Sunday, August 17, 2008

Your Last Lunch

It's almost Monday, the 18th of August.
Which means that it's almost your last "normal" lunch within our comfortable home.
Your last time of being basically all mine.
There will still be weekends and holidays and vacations
but it's still going to be different.

It's your last Lunch tomorrow with me as your chaperon.
You seem a bit apprehensive yet also excited.
I want to cry but I know that it won't stop time.
I swallow the lump I have forming in my throat at the thought of now forever watching you
grow more and more independent without the need for mom soon becomes part of your boyhood surface.
Not to mention how you'll start to find other role models besides your dear mom necessary for your pathway of growing and naturally for extra guidance- and I'm not referring to Star Wars or Indiana Jones Action hero's--I'm talking real lifers.

It's what's part of life and yeah yeah, I get that.
It's also still very "easy" at this point, the ways to manage.
No fears of missed curfew, car accidents, and egging.
It's only lunch that's changing after all.

But it still doesn't make that hidden ache disappear knowing that my oldest one is going to be
off to First Grade--in no time, I fear.
So many changes so very very quick.
The teaching on my end will never ever quit, but the older they grow the more I have to learn to share lessons with the others that will be important roles in my eldest son's life.

But when I go to write his last name on his lunch box and thermos, a smile rises to my face because at least right now he's still only my first grader.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
BACK TO SCHOOL MY JACKSON! You, tomorrow, will still be considered the one that graduated kindergarten. By Wednesday you'll be known as the one that's in first grade and gets hot lunches on special occasions. He will also get regular lunches made by me-every day but on those special occasions- with a note in it, a message from mom. Might as well do it now before he gets older and grows that "cringe."


abbagirl74 said...

This melts my heart. It reminds me of my own at that age. We are now approaching 8th grade and the teenage years. It doesn't get any easier, but the memories are priceless.

JLee said...

awww. I still have another week before I get all mushy. lol

jAMiE said...

Awwww, that was heart aches for you.

austere said...

Congratulations, Crustymom.

Your son is taking his first step towards knowledge.

And aww as well. :)


abba-8th Grade!! How are YOU Doing? I can't imagine how I'll feel then if I'm already all sappy about first grade!! Congratulations btw---you're doing a great job!!



Jlee-that's good--still time left to internalize your feelings..Hope it goes well for her next week!! AND YOU TOO!



JaImE: thank you very much! I'm sure this first week will be quite tiresome for him...hope you're doing okay and feeling a bit better! Cheryl's right, I do hope you can meet up with Tim!!

read you later,


Austie: Why thank you my dear friend, thank you! Intellect for certain, my little boy retains amazing amounts of information it's remarkable--like a sponge, he loves to learn. I hope it always remains so!

Good week to you, okay?
Be safe and poetic too!! :)

your Friend,

Brad said...

Poor Momma, don't worry though...we boys never reallygrow up and always need our Mommas!

Kstro said...

AWWW, you're beautiful baby with the enormous smile is getting so big! He is such a good boy. You've done a wonderful job with them! I was just thinking of you this morning while making blueberry pancakes...I was thinking that you always make your kids the funnest stuff and I'm so boring in that department! Keep up the good work! By the way--I want to be a tigger, but am such an eyeore sometimes...


Bradley: I know it's just that it's happening way to fast--plus I would hope that I don't have momma boys--then their partners won't be too happy with me. :)



Kstro: HA! noodles and mandarin oranges and cheesedoodles have been a common lunch lately...
and, jack and sully have been into cereal--sooooo much easier!!

I know what you mean about too at times.

Sweeper anyone?? :)

Cheryl said...

Hi Elizabeth...
Did you take his first day picture in the same spot as last year? Remember we talked about it?

Em's first day is the 26th. Will she still put up with me taking her picture? I surely hope so. I'd hate to see the tradition ended because she's 'too old'. 10th grade this year.

Emily had the meanest 1st grade teacher. How they allowed her to say on staff is beyond me. Tenure? Who knows. It was bad. Teachers of the very young should be gentle and love kids or get out.

I hope today was fabulous. I know you all missed your Jackson today.


Hi Cheryl!! Funny you should mention that!! TOmorrow is his first day (half day) and Wednesday is his first full day--but I do plan on taking a picture in the same spot like last year--and I do remember you and I talking about that last year and you wondering if she'll let you capture her pic... :)

it seems like yesterday that we were talking about that, right?

I agree..I hope his first grade teacher is nice..we met her today...first! I remember first grade---there is such a growth in that year..

I'm off to tuck them into bed (8:07pm) and then off to bed myself--I'm back to walking--started this past Friday and going again tomorrow am with a neighborhood I must turn in or I won't turn up to walk at 5:15am :)


fiwa said...

Awww... good luck Jackson!
Hugs to you, mom. :)


what a day we had today---
good gravy! full of tears and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at a neighbor's house, wrong way from school and other craziness.
Needless to say I'm in my jammies and have been since 2pm..I'm tired and I didn't cry..
but I probably will tomorrow.

Portia said...

Oh me, the fear and excitement all at once! I know it will be great, but I get a little weepy at the thought too. Good luck and have fun! (Both of you:)

Gypsy said...

I lost both of my little darlings on the same day to the big world of learning and education. My world sure seemed empty for a while there but as hard as it is to let go, it's also a new era for us mums. You get just a little more time to yourself and that can't be such a bad thing.