on draft. We sat there for a few hours playing gin with her Santa Claus cards that she's had ever since college.

It was a nice time out.
Again, there was zero pucking.

What have you been up to for your Labor day weekend?
It's fun to just stay around the house on long weekends like this.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
May you have a nice weekend!
Make It A Great Day!
And please, no pucking.


Mo said...

I'm with you in regard to it being great to stay home on long weekends.

So far I've been to two football games (one pro preseason and one college), watched more football at home, stayed up reading, and now I am sitting on the couch with a movie on in the background catching up on blogs.

Kelly Jene said...

No pucking indeed.

Yesterday was shopping and getting the nails done... wow don't I sound fancy.

Today is church and getting our new bed paid off and cleaning out under the old bed so we're not embarrassed when the new one arrives. The kiddos are gone until tomorrow afternoon so hubby and I are going on a date!

JLee said...

Besides work and grocery shopping, I've been doing a whole lotta nuthin! At least I'm off actual Labor Day. Have a good one :)

austere said...

Crusty- why would you be puking? All ok?

Anything beyond one sunday off is wonderful. :)

Cheryl said...

Your night out sounded wonderful! I'm just around this weekend. Its been busy up till now. Not sure what the day will hold...