Tuesday, August 05, 2008

True Blue Story

Once upon a time there lived a family of 5.

A mom, a dad and their three sons, no this isn't about me nor my life.

The family was a content family, the mom remained home with her sons, but always had a yearning for a little pink bundle of joy. The husband worked hard and provided very well for his family, he had a great job that brought in quite a bit of money.

So, they ventured onto number 4 saying that "this is it, absolutely no more."
Within 9months they had their fourth child, a beautiful healthy newborn little boy.
So that makes four sons, one husband and one wife all in one.

When son number 4 was just about 3 or was it 2 maybe 4 I can't recall, mom and dad started talking again about pink (and this is where I may screw up the story line or so I may think, it's just that my heart is racing at the thought of four boys, knowing quite well that this would be me, without the part of money falling out of the trees). They decided, okay, one more time. 9months later their fifth child was born, another baby blue came into the world while blowing his horn.

That now makes 5 boys, a husband and a wife that loves pink, good gravy my heart is beginning to palpitate!

Two years go by and the family has grown, they've witnessed developments on all five of their sons, the youngest turning two and how fun it all is. The mom could handle it and financially so could the dad. Then,...they thought, well, why not, just one more time since we're getting older, just try for that girl. We can afford it, and that is true, the dad was a very high paying executive for some big corporate company, the name I won't mention because this is in fact a true story.

The family lives somewhere out here, in the state of Illinois.

They talked and they talked about the age of dear mom, at 38 years old she's at much more risk then the norm. Especially after already having five healthy babies all on their own,they knew that with each pregnancy it adds more stress on a woman's body, and this doesn't even include the stress on your body that is already there pre-babies depending on how well you take care of it. Lucky for mom she had always taken care of herself, even before babies, eating well and caring for her physical self.

The parents talked long and hard about having one more child, another chance at a pink smiling daughter. They had concerns due to the mom's age,as I mentioned in the paragraph above, but they did not want to use artificial ways when they've had success "doing it" on their own. They figured they'd save the artificial means for families that truly need those options, if that makes any sense at all. They said that they'd go at it the traditional way, with sessions of passion in baby making ways. If a baby were to happen out of this practice then so be it, as they wanted some pink in their lives, but if nothing happened within 6months of trying, the chapter of having a possible pink, well, they'd close it and bind it and put it away.

This dear family, God Bless every ones soul, were blessed by God with conception of course. He must have known that they'd be able to handle it, because as you know, you're never given anything that you can't handle.

The 18week check up came about, or maybe it was earlier due to the age of dear mom, but the time, regardless of weeks for that I can't remember, came for the ultrasound and also to see the gender...

Mom, dad in the room, dear mom knees bent, legs up on that exam table, a paper lined cover draped over her lowers. The gel was applied to her fast growing belly, the anxious looks of anticipation and love were quite obvious. They had a feeling that it was a girl because dear moms pregnancy this time had been so absolutely different.

They found out that they were having triplets.
Triplet boys for that matter.
WOW that's alot of freakin ducklings!

God gives us what we can handle for reasons we never know, some are lucky to recognize later on the positives of those reasons, some never do, but regardless, this dear family went from 5 boys to 8, and they couldn't be happier, 8 boys, a dad and a mom with excitement for their busy life with boys.

Lucky for them, again, that they were able to manage as they are in a position of strong financial security regardless of any impending recession back when this all happened.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
This story was told to me by my sister, and I know I screwed some parts up, but not about the fact that they did have triplets, they had all boys, they didn't use any IVF, and the family was in a good financial position. Parts of it were added for emotional movement, like the mention I had on our favorite man up in the heavens.

*I've been away, and not because I want to, I am just trying so very hard to enjoy the last few weeks with my boys before school. Don't leave me yet as when school starts I'll be down to two in the afternoons and only one in the mornings, I will have more time, plus the weather will eventually begin to decline thereby leaving us stuck in our home. There is much more to chat about but I don't want to overwhelm you at this point. And I have some posts coming up as to again travel with children as well as suggestions for inexpensive birthday parties for kids, because that's how my mind works, it's always running. Oh, and another post about a house we recently looked at, but decided not to purchase because of many reasons but not because it was down the street from my mom and dads home.


Diane Vogel Ferri said...

I've missed you but figured it's been a busy summer. I'm sure we'll all be here when you have more time!


Hi Diane! It has indeed...a simple and calming but fast paced summer!!
August 19th--first day of school..already?? wow! Then, winter! :) your season!


adventure grrl said...

Your fierce, I love your blog and this was a great story!


adventuregal: Thank you!! And I verified with my sister, all is true...I didn't mess up the story line like I thought I did!!

have a great day/evening!!

Laurie M. said...

I love this story! I was really thinking that the last pregnancy would be their long-awaited girl, but triplet boys!! Wow! So true that we're given only what we can handle.

jAMiE said...

What a great story, i enjoyed your story telling!

austere said...


What fun.

You've made it sound so real- thank you for writing this.

Yes, we get what we can handle.

Cheryl said...

Good to hear from you Elizabeth!

I knew I'd only be having one child and wanted a girl so badly. I had amnio, and found out for sure. Little did I know how hard girls can be. Still...I have hope that one day we'll be buddies and friends. In the meantime, it sure was fun in the early days.

JLee said...

I think God was trying to tell them something ;)

SOUL: said...

just dropped by to say howdy--

Susan said...

Hey, Crusty –

I would tell these people to get an indestructible house.

I had FOUR brothers....they were impossible - always breaking things and coming home with protruding bones, missing teeth, etc. - never, ever a dull time in our house growing up.

get a girl pup


Laurie: YOu are absolutely right! That they were meant for boys for some reason----it seems that in alot of things you are given what you don't ask for, versus what you do. eeks..makes my head spin just thinking of it.



Jamie: Hiya! Thank you so much!! August 19th..back to school..so my life will somewhat be more normal and not as guilt ridden if I want to read and type..

I can't imagine the noise level in this house..I think I'm going to send this family a card. the funny thing is when the husband found out about the triplets, he had a big wig presentation to give to corporate something or anothers as he's some upper level executive--he walked into his company..walked into the meeting and said, "I'm so sorry,my mind isn't in the right place right now and here is the reason why.."...surprisingly he didn't lose his job.

Maybe sympathy?

talk to you later,


austere: Yes and after fact checking with my sister, all of it is suprisingly accurate...and I thought I had screwed it up...guess they don't live too far from me too--but in the 'upper crust" of the neighborhood..with all those kids I'd hide in the woods."

stay safe out there please...too many heartaches it seems lately.
Macy's in chicago is calling your name! :)



Cheryl: I don't know what you mean, but I do---only because I was a sweet and helpful child to my mom, but when I hit my HS years and realized that boys and friends were more important, I wasn't very nice to my mom---by means of stories today the things that "I did" wasn't that bad, but my mouth hurt her quite a few times when I yelled that I couldn't stand her, and blah blah blah..but I regret it and admire her for sticking with me as much as she knew how to..while carrying on raising 4 others ..so it may be challenging and I can see why, but someday you are right..you guys will be best friends. I just know it!!


Jlee; I wonder what part of that story he was trying to tell them..to use their riches and be fruitful? :),..or to use their offspring to carry on dad's name? perhaps that in the long run he knew that boys would save them heartache and fear and knew that they could deal with mud, drag racing, and crazy boy things...
betcha they'll have a LOT of granddaughters someday...:)



TWEET! I had too long of a day yesterday night/morning...spent it in the ER...I think I had subconsciously jinxed myself posting this story and then afterwards realizing that my own PAM had been missing,..talking it about it with Jaime's landshark and then there I am in the hospital..
so give me some texan tweets, I need it.
I'll talk to you soon..and will post my adventures..crazy shit has been happening here...very very crazy!!

tweets from Chitown,
me, crusty
gimme some oatmeal.


Susan: That's exactly my fear --4 boys..hence what I THOUGHT was a permenant thing..but do they get better when they're older? HA!
What part of the lineup do you fall in with them? leader, baby or middle ground man/girl. :) lol.

get a girl pup---ha! That cracked me up!!
no I'm not pregnant.

Mo said...

Thanks for your blog by on my blog.

I have not had the chance to meet Brad yet but I look forward to the day this happens.

Great story and gives a girl some hope for the future. Thanks for sharing.


MO: see my reply. :) I confused myself and you most likely!! How's the funky airfreshner?

Portia said...

AAHHHHHHH! *runs screaming*


Truly, it's cool that they took that chance, er, all those chances, and wound up with a beautiful (albeit HUGE) family anyway. You do have a gift for the story telling, that is for sure!